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War of 1812 – Greene County


Dec 10, 2012

First Regiment, 2nd Detachment
Pennsylvania Militia
October 2, 1812 – April 15, 1813

Fort Ferree was located in what is now Upper Sandusky, Wyandot County,Ohio. Its strategic position was on a bluff overlooking the flood plainof the Sandusky River.
The Fort was built in late 1812 by men of the 1st Regiment, 2ndDetachment of the Pennsylvania militia lead by Lieutenant Colonel JoelFerree, under the direction of General Richard Crooks, who in turn wasunder the command of General William Henry Harrison.

Sixth Company –
William Harper, Captain
Elias Flanigan, Lieutenant
Robert McMinn, Ensign
Sixty-two men from Greene County

Name: William Harper
Rank: Militia captain
Annual Allowance: 120 00
Sums Received: 757 53
Description of service: 1st regiment militia Pennsylvania
When placed on the pension roll: August 17, 1819
Commencement of pension: April 16, 1813
: April 24, 1816.

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