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Look-up Volunteers, Lancaster County


Feb 27, 2014

Lancaster County
Look-up Volunteers



  • Be kind. These people are doing this as a courtesy. Do not expect them to respond quickly or completely. They may get several queries each day- and this sort of effort soon becomes work.
  • Be as specific as possible with your query- some common surnames produce more information that can be reasonably listed.
  • Help our effort
    • Do you own a book pertaining to Lancaster County in which you would offer to look up material? If so, please volunteer to look surnames up!
    • Consider sharing the results of your own research by adding materials to this site, where they can be easily accessed.


Brenneman History Albert H. Gerberich printed by Mennonite Publishing House 1938. It has over 900 pages. And begins with Melchior Brenneman of Griesheim, Switzerland b. about 1631. The family fled to Germany where it is believed they may have heard William Penn recruiting for colonization in America in Sept., 1677. The family along with others who migrated settled in Lancaster Co. Linda Garrett
A History of the Harnly Family Mrs. Henry H. Harnly, 1903 Contains some early Lancaster Co. Residents with surnames HARNLY HERNLY HOERNER EBY HERSHEY SCHNEIDER.   
Births, Death and Marriages of Nottingham Quakers   includes Chester and Lancaster counties in Penna. and Cecil County, Maryland. It includes specifically information from Little Britain Meeting. Mary Moody, moodster41@hotmail.com
Genealogical Record of Rev. Hans Herr and His Lineal Descendents Theodore Herr The book lists over 13,000 descendants of Rev Herr, who was born in 1639.  
Marriages 1753-1856, Lancaster Co. Pennsylvania compiles by Annette Simpson Publisher’s note: “Unfortunately, the author never revealed her source
for these marriage records. It would seem however, the majority are
taken from St James Church at Lancaster.”
There are 1759 marriages listed – groom, bride, date, no location given
Lancaster Directory for 1843 J.H. Bryson containing the names of the inhabitants, their occupation, places of
business, and residences
reprinted by Southwest PA Genealogical Services, Laughlintown, PA
Register of Marriages and Baptisms performed by Rev John Cuthbertson 1751-1791 Reprinted for Clearfield Co by Genealogical
Publishing Co, Inc, Baltimore, MD 1996, 1998
Index, Bridgen’s 1864 Atlas of Lancaster County   this
lists each property owner by surname, first name and township. Most
first names are abbreviated such as Dl.,Hy.,Jb.,Jn.,Sl.,Widow; very few
entries list a complete first name.

Carolyn Mattern

Leibensperger Family History   compiled by my ggrandfather Elmer Isaac Leibensperger and published by the Leibensperger Family Assn in 1943.  
Trinity Lutheran Church Records (1730-1796)      
Lancaster County Church Records to 1800 (5 volumes)      
Lancaster County Orphans Court Records 1742-1791      
Will Abstracts – 3 volumes to 1830      
Hawbaker and Groff Tax Lists for Lancaster County      
Index, 1790 Lancaster Census      
Warfel and Allied Families Stanley and Jane Warfel  The book contains
information on most of the family from George and Melchior Warfel who
settled in Lancaster County about 1732 until the book was published in
Ellis and Evans     Carolyn Mattern
Records of Pastoral Acts at Emanuel Lutheran Church   known in the eighteenth century as the Warwick congregation, near Brickerville, Elizabeth Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania 1743-1799. 
It was translated by Frederick S. Weiser and printed by The Pennsylvania German Society in 1983. The index includes surnames only, no given names. Prominent names include: Eichelberger, Gesell, Hacker, Haushalter, Illig, Lang, Miller, Oberle, Suss, Stober, Weidmann and Zartman. 
Diane M. Stober


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