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Lehigh Register, NOV 15, 1849


Nov 1, 2008

LEHIGH REGISTER,  Allentown, Lehigh County, Pa

NOV 15, 1849

Married on the 25th ult., by the Rev. A. J. Strasberger, Lewis Appel, to Matilda Ott, both of Doylestown.
Married on the 28th of October, by the Rev. Mr. W. Gearhard, William Riegel to Catharine Long, both of Durham.
Married on the 21st of October, by the Rev. Mr. Dubbs, Mr. Reuben Reber, to Miss Lovina Handwerk, both of Washington.
Married on the 21st of October, by the Rev. Mr. Dubs, Mr. William Leibenguth, of Allen, to Miss Rebecca Sheidy, of N. Whitehall.
Married on the 14th October, by the Rev. Mr. Dubs, Mr. Henry Whitty, to Miss Wilhemina Bender, both of Allentown.
Married on the 29th of October, by the Rev. Mr. Dubs, Mr. Gideon Hunsicker, to Miss Sarah Schmidt, of Heidelberg.
Married on the 6th November, by the Rev. Mr. Dubs, Mr. Zacharias Kemmerer, of Allentown to Miss Polly Schaad, of S. Whitehall.
Married on Sunday last, by the Rev. Mr. Dubs, Mr. William M. Bernhard, to Miss Sarah Deily, of Easton.
Married on the 30th of October last by the Rev. William F. Maththews, William F. Newhard, of this place, to Miss Eliza H., daughter of John Evans, Esq., Montgomery county, Penn.

Died on the 23d ult., in Saucon, at the house of Charles Cooper, Esq., Christian Dutt, aged 59 years.
Died on the 16th October, in East Allentown, of inflammation of the brain, Caroline M. Steckel, aged 2 years.
Died on the 17th October, in N, Whitehall, of fever, Eli S. son of Samuel and Maria Miller, aged 7 years.
Died on the 28th, in S. Whitehall, of inflammatory rheumatism, Anna Maria, daughter of Peter and Ester Guth, aged about 8 years.
Died on the 1st November, in Macungie, of croup, Samuel Peter, son of Aaron and Anna Kern, aged 6 years.
Died on the 3d of November, in Hanover, of apoplexy, Peter Minnich, aged about 74 years.
Died on the 5th November, in S. Whitehall, of consumption, Jonas Schmidt, aged 45 years.
Died on the 3d November, in North Whitehall of a lingering disease, George Rhoads, aged 56 years.

    The new and spacious Hall in the Borough of Bethlehem, will be dedicated to Divine service, on Sunday November 18th.  Preaching, morning and afternoon in English and German languages.  Revds. Becker, Shindle, Stahm and several other Clergymen will be present, and officate upon the occasion.

The dead body of a man was found in the river Lehigh, in Washington township, this county.  The name of the deceased is supposed to be John Meyer, which was written on the cover of a small memoradum book, found in the pocket of the deceased.

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