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Wilson Creek, Somerset County


Mar 28, 2015

Located in the eastern part of the township, this village was laid out by the Somerset Coal Co. in 1902. Prior to this in 1900, there was a Wilson Creek Coal Co. The mine changed hands several times being bought in 1910 by the Consolidation Coal Co. and in 1932 by the Fogel Coal Company. It was operated until 1960 when it was abandoned.

Wilson Creek was most noted for its band known as the “Miner’s Coronet Bank of Wilson Creek”. It was one of the finest musical organizations in Somerset County, organized in 1901 by James Miller. Most of its talent was from four local families—four Weimer brothers, four Romesburg brothers, three Pritts brothers and two Atchison brothers.

The village had about 80 houses—some of them doubles—a hotel, two-room school, and two stores, one of which was a “company store” owned by the company operating the mine. Today, this old mining village consists of about four houses.

(contributed by the Rockwood Historical Society)

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