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Early Settlers of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania


Jan 27, 2014

Early Settlers of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania

By S. H. Flickinger.

This is a list of Lancaster county settlers who came between the years 1700 and 1718 and had purchased and held lands there before 1729:

Abye, John
Abye, Peter
Ashleman, Daniel
Bare, Henry
Bare, Jacob
Bare, Jacob, Jr.
Bare, Jno. Henry
Bheme, Jacob
Biere, Jacob
Bohman, John
Bowman, Michael
Brand, Adam
Brubaker, John
Buckwalter, Joseph
Bumgartner, Peter
Burkholder, Abrm.
Burkholder, John
Burkholder, John, Jr.
Carpenter, Emanuel
Carpenter, Gabriel
Carpenter, Henry
Christopher, Charles
Churts, Jacob
Ferie, John
Fiera, Philip
Franciscus, Christopher
Frederick, John
Funk, Henry
Funk, Jacob
Funk, John
Goot, Hans
Goot, Jacob
Graaf, Hans
Graaf, Martin
Hare, Abrm.
Harnist, Martin
Herman, Christian
Herman, Daniel
Hess, John
Houser, John
Houser, Woolrick
Hover, Jno. Woolrick
Hufford, Melchior
Kindeck, George
King, Simeon
Landes, Felix, Jr.
Coffman, Andrew
Coffman, Isaac
CofTman, John
Croyder, John
Doneder, Michael
Erisman, Melchior
Loughman, Casper
Meylin, Martin
Miller, Jacob (blk.)
Miller, Jr.cob
Miller, Jacob, Jr.
Miller, Martin
Mire, Abrm.
Mire, Jacob
Mire, John
Mire, Michael
Mire, Rudy
Musselman, Henry
Mylin, John
Neiff, Francis
Neiff, Francis, Jr.
Neiff, Jno. Henry
Neiff, Jno. Henry, Jr.
Newcomer, Peter
Nissly, Jacob
Peelman, Christian
Preniman, Adam
Preniman, Christian
Preniman, Christopher
Ream, Everhard
Rodte, Woolrick
Royer, Sebastian
Shank, Big John
Shank, Michael
Shultz, Andrew
Slaremaker, Mathias
Leamon, Peter
Leeghter, John
Lerow, Jonas
Light, Jno. Jacob
Line, John
Longanicker, David
Snevely, Hans
Snevely, Hans Jacob
Snevely, Jacob, Jr.
Sowers, Christopher
Staner, Christian
Stampher, John
Stay, Fred’k
Stoneman, Christian
Stoneman, Joseph
Swope, John
Taylor, John
Weaver, George
Weaver, Henry
Weaver, Jacob
Weaver, John
Woolslegle, John
Yordea, Peter

SOURCE: Vol, II, No 2, July 13, 1912 Genealogy: a journal of American ancestry

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