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McCollum-Renwick Bible Records, Beaver County


Feb 28, 2014

McCollum-Renwick Bible Records

Jonathan McCollum was born 17 July 1836, the son of Jacob and Fanny (Young) McCollum and the grandson of Moses and Elizabeth McCollum. His parents left the Beaver County area in the 1830s and settled in Findlay, Ohio. Jacob McCollum died in Ohio about 1840 and apparently his widow returned to Beaver County with her children. She shortly died, also, and by 1850 their issue were scattered among relatives in Beaver County. Jonathan was raised by Mrs. Mary Ann Sharp. In the June Term of the Orphans Court in Beaver County 1859, Jonathan petitions the court for his share of his grandfather Moses McCollum’s estate. He states that his grandfather’s will is dated Sept. 29, 1838 and left a bequest to his son, Jacob McCollum, and that the said Jacob died intestate leaving a widow, Fanny, and issue of five children, to wit: Uriah, James, Jackson, Jonathan, and Salina. In November 1864 Jonathan is still petitioning for his money. He married Maria E. Renwidk Sept. 26, 1871 in Olean, N.Y., who was the daughter of Robert H. and Cynthia David Renwick. She was born Feb. 17, 1847 in Angelica, N. Y. and died Nov. 4, 1916 in Oil City, Pa. and is buried with her husband, who died April 26, 1904 in Oil City and is buried in Grove Hill Cemetery.

Their Bible records:

Births: John F. McCollum b. 26 Aug 1872; George B. McCollum b. 8 Jun 1874; James McCollum b. 22 Apr 1876; Fred T. McCollum b. 27 Sep 1879; Fannie McCollum b. 15 Jul 1883; Adah McCollum b. 6 Sep 1888; father b. 17 Jul 1836; mother b. 17 Feb 1847; Jonathan McCollum Blair b. 6 Dec 1902 (s/o George Allen Blair); Robert Jonathan McCollum b. 10 Jun 1903 (s/o Fred Trax McCollum).

Marriages: Jonathan McCollum of Oil City, Pa. and Maria C. Renwick of Olean, N. Y. 26 Sep 1871 at Olean, N. Y. by C. D. Burlingham; Fred Trax McCollum and Weltha Grace Kock, Thursday 20 Jun 1901; George Allen Blair and Frances Cynthia McCollum, 22 Oct 1901.

Deaths: James F. Renwick d. 30 Jul 1863 of typhoid during Civil War; Cynthia David Renwick d. 13 Jul 1890; James McCollum d. 4 May 1876; Charles W. Renwick d. 8 Dec 1896 (br/o Maria Renwick McCollum); Capt. Robert H. Renwick d. 16 Mar 1896; Jonathan McCollum, Tues. 26 Apr 1904, aged 67y 9m 9d; Minnie Maria McCollum, Wed., 23 Mar 1898 aged 20y 4m 23d of Spinal Meningitis.

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