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April 2011 Friends of PA-Roots Newsletter


Apr 8, 2011

Friends of PA-Roots Newsletter

April 2011

PA-Roots – Bringing our Past into the Future

PA-Roots continues to grow and add data that is free to access. Since our last Newsletter there have been thousands of new pages of data published. Some of the key highlights include:

– Over 9,000 tombstone photographs from cemeteries in Mifflin County, PA
– Published 49 cemetery transcriptions for Mifflin County that contain over 6,040 individual interments
– Published transcriptions of all known cemeteries in Howe Township in Forest County, PA
– Published transcriptions of all known cemeteries in Gibson Township in Cameron Count, PA
– Began a transcription of the book History of Bedford, Somerset and Fulton Counties, Pennsylvania with the first 17 chapters on Bedford County being completed.
– Published a fascinating diary and letters by Captain Robert Allison written during the War of 1812.
– Published 6 cemetery transcriptions for Clarion County, PA
– Published 5 cemetery transcriptions for Indiana County, PA
– Published transcriptions of all known cemeteries in Horton and Jay Townships in Elk County, PA
– Transcribed from the originals and entered at the individual county’s Marriage Records DataBoards,  12,005 entries from the  Record of Marriages, 1885-1891. {series #14.25} Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission, Bureau of Archives and History, Pennsylvania State Archives  (all Pa. Counties)

Martha Cross Sargent has been added to our Board of Directors of PA-Roots, Inc.  She has been a Data Entry Manager for a number of years and has personally entered over 74,400 records at the DataBoards, in addition to being our County Host for the Beaver County Genealogy Project.  She currently is wrapping up an enormous project of entering marriage records from 1885-1891 (see above).

Frank Bobak has continued the Archie Claar Obituary Collection entries.  He has abstracted over 3000 from 1941-2, mostly for Blair County and now has moved into the records from 1933 from the same collection.  The abstracting and entering of the obituaries from the Bedford Gazette is currently in the 1991-2 series. 
We’ve upgraded the software that supports our Photo Gallery. The upgraded software runs much faster and provides and easier function for visitors to upload photos. We now have over 17,600 photos.

DataBoards update – we’ve added 32,216 posts since our last newsletter and we now have 6,700 registered users.  Thanks to everyone who shares data on this free resource.

PA-Roots is on Twitter – we can now quickly post notices of updates and additions to our family of websites. http://twitter.com/paroots

PA-Roots is now of Facebook, our page is located at http://www.facebook.com/pages/PA-Rootscom/212776992081399

If you’ve got an idea for a project or if you’ve got some data that you’d like to donate (large or small amount) please contact us. You’ll find our contact form at http://www.pa-roots.com/index.php/contact-us

Help us enter this valuable information. It’s easy, fun and is a valuable volunteer project for you or your organization! New records on hand for entry include: Orphans’ Court records from Cambria and Huntingdon Counties, Newspaper Records from Blair County, Fayette County Wills, and lots more.  Contact Carol at deddle@ix.netcom.com for training, stuff to enter or encouragement.

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