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Sep 14, 2015

With his wagon fully loaded, the old township farmer began hauling hay from the field to his barn. When he came to the small ravine that he had to cross to get there, the wheels settled in and the horses were unable to pull the wagon out. Consequently, the horses balked. The old farmer, after trying for some time to get them to pull, concluded that they were betwitched and that there was nothing else to do but walk miles up the mountain to bring back the man who could exorcise the witch. By the time he returned, it was almost nightfall and rather hard to see. The man instructed the farmer to climb on the wagon and get a firm grip on the reins because he was going to shoot the witch and the horses might bolt. After shooting directly over the horses’ heads, the frightened animals pulled the wagon out with a jerk. The “exorcist” trekked the many miles back up the mountain and the farmer, with his “exorcised” horses, finally made it to the barn.

(Courtesy of the Rockwood Area Historical & Genealogical Society)

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