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U.S. Frigate Constitution, 20 August 1812


Jan 25, 2014

WAR OF 1912

Return of killed and wounded on board the U. States frigate Constitution, Isaac Hull, Esq., Captain, in the action with H. M. S. Guerriere, Jas. R. Dacres. Esq., Captain ; on the 20th of August, 1812.
Wm. S. Bush, 1st Lt. of Marines.
Jacob Sage, Seaman.
Rabert Brice, do.
John Brown, do.
James Read, do.
Caleb Smith, do.
James Ashford, do.

Chas. Morris, 1st Lieut., dangerously.
John C. Aylwin, Master, slightly.
Richard Duun, Seaman, dangerously.
Geo. Reynolds, Ord. Seaman, dangerously.
Daniel Lewis, do. do.
Owen Taylor, do. do.
Francis Mullen, Marine, slightly.

U. States Frigate Constitution, August 21, 1812.
ISAAC HULL, Captain.
T. J. CHEW, Purser.
(The loss on board the Guerriere is stated to be 15 killed ; 62 wounded ; and 24 missing. )

SOURCE:  Vol, IX, No 6, October 1920 Genealogy: a journal of American ancestry

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