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Salem Evangelical Church, Freedom, Beaver County


Feb 17, 2013

Salem Evangelical Church, Freedom

The Salem United Methodist Church formally the Salem Evangelical United Brethren Church. The Freedom congregation was a part of the Rochester Mission Field until 1905 when the church became a separate mission. The first church property, on the corner of Fourth avenue and Fifth Street, was purchased from the Freedom Borough School Board in 1856. A second building church, built on the sight in 1890. The present church, at Third Avenue and Fifth Street, was built in 1955.
The first board of trustees consisted of Martin Fisher, Samuel Furnier, Thomas Kerr, James C. Mconnell, Daniel Graham, and Thomas Lutton.
Prominent among the names of those who were instrumental in the organization of the Methodist Episcopal Church in Freedom we find the names of
Johathan Betz
James McConnell
Thomas Kerr
Robert French
Jacob Kronk
Daniel Graham
Stephen Phillips
R. H. McCaskey
Samuel Furnier
Samuel S. Coulter
Thomas Crooks
Thomas Reno
John W. Snead
Simon Grimm
William Merriman
Enoch Fowler
Martin Fisher
Daniel S. Skillinger
Thomas Lutton
Woolman Hunt
Charles Graham
H.S. Robinson
John Craig
James Veadout

The following information was extracted from church records. In some case the year of birth was not on the church records but was found on a census transcript.List includes name, date and place of birth, date and place of death.

