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Chester High School, Class of 1943

ByGuilio Gaspero

Jun 27, 2011

Chester High School

Class of February 1943 





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Aschenbach   pdf_button
Carol Elaine Ayers  
Rose A Babicki   pdf_button
Noreen   Ballod  

Bernice Webster Barrowclough  
Joseph Lee Bradley  
Theodore Bernard Brodzinski   pdf_button
Pearl Elizabeth Brooks   pdf_button
Gloria Estelle Brown   pdf_button
Susan Jane Brown   pdf_button
Joseph W Bruner   pdf_button
John R Brush   pdf_button
Walter Edward Bullard   pdf_button
Mary Elizabeth Burton   pdf_button
John Lawrence Bush   pdf_button
William Barry Butt   pdf_button
Charles E Butz   pdf_button
Reuben Lewis Buzgon   pdf_button
Walter   Camisky   pdf_button
Sonya Bette Caplan   pdf_button
Frank   Cassell   pdf_button
Frances Margaret Cariello   pdf_button
James Nathaniel Chaikin   pdf_button
Elizabeth   Chawaga   pdf_button
Caroline Louise Chiarieri   pdf_button
Velma Louise Childress   pdf_button
Camille V Chomont   pdf_button
Helene Dolores Ciach   pdf_button
Catherine Ann Clark   pdf_button
Hazel   Clark   pdf_button
Ruth Helen Clark   pdf_button
Retta   Clements   pdf_button
William Edward Coates   pdf_button
Nancy Gloria  Cohen   pdf_button
Bertha Midred Cole   pdf_button
Eva Mae Collins   pdf_button
Charlotte   Conly   pdf_button
William E Coppock   pdf_button
James   Corbett   pdf_button
Anthony A Corradetti   pdf_button
Margaret Evelyn Davis   pdf_button
William Alfred Davis   pdf_button
Ernestine June Dawson   pdf_button
Anthony Frank DeCostanza   pdf_button
Edith Marie DeGennaro   pdf_button
Daniel   DiMaio   pdf_button
Adelaide Mary DiMarco   pdf_button
Louise Rita DiNicola   pdf_button
Victor Marion Dostellio   pdf_button
Paul   Douglas   pdf_button
Lillian Smith Durgin   pdf_button
Laura   Dyshewa   pdf_button
Helen Elizabeth Dyson   pdf_button
Jean   Eastwood   pdf_button
Raymond D Egbert   pdf_button
Frank E Ehrentraut   pdf_button
Raymond   Ewald   pdf_button
Joseph Vern Fairchilds   pdf_button
Doris May Faverio   pdf_button
Audrey Rene Federman   pdf_button
Mary   Fillinick   pdf_button
Anna Maw Fisher   pdf_button
Walter Boyd Flagg   pdf_button
John   Floyd   pdf_button
William Edward Floyd   pdf_button
Joseph   Ford   pdf_button
Mary Anna Foreacre   pdf_button
Emma   Forrest   pdf_button
Myrtle Mary Frampton   pdf_button
Daniel   Friedkin   pdf_button
Dolores Louise Friend   pdf_button
Charles Ladd Fritz   pdf_button
Mildred Anna Fromal   pdf_button
Doris Rose Fulton   pdf_button
Anthony Frank Fusco   pdf_button
Marie E Ganster   pdf_button
Mildred   Geiger   pdf_button
Benjamin Gabriel Georgini   pdf_button
Leon   Gilman   pdf_button
Ella Mary Ginn   pdf_button
Marie Dolores Glenn   pdf_button
Thomas John Glessner   pdf_button
Wanda Theresa Glowacki   pdf_button
William Wade Golden   pdf_button
Catherine Marie Grace   pdf_button
William E Goldsworthy   pdf_button
William Francis Goldsborough   pdf_button
Dorothy Alice Grant   pdf_button
Emery   Graham   pdf_button
Jennie Rose Grbac   pdf_button
Anne Evans Green   pdf_button
Rudolph Valentino Greene   pdf_button
