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Dunlap, Robert, Lancaster County


Jan 26, 2014


Robert Dunlap was born in Scotland and came to America in 1769. He settled in West Virginia. Robert Dunlap, Sr., served in the Revolutionary War as follows: Associator and Militia, County of Lancaster, State of Pennsylvania. The list of men between the age. of 18 and 53 years appears the name of Robert Dunlap. He served in Captain John Caldwell’s Company, 6th battalion, from Lancaster County, May, 1780. Associator of Militia County of Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Class roll of the 1st Company of the 6th Battalion Lancaster County Militia, 1781, 5th class, Robert Dunlap, Pennsylvania.

Robert Dunlap died in 1817. He was married in Lancaster County, Penn., in 1784 to Mary Elizabeth Dunlap. She was born in 1765 and died in 1827. The children were:

1. Elizabeth Dunlap married Robert Lang.

2. James Dunlap lived in Chillicothe, Ohio. Children John, Robert, and Thomas.

3. Samuel Dunlap married Nellie, and lived in Urbanna, Illinois.

4. Presley Dunlap married Margarete McKinley, cousin of the President. She died and he later married Sarah Wordworth.

5. William Dunlap lived in Illinois.

Robert Dunlap, Jr., was born in West Virginia in 1799, and died in 1843. He married Zenah Mitchell in 1821. They had one child, James, who was born 9 October, 1822, and died in 1859, married to Lucinda Chamberlin, July, 1846.

Melindia Dunlap born August 5, 1833, died June 20, 1885, married Willis Northcutt, December 20, 1848. He died September 20, 1875.

Eliza Dunlap was born in 1826, died on August 7, 1876, married to Constant Pruggles in 1845.

Harriet Dunlap was born in 1827, died on April 1, 1906, and married to Levi Northcutt, 1846.

Melvina Dunlap was born April 4, 1823, married to Gustavia Serverson December 17, 1856, and died 1914.

Robert Dunlap, Jr., born 1840, died 1841.

Sarah Jane Dunlap born in 1829, and died in 1847.

SOURCE: Vol, X, No 8, July 1922 Genealogy: a journal of American ancestry

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