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Lancaster County Lottery Meeting


Jan 11, 2014


(From an Old Document Recently Discovered)

At a meeting of the Lancaster, Penn. Street Lottery at the house of Adam Weaver, on 10 January, 1803, the following members were present:

Casper Shafner                Jacob Krug
John Miller                   Ab. Witmer
Jacob Graeff                  George Musser
John Huber                    John Hubby
Adam Weaver                   James Crawford

Resolved that on Monday next the committee will proceed to roll up the number of prizes of the lottery at the house of John Hubby.

The following bill was ordered paid.

The Manager of the Lancaster Street Lottery, Dr., to Adam Weaver.

1797, 6 April, 2 bottles wine, 15 shillings.

1802, 19 May, To dinner and wine, 9 pounds, six shillings.

1802, 8 June, 2 bottles wine, 15 shillings.

SOURCE:  Vol. VI, No 2, February 1916 Genealogy: a journal of American ancestry

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