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Brunnerville Cemetery, Warwick Township, Lancaster County


Feb 27, 2014

Brunnerville Cemetery


Early in November I visited the Brunnerville United Methodist Church at 517 Pine Hill Road, Brunnerville, ZIP 17543 and interviewed Pastor Fred R. Landis, Pastor since 1 July, 1992. After interviewing him I drove to the nearby small cemetery in Brunnerville and noted the following Brunner tombstones which may be of interest to one or more of you.

Please note not all inscriptions were not equally readable since one or two were in German as well as weather beaten.

1. Peter F. Brunner, died 22 Aug 1923, Age 62 yrs. 7 mos.

2. Anna Mary (wife of Peter F. Brunner), born June 24, 1861, died July 15, 1914

3. Peter Brunner, Geborn den 6len Februar1818, Starb den 12len Marz 1868, Leichen ——–St. Johannes das 11, Cannel den 15.16 ———-

4. Susan (Brunner), wife of Peter Brunner and Daughter of Jacob and Anna Stark, born Mar. 23, 18–, died, Dec. 21, 188-, 65 years, 8 mos., & — days

5. Anna B. (Brunner), daughter of Peter and Elizabeth Brunner, born April 4th, 1845, died April 2nd, 1873

6. Elsie M. Brunner, May 8, 1891, Jan 6, 1893 and Will Brunner, Oct. 7, 1887, Jan 3, 1893

Note: I am sorry if my interpretation of the writing is incomplete but some of the tombstones were very difficult to read due to their weather beaten appearance.

It should be noted that Brunnerville now utilizes the ZIP code of Lititz, PA. The Pastor alluded to the fact that while he did not know a great deal about the town history, it started as a site of a foundry, long since gone.

I hope this information will be of value to one or more of you.


Frank Brunner fcbpix@fia.net

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