Freedom Salem Evangelical Church
Allen, Mrs. Winifred Oct. 17, 1955 Freedom
Andrew, Smith Helen March 14 1865 Goven, Scotland Jan 1, 1919 Freedom
Blank Yeager Josephine New Sewickley 3-18-06 Freedom
Boucher, Mrs. Alma No entry Dec. 8, 1929 Freedom
Bricker, John R. 1913 Creston, Ohio Nov. 27, 1961 Home, Harvy Run Rd. Freedom
Bricker, Mrs Ida June 2, 1959 Freedom, Pa.
Brobeck, Della (Mrs. Clyde) Apr 18, 1958 Rochester Hospital
Buckinghah, Loretta G. July 14, 1891 Allegheny , Pa. Feb 11, 1916 Rochester buried Uniondale, No Pittsburgh
Campbell, Mrs Sue Klatz Mar. 26, 1953 Freedom
Carroll, Andrew B. 12/20/18 Monaca 5/22/60 Rochester Hospital
Collins Pvt. Clarence H 1933 June 22, 1951 Korea
Copper, Alice 1879 Penna. Nov 5, 1920 Freedom
Creese, George Aug 22, 1943 Van Port, Pa. Buried Sewickley
Dawson, David J. 1879 Penn. Feb 24, 1919 Freedom
Dawson, Sarah 1880 Pa Nov.21, 1920 Freedom
Deason Harold E 8-10-04 Freedom 10-10-06 Freedom
Durr, Charles Edmund 1878 Oct 19, 1955 Freedom
Durr, Fredericka Strobach 1845 Germany July 8, 1919 Freedom
Durr, John Dec. 13, 1932 Near Freedom
Eicher, Martin J 1880 Ohio Oct , 1929 Freedom
Eppley, Howard March 4, 1942 Freedom
Eppley, Mrs. Laura Powell Jan. 9, 1943 Freedom buried Aliquippa
Evans, Walter W. 1894 Kentucky Feb 22, 1953 Freedom
Ewing, Mr. No entry
Fraser, Mary E Walker Jun. 15, 1899 Freedom Feb 24, 1922 Roch. Hospital, buried Freedom
Glasser, Joseph 1862 Freedom Jun. 7, 1941 Rochester, N.Y.
Harrison Norman Feb 24, 1952 Beaver County Home
Hermann Caroline Louise 5-14-1842 Lauenburg,Pomern 12-29-08 Freedom
Hetche, Helena R. March 28, 1837 Unionvile, Pa Jan 11, 1913 Freedom
Hetche, Jacob B. Nov 15, 1943 Freedom
Hetche, Mrs. Kathryn Kubl Dec 14, 1952 Freedom
Holsinger, Richard Clark 1922 Freedom Sept 5, 1960 Cleveland Clinic
Hughes, James K. Freedom Jan. 10, 1939 Cleveland, Ohio buried Johnstown,Pa.
Johnson, Alvin L. 1895 Freedom Sept 13, 1961 Roch. Gen. Hospital.
Johnston, Valerie infant 1955 Rochester Dec. 17, 1955 Rochester, Pa.
Klinesmith, John 1872 Pittsburgh Mar. 7, 1933 Freedom
Klingehoefer, Henry 1847 Freedom Abt. 1933 Freedom
Klingelhoefer, Mrs Mary Elizabeth Jan 7, 1953 Freedom
Klingelhoefer, Walter H 12-23-1893 Rochester, Pa. July 12, 1911 Freedom
Klinsmith, Elnora Jan 23, 1912 Freedom, Pa. Feb 23, 1913 Freedom
Krebs, Carl M 1904 Monaca June 14, 1961 Roch. Gen. Hospital.
Krepps, Eliz Germany March 7, 1922 Rochester, Pa.
Kuhl, Dora 1852 Pa. Dec. 1, 1930 Freedom
Kuhl, John Sr. Aug , 1848 Lokra, Ger. Sept 3, 1912 ? Freedom
Kuhl, Theodore 1886 Pa. Oct. 1929 or 7 Freedom
Machin Norman Herd 1869 Columbus, OH Apr. 26, 1961 239 5th Ave., Freedom
Mails, John 6-12-1845 Hanover, Ger. 2-7-07 Freedom
Mails, Sarah 1857 Pa. Dec, 1921 Freedom
Martin Laura Mable 1918 Freedom, Pa. Mar. 15, 1919 Freedom
Martin, David Aug 22, 1900 Freedom Jun ? , 1912 Freedom
Martin, Elizabeth 1870 Freedom Abt. 1933 Freedom
Martin, Emma (Mrs. William) 1870 Smith’s Ferry Feb 18, 1956 Rochester, Pa.
Martin, Jacob Jan 11, 1953 Freedom
Martin, Mrs Albert July. 1, 1958 Rochester Hospital
McCoy, Mrs. Magorie Mar. 1, 1953 Rochester
Meehan, Charles No information Abt. 1943
Morgan, Bertha 1889 Ohio Buried Jan 1, 1941 Died and buried E. Liverpool, OH.
Muller, Margaret June 7, 1941 Freedom
Myers, Mrs. Elizabeth No entry Apr, 1928 Freedom
Otto, Mrs Carie Jave May 4, 1955 Baltimore, Md.
Owens, Mrs. C. D. No entry July, 1926 Rochester Gen. Hospital
Packer, Mrs Lena Nevill Sept 28, 1876 Germany Sept 14, 1952 Freedom
Packer, William H. May 6, 1869 Howard, Pa. Jan 29, 1956 Freedom, Pa.
Parsons, Emma Freedom Abt. 1933 Freedom
Post, Margaret Durr Dec 1, 1830 Butler county,Pa Jan 20, 1918 Freedom
Rickard, George C. Abt. 1940 Hartzel, Rochester
Ripper, Elizabeth Feb. 11, 1941 Freedom
Rosen, George Freedom Feb. 17, 1938 Rochester, buried Oak Grove
Roush, John E. Aug. 13, 1941 Freedom, buried Sylvania Hills.
