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1909 Highland Township, Clarion County Directory


Mar 28, 2011

Clarion County Directory, 1909 Highland Township Highland Township was erected in 1847 out of portians of Paint and Farmington. At present it is the center of the most productive oil and gas industry in the county.

Name Occupation Residence
AMSLER, Edward Driller Miola
AVERY,Ger. E. Laborer Helen Furnace
BAKER, E. D. Farmer Scotch Hill
BAKER, W. R. Invalid Scotch Hill
BEATTY, George Laborer Miola
BITTENBENDER, Geo. Farmer Helen Furnace
BITTENBENDER, John Farmer Helen Furnace
BITTENBENDER, Wm. Farmer Helen Furnace
BLACK, Milton Laborer Miola
BROOKS,S. B. Pumper Miola
BRENNEMAN, O. C. Laborer Scotch Hill
BRENNEMAN, T. J. Laborer Helen Furnace
BRENNER, James Farmer Miola
BREWSTER, James Merchant Helen Furnace
BYERS, John Laborer Miola
CALLIHAN, A. B. Farmer Helen Furnace
CALLIHAN, A. M. Farmer Helen Furnace
CALLIHAN, L. A. Laborer Helen Furnace
CAMPBELL, W. O. Laborer Miola
CARSON, H. L. Foreman Miola
CLARK, Geo. B. Laborer Helen Furnace
CLARK, James Laborer Helen Furnace
CLARK, Oliver Laborer Helen Furnace
CLARK, O. H. Farmer Helen Furnace
CLARK, William Laborer Helen Furnace
CONDRON, Roy Farmer Helen Furnace
COSGROVE, George Farmer Miola
CRAFT, O. B. Laborer Miola
CRISPEN, Cash Laborer Miola
CROW, Raymond Laborer Miola
CROW, William Invalid Miola
DAVIS, Bird Laborer Miola
DAVIS, Calvin Laborer Helen Furnace
DAVIS, Day Laborer Helen Furnace
DAVIS, John Laborer Helen Furnace
DEVELDER, E. H. teracher Miola
DEVELDER, Frank Laborer Miola
DEVALLENCE, John Laborer Miola
DIXON, John   Helen Furnace
DOLBY, A. J. Teacher Miola
DOLBY, John Farmer Helen Furnace
DOLBY, William Farmer Helen Furnace
FAGLEY, Albert Laborer Lucinda
FAGLEY, Jacob Farmer Lucinda
FAGLEY, John Laborer Lucinda
GILMORE, Banks Laborer Helen Furnace
GILMORE, Charles Laborer Helen Furnace
GILMORE, G. A. Laborer Helen Furnace
GILMORE, J. Porter Farmer Helen Furnace
GILMORE, Robert Laborer Miola
GILMORE, Samuel Laborer Helen Furnace
GILMORE, William Laborer Helen Furnace
HALSETT, Ben. Laborer Strattonville
HEPPIE, Geo. Farmer Miola
HEPPLE, John Farmer Miola
HULINGS, Thomas Farmer Scotch Hill
IMHOFF, Albert Teacher Helen Furnace
IMHOFF, Herbert Laborer Miola
IMHOFF, John Farmer Miola
IMHOFF, Stanlely Laborer Miola
JESSUP, Edwin Laborer Miola
JOHNSON, Anderson Laborer Miola
JOHNSON, John A. Laborer Miola
KAHNEL, Frank Laborer Helen Furnace
KAHNEL, John Farmer Helen Furnace
KAHNEL, John Farmer Helen Furnace
KANESS, Bert Miner Helen Furnace
KANESS, William Farmer Helen Furnace
KNAOPP, James Laborer Helen Furnace
KEATZER, Lawrence Pumper Miola
KEBERLINE, Thomas Laborer Miola
LUCAS, Frank Laborer Helen Furnace
MAHLE, Howard Laborer Miola
MAHLE, James Farmer Miola
MAHLE, J. E.   Miola
MAHLE, John, J. Laborer Miola
MAHLE, Paul Farmer Miola
