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Tombstone Inscriptions, Carlisle, Cumberland County


Dec 28, 2008


Copied by Miss Mary C. Oursler, Washington, D. C.

Robert Irvine, born Sept. 21, A. D. 1781; died August 22 A.D. 1864.

Eleanor, wife of Robert Irvine, born Jan. 26, 1781; died Aug. 29, 1854.

In memory of David King, who departed this life the 11th July, 1823, in the 84th year of his age.

In memory of Jane King, who departed this life the 17th of May, 1820, in the 76th year of her age.

In memory of Robert Miller who departed this life Nov. 10th,  1795, in the 73d year of his age.

In memory of Elizabeth Miller, wife of Robert Miller, who departed this life 12th Sept., 1799, aged 70 years.

Captain William Miller, who departed this life Jan. 22d, 1781, in the 25th year of his age.

Here lies the body of James Moore who departed this life June ye 18th, 1767.  Born Mar. 17-Aged 72 years.

In memory of William Moore, Esquire, who departed this life the 31st Aug., 1804, in the 75th year of his age.

Molly Pitcher.
In this quaint old cemetery in the Cumberland Valley, Pennsylvania, surrounded by ancient houses of the Revolutionary period, stands the splendid monument erected by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, June 28, 1916, in memory of this heroine of the Continental Army.
    There are two tablets, one on either side of the State arms.  Above, in heroic mould stands Molly Pitcher, with ramrod in hand, the personification of health and vigor.  Facing the main driveway are two tablets, one of which shows Molly giving drink to a wounded soldier.  The other depicts the woman in the act of firing a cannon.
At the rear, the tablet to the left reads as follows:
    “Mary Ludwig (‘Molly Pitcher,” Daughter of John Ludwig, Born October 13, 1744, Died January 22, 1832.  Married John Hays 1769.  John Hays Enlisted December 1, 1775, in Proctor’s First Pennsylvania Artillery.  Re-enlisted January 1, 1777.
    “Sergeant John Hays was wounded at the battle of Monmouth, June 28, 1778.
    “Mary Ludwig Hays (‘Molly Pitcher’) returned to Carlisle, Pa., with her wounded husband, and after his death she married Sergeant George McKolly (or McCauley.)
    “She died January 22, 1832, and was buried with military honors.  The Pennsylvania Assembly 1821-1822 granted a pension to Molly McKolley (or McCauley) for services rendered.  This monument erected by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, June 28, 1916.
    The other tablet bears this inscription:
    “Mary Ludwig Hays (‘Molly Pitcher’) accompanied her husband during his services in the Continental Army, and rendered valuable service in the capacity of an army nurse, and by reason of her many acts of kindness became known throughout the army from the oft-repeated expression, ‘Here comes Molly and her pitcher,’ as ‘Molly Pitcher.’
    “At the battle of Monmouth, June 28, 1778, Sergeant John Hays was severely wounded, and as he fell to the ground, Molly sprang to the cannon he had been serving, which cannon had been ordered to the rear, but before the gun could be withdrawn she had taken her husband’s place and rendered such valiant service that General George Washington, after the battle, thanked her personally for her bravery and heroic action.”

The inscription concludes with Sarah Woods Parkinson’s poem:
O’er Monmouth’s field of carnage drear,
With cooling drink and words of cheer
A woman passed who knew no fear
The wife of Hays, the gunner.
With ramrod from her husband’s hand
Beside his gun she took her stand
And helped to wrest our well-loved land
From England’s tyrant king.

From the ranks this woman came,
By the cannon won her fame;
‘Tis true, she could not write her name
But freedom’s hand hath carved it.
Shall we then criticize her ways?
Nay, rather give her well-earned praise,
Then doff our caps and voices raise
In cheers for Molly Pitcher.”

To the rear of the imposing monument stands a simple slab, the original monument, with this inscription:
Renowned in History as
The Heroine of Monmouth,
Died January, 1832.
Erected by the Citizens of
Cumberland County,
July 4, 1876.

In memory of Catherine Ross, Relict of James Ross LL. D., who departed this life, Dec. 1, A.D. 1846, aged 82 years.

In memory of James Ross, LL. D., who departed this life in Philadelphia, July 6, 1827, aged 84 years.

George Stevenson, LL. D., died July 13, 1783, aged 65 years.

Mary Stevenson, died Oct. 15, 1791, aged 63 years.

Doctor George Stevenson, son of the above named George and Mary Stevenson.  Died May 8, 1829, at Wilmington, Del.  Aged 70 years.
Served with distinction at the Battle of Brandywine, Lieut. in the 1st Pa. Regt., and afterwards until close of the war as a Surgeon in the Continental army, and was one of the original members and founders of the Society of Cincinnati.

Source: The National Genealogical Society Quarterly, 1917; Volume VI.; Washington, D.C., Published by The Society; 1917, page 63

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