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Haverford High School, Class of 1932

ByGuilio Gaspero

Apr 18, 2011

Haverford Township High School

Class of February 1932 





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John   Armstrong   pdf_button
Catherine   Bell  
Helen   Bencker   pdf_button
John   Bower Jr

Winifred   Broadbent  
Edgar   Brown  
Peter   Buckley   pdf_button
Rachel M Cannon   pdf_button
Mary I Clark   pdf_button
Mary Elizabeth Coleman   pdf_button
Ethel   Crowther   pdf_button
Marguerite   Davis   pdf_button
Margaret E Deusch   pdf_button
Wallace W Douglas   pdf_button
Thomas   Eaglesham   pdf_button
Barbara   Eddy   pdf_button
Neville   Ehmann   pdf_button
Ora A Ehmling   pdf_button
Agnes   Eichelman   pdf_button
Irving G Estill   pdf_button
Edward F Everett Jr pdf_button
Audrey   Fulton   pdf_button
John   Gray   pdf_button
M Grace   Hatch   pdf_button
Rosetta   Hanks   pdf_button
Claire M Hedden   pdf_button
Margaret   Huff   pdf_button
Robert K Johnston   pdf_button
William F L Kieffer   pdf_button
Betty   Koegel   pdf_button
Albert   Legnini   pdf_button
Adele   Lewis   pdf_button
Ruth   Major   pdf_button
Joseph W Mathers   pdf_button
William John McCahan   pdf_button
Verle   McKeeman   pdf_button
Emily   McKell   pdf_button
Gladys   Moore   pdf_button
Olive D Morris   pdf_button
Jack   Miller   pdf_button
William   Null   pdf_button
William   Plank   pdf_button
Florence   Poole   pdf_button
Dorothea   Ralston   pdf_button
John   Rossi   pdf_button
Harriet   Schofield   pdf_button
Beatrice   Schumann   pdf_button
Louise Frances Scudder   pdf_button
Sallie   Stanton   pdf_button
Albert   Stutz   pdf_button
L Dutton   Tredick   pdf_button
Virginia M Walter   pdf_button
David   Watson   pdf_button
Elizabeth Anne Whalen   pdf_button


Names transcribed from February 1939 Haverford Township High School year book.  Scans of pages are not the best quality scans, but you should be able to get more info as well as a photo.  If you need a page “rescanned” for the photo, please contact me.


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