William Clarence Green   pdf_button
LaRue   Greener   pdf_button
Harold West Griest   pdf_button
Raymond Jennings Hagy   pdf_button
Louise   Hall   pdf_button
Ernestine Eleanora Hamilton   pdf_button
William Andrew Happy   pdf_button
Charles Paul Harsch   pdf_button
Richard   Hartell   pdf_button
Joseph   Harney   pdf_button
Dorothy Grace Heintzel   pdf_button
Helen Marie Hendrickson   pdf_button
William   Herrick   pdf_button
Mary Louise Hiorth   pdf_button
Richard   Hoffman   pdf_button
Sadie Kathryn Hoffman   pdf_button
Leona Virginia Holliday   pdf_button
William Thomas Howells   pdf_button
Eugene Rodney Hudson   pdf_button
Alden   Hughes   pdf_button
James   Hunt   pdf_button
Helen   Hury   pdf_button
Henry Jack Hyer   pdf_button
Clement   Ieradi   pdf_button
Phyllis   Irving   pdf_button
Olga   Ishchuk   pdf_button
Stanley   Jasinski   pdf_button
Hentietta Rosalind Hohnson   pdf_button
Howard Garland Johnson   pdf_button
Margaret Anna Johnson   pdf_button
Josephine Dorothy Kaczynski   pdf_button
Mary Marguerite Kane   pdf_button
Henry Clarence Keith   pdf_button
Anna   Kertis   pdf_button
Michael D Klimchuk   pdf_button
Clyde William Kline   pdf_button
Michael   Komar   pdf_button
Veronica   Koterba   pdf_button
Philip   Koury   pdf_button
Carl   Kriebel Jr pdf_button
Alex   Krowzow   pdf_button
Daniel   Kuryea   pdf_button
Angeline   Landino   pdf_button
Coradina Anne LaRose   pdf_button
Edward   Laskoski   pdf_button
William James Lawson Jr pdf_button
Frank G Lawton   pdf_button
Thomas   Lenik   pdf_button
Robert L Linnenbank   pdf_button
Helen   Litwa   pdf_button
Landis T Lucas   pdf_button
Margaret Elizabeth McCay   pdf_button
Samuel Adam McElroy   pdf_button
Albert Russell McGuire   pdf_button
Janet Rose MacKenzie   pdf_button
Rose Elvera Macrillanti   pdf_button
Elsie   Mailman   pdf_button
Philomena   Maiorano   pdf_button
Michael   Malish   pdf_button
Gloria M Mancini   pdf_button
John   Mann   pdf_button
Sara   Margolis   pdf_button
Sidney   Margulies   pdf_button
Norman   Marriner   pdf_button
Rose Julia Marrone   pdf_button
Margaret Anne Marth   pdf_button
Alfred   Martin   pdf_button
Josephine   Marusco   pdf_button
Grace Marie Marzolla   pdf_button
Josephine   Matthews   pdf_button
Katherine   Melko   pdf_button
Catherine D Metrosh   pdf_button
Teresa Rita Miele   pdf_button
Robert Stuart Miller   pdf_button
Sara Elizabeth Mills   pdf_button
Henry Stephen Minka   pdf_button
Shirley Josephine Minshall   pdf_button
Emilie Frances Moczydlowski   pdf_button
Sophie   Mogul   pdf_button
Thomas   Monaghan   pdf_button
George D Montanaro   pdf_button
Adelene M Moretti   pdf_button
Irvin   Morris   pdf_button
Elizabeth Anna Nacrelli   pdf_button
Anthony J Natale   pdf_button
Jeanette Delorous Natale   pdf_button
Florence Marie Newell   pdf_button
Dolores Anne News   pdf_button
Walter Emerson Nickelson   pdf_button
Frieda   Nocolaides   pdf_button
Harry Thomas Nixon Jr pdf_button
William John Nixon   pdf_button
Mary Veronica Orfetel   pdf_button
Michael   Pecuich   pdf_button
Riccardo Domenick Pedante   pdf_button
Thurman   Petit DeMange pdf_button
John Joseph Pidrak   pdf_button
