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Moore Family, Cumberland County Land Warrants

Cumberland County Land Warrants. John Moore, 150 acres, 24 June, 1755. SOURCE:  Vol. VI, No 7, July 1916 Genealogy: a journal of American ancestry

Hanna’s Graveyard, Cumberland County

TOMBSTONE INSCRIPTIONS In Hanna’s Graveyard, Cumberland County, Pa. Beatty, Elizabeth, b. 1777; d. Oct. 19, 1815. Dehl, Esther, b. May 1788; d. June 5, 1866. Elliott, John, b. Dec. 29,…

Big Spring Graveyard, Newville, Cumberland County

TOMBSTONE INSCRIPTIONS In the Big Spring Presbyterian Grave Yard, Newville, Pa. Adams, Margaret, b. 1766; d. 1840. Allen, John, b. 1791; d. Feb. 10, 1817. Allen, Jamee W., b. June…

United Presbyterian Graveyard, Newville, Cumberland County

TOMBSTONE INSCRIPTIONS In the United Presbyterian Grave-Yard, Newville, Pa. Adair, James, b. 1755; d. 1803.Adair, Mary, wife of James b. 1755; d. Feb. 3, 1830. Adair, Mary, daughter of James,…

Big Spring Graveyard, Newville, Cumberland County

In the Very Historic Big Spring Graveyard at Newville While, in attendance at a recent mesting of the Carlisle Presbytery, at Newville, Mr. Thomas H. West, elder from the Presbyterian…

Ziegler’s Church Cemetery, Cumberland County

TOMBSTONE INSCRIPTIONS,Ziegier’s Church, Mifflin Township, Cumberland County, Pa. Ziegler’s Church was a log building erected about 1795, and was the first church building in that vicinity for the joint use…

Tombstone Inscriptions, Carlisle, Cumberland County

TOMBSTONE INSCRIPTIONS,CARLISLE, CUMBERLAND COUNTY, PA. Copied by Miss Mary C. Oursler, Washington, D. C. Robert Irvine, born Sept. 21, A. D. 1781; died August 22 A.D. 1864. Eleanor, wife of…