MAHLE, Samuel Farmer Miola
MAHLE, W. E. Farmer Miola
MAXWELL, F. H. Farmer Miola
MAXWELL, James Pumper Miola
MCCABE, Guy Laborer Miola
MCCABE, John T. Farmer Miola
MCCLAIN, Elmer Laborer Miola
MCCLAIN, F. P. Laborer Miola
MCCLAIN, Geo. W. Laborer Miola
MCCLAIN, Harvey Laborer Miola
MCCLAIN, H. C. Farmer Miola
MCCLAIN, Jacob Farmer Miola
MCCLAIN, John, B. Laborer Miola
MCCLAIN, J. F. Laborer Miola
MCCLAIN, J. P. Farmer Miola
MCCLAIN, Ora Laborer Miola
MCCLAIN, R. S. Laborer Miola
MCCLAIN, S. B. Farmer Miola
MCKINSEY, Ben Laborer Helen Furnace
MCKINSEY, J. W. Farmer Helen Furnace
MCKINSEY, Robert Laborer Helen Furnace
MCKINSEY, Thomas Farmer Helen Furnace
MCNAUGHTON, Alvin Laborer Miola
MCNAUGHTON, D. C. Farmer Miola
MCNAUGHTON, Earl Laborer Miola
MCNAUGHTON, Guy Laborer Miola
MEDDOCK, Oliver Farmer Helen Furnace
NYE, John Invalid Helen Furnace
PORTER, J. B. Farmer Helen Furnace
PORTER, J. M. Farmer Helen Furnace
PORTER, P. D. Farmer Helen Furnace
PORTER, T. M. Laborer Helen Furnace
PORTER, W. C. Laborer Helen Furnace
PORTER, W. P. Farmer Helen Furnace
POTTS, J. A. Laborer Miola
RALFSNYDER, S. H. Farmer Helen Furnace
REED, Charles Farmer Helen Furnace
REED, Charles Farmer Miola
REED, F. D. Farmer Miola
REED, Hiram Farmer Miola
REED, J. Clinton Farmer Strattonville
REED, J. N. Farmer Miola
REED, John Laborer Miola
REED, John P. Farmer Miola
REED, Leslie Laborer Miola
REED, Norman Laborer Miola
REED, O. C. Farmer Miola
REED, O. P. Farmer Miola
REED, S. W. Laborer Miola
REED, Thomas Farmer Miola
REED, W. H. Farmer Miola
REED, W. W. Farmer Miola
REICHART, J. E. Laborer Miola
REICHART, W. H. Farmer Miola
REICHART, Wiliam Laborer Miola
REIGHART, C. T. Laborer Miola
REIGHART, H. M. Laborer Miola
REIGHART, Jas. E. teacher Miola
REIGHART, Merle Laborer Miola
REIGHART, W. G. Laborer Miola
SCHMADER, John Farmer Lucinda
SCHMADER, John Laborer Lucinda
SHEFFLER, Claire Farmer Miola
SHEFFLER, Frank Farmer Miola
SHRUM, Homer Laborer Miola
SHRUM, L. G. Laborer Miola
SHRUM, William Laborer Miola
SLATER, Hary Laborer Helen Furnace
SMATHERS, David Invalid Helen Furnace
SMATHERS, H. G. Farmer Helen Furnace
SMATHERS, Robert Laborer Miola
SMITH, John Pumper Miola
STERRETT, Frank Laborer Miola
STERRETT, John Laborer Miola
STERRETT, Raymond Laborer Miola
SITGLITZ, Andrew Pumper Miola
WALTERS, James Laborer Miola
WALTERS, John Laborer Miola
WALTERS, Win. Laborer Miola
WATERSON, John Laborer Strattonville
WESNER, Frank Pumper Miola
WESTON, Paul H. Farmer Clarion
WHISNER, Amos Laborer Helen Furnace
WHISNER, A. B. Laborer Miola
WHISNER, A. O. Driller Miola
WHISNER, Isaac Farmer Helen Furnace
WHITEHILL, H. A. Farmer Miola
WILLIAMS, W. F. Laborer Clarion
WORKMAN, Frank Farmer Miola
YOUNG, W. D. Farmer Helen Furnace

Special thanks to Jackie Dolby for providing the Directory transcription.

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