Floyd   Pierce   pdf_button
Gladys Marie Pierce   pdf_button
Margaret Sally Pierce   pdf_button
Norma Aileen Pickinton   pdf_button
Jane Thomas Pippin   pdf_button
Marie T Plummer   pdf_button
Marie Rita Price   pdf_button
Anne   Prystash   pdf_button
Elizabeth   Ralston   pdf_button
Bette   Reed   pdf_button
David Thomas Reist   pdf_button
Harry   Rickards   pdf_button
Ruth Allie-Belle Rider   pdf_button
Susie   Roberts   pdf_button
John Andrew Robertson   pdf_button
Bernard   Rose   pdf_button
Ina   Rosen   pdf_button
Albert S Rosenberg   pdf_button
Jerrold Jack Rotwein   pdf_button
Teresa Miriam Roughneen   pdf_button
Luigi Joseph Russo   pdf_button
Robert Howarth Rutherford   pdf_button
Jane Annette Rzasa   pdf_button
Agnes Anne Saedlo   pdf_button
Roman Norman Samilo   pdf_button
Margaret   Scalllan   pdf_button
Helen   Sokoloff   pdf_button
Donald Jay Scully   pdf_button
Alma Cordelia Selby   pdf_button
Myrtle Eloise Selby   pdf_button
Kraina   Shamof   pdf_button
Marian Hazel Shaw   pdf_button
Mary Jane Silcox   pdf_button
Eva Pauline Singleton   pdf_button
Willie Mae Singleton   pdf_button
Fredrick Francis Sinton   pdf_button
Dorothy   Slesicki   pdf_button
Fay   Smith   pdf_button
John Jay Smith   pdf_button
John Joseph Smith   pdf_button
Lucille Regina Smith   pdf_button
Frances Veronica Sneering   pdf_button
James Leonard Snow   pdf_button
Ann   Soscia   pdf_button
George Joseph Spanier   pdf_button
Robert John Stanaitis   pdf_button
Helen A Stasinos   pdf_button
Stephen Julian Stechyn   pdf_button
Sophie   Stecy   pdf_button
Emil Carl Stecyk   pdf_button
Sylvanius Clinton Stewart   pdf_button
Katherine Mary Strain   pdf_button
Janet Elizabeth Talbot   pdf_button
Angelo Ralph Tavani   pdf_button
Mary Anna Tavani   pdf_button
Bette Irene Taylor   pdf_button
Marion Elaine Taylor   pdf_button
Marjorie Ellen Taylor   pdf_button
Samuel Wade Tennant   pdf_button
Thelma   Terry   pdf_button
Helen   Tershowska   pdf_button
Sophie Vera Testoni   pdf_button
Ruth Rebecca Thomas   pdf_button
Edward Creery Thompson Jr pdf_button
Katherine Mae Thorpe   pdf_button
John   Trala   pdf_button
Enidina Josephine Trosino   pdf_button
Thelma Marie Truitt   pdf_button
Theresa Ann Turk   pdf_button
Grace Virginia Turkington   pdf_button
Joseph Howard Turley   pdf_button
Etta   Turner   pdf_button
Eleanor Katherine Urban   pdf_button
Calliope George Varlan   pdf_button
Mona Delema Waples   pdf_button
Winifred Brandling Warren   pdf_button
Josephine Marie Warrick   pdf_button
William Stephen Wereszczak   pdf_button
Edward Anthony Wesolowski   pdf_button
Malcolm   Whitlock   pdf_button
William Edward Willard   pdf_button
Annie Maude Wilson   pdf_button
Helen Louise Womack   pdf_button
Josephine   Wontroba   pdf_button
Anthony James Yannelli   pdf_button
Stella   Zabytka   pdf_button
Joseph   Zackorchenmy   pdf_button
Nicholas   Zubko   pdf_button


Names transcribed from 1943 Chester High School year book.  Scans of pages are not the best quality scans, but you should be able to get more info as well as a photo.  If you need a page “rescanned” for the photo, please contact me.


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