Shingler, Mrs Guy 1891 Oct 17, 1958 Rochester Hospital
Smith, Archie L. Aug. 29, 1894 Freedom Dec. 26, 1937 Rochester
Smith, Felix Freedom Abt. 1933-37 Freedom
Smith, George 1898 Freedom June 7, 1960 Home of sister Mary Shingler 4th ave.
Smith, Hannah 1881 Freedom Freedom
Starn, Mrs. Ida 1888 Ohio Apr 2, 1929 Freedom
Strobach, Jesiah [not married] Mar. 4, 1942 Residence 1185 4th Ave
Strobach, Josiah R. June 15, 1943 Pittsburgh, Pa.
Strohbach,Otto Nov 4, 1955 Toledo, Ohio
Sweezey, Henry Jr. [not married] Not on record Residence 505 5th Ave
Sweezey, Rhods [Husband Henry] Not on record Residence 505 5th Ave
Thomas, Eleanor [not married] Not on record Residence 351 3rd Ave
Tolbert, Betty [not maried] Not on record Residence Pine Run Road
Tolbert, Ellen Viola [husband Fay] Not on record Residence Pine Run Road
Tolbert, Fay [married] Not on record Residence Pine Run Road
Tolbert, Mrs. Elizabeth 1867 Pa. May 26, 1928 Freedom
Vandergrift, Mrs. Lilly June 1939 Rochester Hospital
Walker, Eleanor [single] Not on record 1217 4th Ave.
Walker, Fred [not maried] Not on record Residence 200 5th Ave.
Walker, Hazel [Widow] Not on record Residence 875 4th Ave.
Walker, Ida M. Franklin May 31, 1862 Rochester Feb. 25, 1941 Freedom, Pa.
Walker, Ida Marie [Husband deceased] Roch. 1862 Feb. 25, 1941 Residence 200 5th Ave.
Walker, Louis July 7, 1887 Freedom May13, 1952 Freedom
Walker, Peter 1877 Freedom Freedom
Wallase, Dorothy [Husband Charles] Not on record Marion Hill New Brighton, Pa.
Watson, Bertha [Husband Oarie] Not on record 270 5th Ave.
Watson, John [married] Not on record Residence 100 1st Street
Watson, Mrs Bertha June 27, 1960 Beaver County Home
Werner, Ida [Husband George] Jan 27, 1892 Nov. 30, 1975 Residence 1098 7th Ave.
Werner, Ida Marie [not married] Not on record Residence 1098 7th Ave.
Werner, Ruth [V.V. Mullen] Not on record Residence 1098 7th Ave.
Werner, Vera [Husband deceased] Not on record Residence 1098 7th Ave.
Whipple, Mary [Husband deceased] Not on record Residence 59 5th Ave.
Whipple, Mary (Mrs. Roy) Oct 23, 1957 Rochester Hospital
Whipple, Roy Freedom Abt. 1933-37 Freedom
White, Alma[Married Arthur Robinson] Not on record 501 5th Ave.
Whitehouse, David 1872 May 13, 1942 Freedom buried E Palestine, OH
Whitehouse, Dorothy [not married] Not on record 1217 4th Ave.
Whitehouse, Edna [Husband Edwin] Not on record 1217 4th Ave.
Whitehouse, Edwin [married] Not on record 1217 4th Ave.
Whitehouse, Levina [Husband Leonard] Not on record 1060 6th Ave.
Whitehouse, Marjorie [Not married] Not on record 1217 4th Ave.
Whitehouse, Mary Elizabeth [David deceased] Not on record Residence 699 3rd Ave.
Whitehouse, Mrs. David 1871 England May 13, 1942 Freedom buried E Palestine, OH
Whitehouse, Roy [Wife Ruth] Not on record 9th St. Ext.
Whitehouse, Ruth [Husband Roy] Not on record 9th St. Ext.
Winborne, Phillis [married] Not on record Residence 898 Canal St, Beaver, Pa.
Wolfe, Barbara blank blank Freedom
Yeager, George E. Freedom Dec. 14, 1955 Rochester, Pa.
Yeager, Josephine [not married] Not on record Residence 807 3rd Ave.
Yeager, Josephine Marie Dec. ? Freedom. Pa. Apr. 19, 1912 Freedom
Yeager, Miss Josephine Jan. 26, 1954 East Canton, Ohio
Zinkham, Clara [Husband died 9-25-1940] Not on record Residence 651 4th Ave.
Zinkham, Clara K 1890 Harmony, Pa. Sept. 25, 1940 Freedom
Zinkham, Elisa Beachlu Nov 14,1832 Hessen, Dumestadt June 3, 1913 Freedom
Zinkham, Henry Dec.27, 1864 Beaver County Sept. 1, 1918 Freedom
Zinkham, Nelda [married] Not on record Residence 440 Mine St.
Zinkham, Ralph Sgt. Jan 23, 1897 Beaver Co. Nov. 4, 1918 Base Hosp, Paris. Buried Paris, France
Zinkham, W. H. [Husband Wm H.] Not on record Residence 440 Mine St.
Zinkham, Wm Jr. [not married] Not on record Residence 440 Mine St.

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