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1751 Assessment List Derry Township, Lancaster County


Feb 27, 2014

1751 Assessment List
Derry Township, Lancaster County PA

    Taken from I. Daniel Rupp’s “History of the Counties of Berks and Lebanon”

    Contributed by Roxanne Eckenrode.

    ALLISON, John
    ARMSTRONG, Robert
    BLACKBURN, William
    BOMAN, Thomas
    BOOR, William
    BRAND, Martin
    BREEDEN, William
    CALDWELL, David
    CAMPBELL, David
    CAROTHERS, Robert
    CHAMBERS, Arthur
    CHAMBERS, James
    CLARK, James
    DOWN, Patrick
    DRENNAN, William
    FELIX, Alexander
    GANDOR, Joseph
    HALL, Thomas
    HARRIS, James
    HOUR, Michael
    INLAND, James
    IONAN, Jacob
    IRELAND, Wm.
    KERR, John
    KLONINGER, Valentine
    LAIRD, Hugh
    LAIRD, John
    LOCKHART, Andrew
    LONG, James
    MITCHEL, William
    M’KEE, James
    MORRISON, Andrew
    M’NAIR, David
    NEELY, Charles
    NICOM, John
    PATTERSON, Moses
    RAMSEY, Robt.
    ROBISON, Alexander
    RUSSEL, James
    RUSSEL, James
    RUSSEL, James
    SADDLER, Christian
    SEMPLE, James
    SHAW, James
    SINGER, John
    STERRET, William
    THOMPSON, John
    TICE, John
    VANLIER, John
    WELSH, John
    WILEY, James
    WILLSON, Moses

    © 1997 by Linnea Miller. All rights reserved.

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