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Beaver Falls Monthly Meeting


Feb 17, 2013

Beaver Falls Monthly Meeting
This list was in family order:

MORELAND: Richard, Caroline (his wife), Samuel E. (now in Calif.), Stephen R. (now in Calif.), James H. (in Fallston, Pa.), Charles L. (in Illinois), Edwin C., William S. (in the Army), Albert (minor), Mary (minor).

HOOPS: John R., Deborah W. (his wife), Elizabeth Wade (married contrary to discipline), Joseph, David, Rebecca H. Barker, Carolyn Shipman (married contrary to discipline).

HOOPS: Edward, Cynthis, R. Emmet (married contrary to discipline), Henry, Ellen, Pamela.

WALTON: Thornton, Rachel B. (his wife), WIlmer.

McCONNELL: Joseph, Edith M. (his wife), John, Louis; all removed to Iowa.

HOOPS: Sarah, Elma, Lewis, Franklin, Evan, Thomas, David, jr.

ERWIN: James, Hannah Ann (his wife), Elma, Mary, Cecelia, Sarah Ann, Caroline E.; all removed to the West.

HOOPS: Esther

GIBBONS: Edward J., Mary Ann, Frances (married contrary to discipline).

WILSON: David H., John Webster, Lydia (wife of James).

TOWNSEND: Talbot, Edith W. (his wife), Milton (married contrary to discipline), Eliza Jammel (mcd), Lydia Ann Morelan (Moreland?) (mcd), Alice Ann Jenkins (mcd), Caroline Rhodes (mcd).

HAINES: Pauline (now in Phila.)

PRINCE: John, Rebecca (his wife), Ferris W., Charles C., Hanna B.

WHITE: Sarah

McCONNELL: Levi, Susan (his wife), Mary, Minerva, William C., Thomas, Edwin, Bertha Ann, Henry, Amelia; all removed West

McCONNELL: David (removed to Pittsburgh)


COALE: Charles, Mary Anna (his wife), Mary T. Myers (wife of William), Sarah (widow of Joseph Coale), Benjamin S., Joseph B.

GARRISON: W. L. (in the Army)

MARTIN: Beulah W. (widow of Joseph R.)

STANTON: David (mcd); lives in Columbiana, Ohio.

PUGH: Joseph T.

MENDENHALL: Lydia, Harrison

DENNING: John (now in Pittsburgh)

WALTON: Edward H. (now in Phila.), William (minor, in Phila.), Edward, Jr. (minor, in Phila.)

WHITE: TImothy B., Olive (his wife), Adrian, Adeline, Lucretia, Samuel, Timothy.

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