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Lehigh Register, Dec 6, 1849


Nov 1, 2008

LEHIGH REGISTER,  Allentown, Lehigh County, Pa

Dec 6, 1849

Married on the 25th of November, in Reading, by the Rev. Mr. Drum, Mr. Abraham L. Powell, to Miss Elizabeth Griesemer, of Allentown.
Married on the 1st of December, by the Rev. Mr. Yaeger, Mr. Enos Ackerman, to Miss Emphemia Keim, both of Plainfield.
Married on the second December, by the Rev. Mr. Yaeger, Mr. Charles Barbe, to Miss Elizabeth Man, both of Lower Saucon.

Died on Wednesday morning at 6 o’clock, in this borough, of a lingering disease, which she bore with Christian fortitude, and which finally terminated in consumption, Clarissa Wilhelmina Ruhe, daughter of John F. and Elizabeth Ruhe, aged 28 years 10 months and 2 days.
Died on the third November, in Lower Saucon, David Bilger, aged 43 years.

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