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Miller surname Will extracts, York County


Jan 24, 2014

(From Original Records)

ROBERT MILLER of Newbury township, 30 September, 1795, 28 October, 1797.
wife Sarah
son Thomas
son Robert
son Samuel
daughter Margaret
daughter Hannah Way
daughter Mary Vernon
granddaughter Sarah Bonmire
grandson Jesse Miller
granddaughter Ruth, daughter of Margaret.

LUDWIG MILLER of Germany township, 7 June, 1798, 1 October, 1798.
wife Margaret
son Ludwig
son Andrew
son Simon
son John
son Abraham

BERNARD MILLER of Dover township, 27 May, 1799, 10 January, 1801
wife Ursula
son George Michael
son Valentine
daughter Magdalena, wife of Herman Hellman
daughter Saloma, wife of Hans G. Miller
daughter Catherine, wife of Phillip Uppack
daughter Elizabeth, wife of George Stevenson.

FREDERICK MILLER of Shrewsbury township, 30 July, 1802, 22 March, 1803.
wife Catherine
son Christian
son Frederick
daughter Magdalena
daughter Elizabeth
daughter Catherina, wife of Sol. Bosert.
daughter Anne Mary, wife of Jacob Nunnenmacher.

VALENTINE MILLER of Dover townsh.p, 4 March, 1803, 13 Apr., 1803.
wife and minor children.

JACOB MILLER of Newbury township, 13 April, 1803 23 April 1803.
wife Susanna
numerous children not mentioned by name.

JOHN MILLER of Newbury township, 11 March, 1804 19 March, 1804.
son John
daughter Miely, wife of Adam Thomas.
daughter Turley, wife of Henry Culp
daughter Catherine, wife of Daniel Brennan
daughter Sarah, Wife of Peter Shrined
daughter Elizabeth.

ROBERT MILLER of Fairview township, 27 September 1804 29 October, 1804.
son Wilham
son Thomas
daughter Ehzabeth, wife of Hoggia Cooper
daughter Margaret, wife of Thomas Warren
grandson. John Miller.

JOHN MILLER of Hanover township, 3 July, 1805, 20 August, 1805.
wife Anna
son Henry
son John
son Jacob
son George
son Adam
daughter Mary
daughter Elizabeth
daughter Esther, wife of John Sweeney
grandchildren Polly and Joseph.

JOHN MILLER of Monaghan township, 19 July, 1806, 11 August, 1806.
wife Christina
son George.  
SOURCE:  Vol, VIII, No 2, February 1918 Genealogy: a journal of American ancestry



(Prom Original Records)

MATTHEW MILLER. 27 April, 1756. 12 May, 1757.
son James
daughter Susanna
daughter Ann
daughter Alice
grandson James Ross.

JOSEPH MILLER, 3 October, 1769, 30 October. 1769.
wife Margaret
son Levi
son Eli
daughter Phebe.

ANDREW MILLER of Codorus township, 27 November, 1772, 2 January, 1773.
wife Barbara
son Jacob
and other children
brother George
brother-in-law, Andrew Noll.

PETER MILLER of Codorus township, 9 November, 1780, 13 January, 1781.
wife Ann Elizabeth
son Jacob
son Phillip
son Johannes
daughter Susanna
daughter Barbara

HARMON MILLER of Windsor township. 22 July, 1783. 22 October, 1783.
son Michael
son Christian
son Conrad
son Henry
son Simeon
son Frederick
son Harmon

CASPER MILLER of York Town, 29 August, 1781, 2 March, 1784.
wife Catherina
father-in-law, Henry Smith.

NICHOLAS MILLAR, SR., of Germany township, 6 July. 1783, 23 March, 1784.
Wife Catherina
son Jacob
son Nicholas.

MICHAEL MILLER of Huntington township, 14 September, 1784, 29 October, 1784.
son Henry
son John
son Mahlon
daughter Catherine
daughter Margaret Dennison
daughter Susanna How
daughter Elizabeth, wife of John Fickes
sister-in-law, Mary Widabock.

HENRY MILLER of Newbury township, 6 August, 1781, 24 February, 1786.
wife Margaret
son John
son Abraham
son Henry
daughter Margaret
daughter Barbara.

JOHN MILLER of Straban township, 10 December, 1787, 31 January, 1788.
Children of daughter Rebecca and Thomas Anderson.
granddaughter Rebecca, wife of James Bell, and two grandsons.

LUDWIG MILLER of Germany township, 7 March, 1783, 13 October, 1788.
wife Ann Barbara
son Nicholas
son Ludwig
daughter Ann Marie
daughter Barbara, wife of Henry Moyer.

MARTIN MILLER of Shrewsbury township, 4 March, 1790, 22 March. 1790.
son Henry
son Martin
daughter Caterine
daughter Eve
daughter Barbara
daughter Mary
daughter Margaret
daughter Elizabeth

PETER MILLER of Tyrone township, 27 February, 1784, 28 April, 1791.
wife Anna Mary
son Nicholas
daughter Margaret Bushey
daughter Ann Bushey
daughter Mary Martin
grandson John Martin.

JOHN MILLER. 27 August, 1787, 8 April, 1794.
wife Isabella
son William
son James
daughter Agnes, wife of William Reid.

TOBIAS MILLER, of Strasburg township, 15 March, 1796. Will in German.
Catherine and Michael Miller, Administrators.

PAUL MILLER of Heidleburg township, 24 March, 1796, 2 April, 1796.
son Paul, Jr.
son-in-law, Michael Zimmer
daughter Charlotte Zimmer
granddaughter Catherine Hoffman
granddaughter Elizabeth Swartzman
grandson Joseph Swartzman.

MICHAEL MILLER of Hellam township, 1 May, 1794, 18 October, 1796.
wife Susanna
son Jacob
son Michael
daughter Susanna
daughter Magdalena
daughter Barbara, wife of Abraham Leib
daughter Elizabeth, wife of Jacob Strickler, son of Jacob.   
SOURCE:  Vol, VIII, No 3, March 1918 Genealogy: a journal of American ancestry

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