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Tressler-Daniels Reunion – 1953


Sep 14, 2015

Odd Fellows Park in Kingwood was the site Saturday afternoon of the first reunion of the Tressler-Daniels clans, with over two hundred descendants of the two families in attendance.

A basket picnic dinner was served at noon. In the afternoon a sports program and contests were features. Group singing was led by Miss Jessie Tressler of Connellsville.

Officers were elected for 1954 as follows:
President – Walter Swartzwelder of Grantsville, MD
Secretary – Paul B. Daniels.of Connellsville
Treasurer – Albert A. Tresslcr of South Connellsville
Reporters – Mrs. Helen Kregar for Monessen; Mrs. Thomas Walker for Boswell; Miss Ellen Swartzwelder for Salisbury; Mrs. Mahlon Tressler for Confluence and Miss Jessie Tressler for Connellsville
The reporters, it was announced, will be in charge of arrangements for next year\’s outing.

Mrs. Kate Swartzwelder, 80, of Salisbury was recognized as the oldest member of the clan in attendance. Eighty-two-year-old Ezra Kessler of Confluence was unable to attend, being a patient in Confluence hospital, and Mrs. Laura Tressler, 83, was convalescing at her home in South Connellsville.
The oldest grandchild is Mrs. Hazel Corrick of Monessen.

A novelty act for the afternoon program was presented by Mrs. Lucy Walker of Boswell and Mrs. Swartzwelder of Salisbury, two aged sisters, who played the harmonic and “bones” respectively. Mrs. Walker received the harmonica fifteen years ago from members of a Ladies Aid Society in a Boswell church.

Mrs. Kregar was the chairman of a committee in charge of the day\’s festivities.

(The Daily Courier, August 10, 1953)

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