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  • Montgomery Marriages, Second Presbyterian Church, Philadelphia

Montgomery Marriages, Second Presbyterian Church, Philadelphia

At Second Presbyterian Church, Phila. 1770, July 11, Rev. Joseph Montgomery and Rachel Boyce. 1780, December 1, Huldah Montgomery and John Rhea. 1781, March 25, William Montgomery and Rachel Harney.…

Montgomery Marriages, Christ Church, Philadelphia

Montgomery Marriages At Christ Church, Philadelphia 1751, March 19, Sarah Montgomery and Qiarles Garoway. 1800, January 9, William Montgomery and Eliza Mitchell. 1803, August 16, William Montgomery and Amelia Moser.…

Wells of Pennsylvania

Wells of Pennsylvania John Wells was probably an original settler in Pennsylvania, though nothing is known of him prior to 1690, when he purchased one hundred acres of land from…

Dewees, Dr Jacob – Philadelphia

DEWEES: – Dr. Jacob Dewees, born March 29, 1792, and died January 2, 1872, married Rachel Bartholomew Hughes. He was a son of David Dewees, by his wife, Maria Catherine…

Mitchell marriages, Old Sweedes Church

MITCHELL MARRIAGE RECORDS (From the Original Registers of Old Swedes, Church, Philadelphia, Penn.) 28 Oct. 1755. Elizabeth Mitchell and Richard Griss, by Rev. Olof Parlin, by publication. 24 Feb. 1764,…

Various Boone surname Marriages

VARIOUS BOONE MARRIAGES Ann Boone and Wm. Ryon, 23 August, 1798, New London, Conn. Daniel Boone and Rebecca Bryan, 14 August, 1756, Rowan Co., North Carolina. Emily L. Boone and…

Montgomery suranme Marriages from Old Swedes’ Church

PHILADELPHIA MARRIAGE RECORDS (From the Original Registers of Old Swedes’ Church.) 3 Feb. 1766, Catherine Montgomery and William Davis, by Rev. Charles M. Wrangel. 5 Feb. 1766, Duncan Montgomery and…

Harrison surnames, Early Marriages, Pennsylvania

PENNSYLVANIA MARRIAGES (From Original Records) Harrison, Ellen and George Goldsmith, 29 Nov. 1696, Phila. (Quaker.) Harrison, Joseph and Mary Van Luvening, 6 June. 1702, Phila. Harrison, Joseph and Katherine Noble,…

Early Boone Wills on Record in Philadelphia

EARLY BOONE WILLS Boone wills prior to 1750, on record in Philadelphia County, Penn., are as follows: Andrew Boone, 1696. William Boone, 1714. Andrew Boone, 1731. Nicholas Boone, 1737. Samuel…

Dr. Rush’s Ledger A, pp. 91-114

The ledgers and journals of some merchants and physicians of this period sometimes had notations of location and relationships alongside the entry of their client’s name. The dates are the…