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Moravian Settlement, Bethel Township, Lebanon County


Jan 4, 2009

Moravian Settlement, Bethel Township, Lebanon County

Such is a story from the Old Moravian church record of bethel, where we are visiting and now about to enter the sacred enclosure, which was founded by the Moravian colony located here at or prior to the year 1740.  The earliest missionary of the United Brethren or “Hernhuter” was Mr. Spangenberg, and he first learned of his people through Conrad Weiser, the interpreter for the government.  The graveyard, like most of the early burial places, where the house of warship has disappeared, is in a very sad and neglected condition.  There is but very little trace left of the place where the house of God stood, which was a two-story log weather-boarded building thirty by forty feet; the first floor was divided into three rooms, the second into one.  The first floor was where the pious minister resided, on the second floor where the religious services were held.  The house was removed in 1878.

At first we felt that we were not to be rewarded for our trip, as it was mainly to secure a transcript from the ancient, moss-covered and time-stained stones, and as we saw only a few laying here and there our disappointment became painful.  Knowing that the custom was to number each grave and each stone lay flat upon the ground, and in size varying, but here about fourteen by sixteen inches, and of different kind and color of stone.  After viewing and going over the graveyard we discovered that many of them had disappeared in the gournd, and by much effort they could be found and drug or pried out.  After removing the earth and moss deposited there by the hand of time we secured a transcript of nearly all, and they deserve to be preserved in this way, as the tooth of time undoubtedly has destroyed some, while a number that we found are almost decipherable.  They are as follows:

No. 4 Jacob Hantsch geb. Gemordie von den Wilden d. 26 Juny 1756 alt ungefer 27 Jahr

No. 6 Joh George Mies geb d. 28 Sept 1782 Ermondt von den Wilden d.26 Juny 1756 alt 16 Ja. 9 Mot.

No. 7 Frederick Weiser Geb den 1 May 1740 Ermordt von den Wilden d. 26 Juny 1756 alt 16 Ja. 11 mo 5 da.

No. 18  Animargre Daniel Borns kind geb d. 25 August 1769 Verschied d. 28 July 1770 alt 11 monath

No. 22 Margarettam Borin Daniels ehefran Geb in Decem. 1732 verschied d. 5 July 1772 ihrer altes 40 Jahr.

No. 23 Daniel Daniel borns kind geb den April verscheid d. 18 September 1772 alt 23 wochen

No. 26 Catharine Spitlerin is begorn in dem 16 August 1700 verschied den 14 Mertz 1773

No 28  John George Mies Geb d. 20 Nov. 1704 in Bertenan verschied d. 26 Nov. 1724

No 29 Gebohren den 25 Janar 1757 Catharina Beckin aus dem Zeit den 17 ten November 1774

No. 80 Gebohren den 17ten den January 1763 Elizabetha Beckin aus den Zeit den 12 Febrah 1775

No. 31  Gebohren den 15 den December 1731, Mari Barb Beckin Geborhin Borin und Gerstorben September 17 1775

No. 36 Julian Mies, geb d. 17 Sept. 1718 in Nereberg verschied d. 17 May, 1785

No. 38 Catharine Mies Geb d 7ten Sept. 1734 in Bethel Township verschied d 7 Juli 1778

No. 41 Heinrich Faber geb d. 7 Dec 1722 verschied d. 5 April 1779

No. 42 Catharin Spitler Geb d. 13 Juny 1743 in Bethel township verschied d. 30 Juny 1779

No. 48  Joh Heinrich Heckendorn Gebohren den 5 April 1786 verscheid den 22 April 1787

No. 53  maria Christena Mies geb d. 31 August 1787 in Bethel Township verscheid d. 11 Feb. 1796

No. 54 Catharin Faberin geb d. 23 Sept 1729 in  ___starb den 15 Marz 1796

No. 60 Jacob Faber geb d. 3 Dec. 1774 in Bethel Townshp verscheid d. 11 Feb. 1792

No. 61  Jacob Spitler Geb d. 25 August 1722 in der Schweitz und verscheid d. 5 Nov. 1794

No. 65 Jonas Faber Geb d. 4 Matz 1785 in Bethel Township verscheid 27 Nov 1797

No. 66 Catharina Cpitlern Geb d. 12 June 1788 in Bethel Township verscheid d. 17 Oct 1797

No. 70 Ana Margaretha Spittllelerin ein geboren Winkelblechin Geb 22 Dec 1750 verscheid 8 Feb 1803

No.  72  Christian Heckendon Geb d. 24 Merz 1778 vershceid 25 Aug. 1800

No. 74  George Casper Kohr  Gebohren in Erstadt in der Pfalz den 7ten Octo. 1724 verscheid den 28ten May 1801

Maria Catharina Heckendornin Geb d. 21 Oct. 1750 verscheid d. 14 April 1762

No. 76  Jacob Spitler Geb in Bethel d. 6 Decb. 1769 verscheid d. 28 May 1802

No. 80  Bernhard Meis Gebohren in Bethel d. 22ten Janu. 1774 verscheid d. ten Febu. 1803

No. 84  Vernoica Xander ein geb Spittlerin geb. Den 1st Nov. 1720 in Benweil in der Schwertz verscheid d. 16th July 1804

No. 86  Jacob Faber Geb in Bethel d. 11ten June 1776 verscheid d. 13 Oct 1804

No. 88  Cath Meyerin Geb Faberin Geb in Bethel d. 24th Merz 1761 verscheid d. 15th Nov. 1804

No. 91  Elizabeth Bronne Gebohren Giesing Gebohren in Emere den 6ten Dec 1757 verscheid den 16ten Sept 1810

Nov 94  Catharine Burchmeyer Gebohren in Bethel Township den 17ten January 1778 verscheid den 24ten April 1816

No. 113  Fridr Buchmeyer Geb d 7ten Nov. 1779 Ges. D 29ten Merz 1821 d 16ten No.v 1824 alt 41 j. 4 m. 22t.

No. 115  John Philip Beck Wohren gebohren den 15 Mai 1768 und starb 15 December 1821

No.  128  Christian Schert Gebohren d 11ten Dec. 1776 Gestohben

No. 137  Michael Beck Wurder Gebohren den 3 April 1805 Starb d. 18 November 1820

Johannes Beck Johann Gebohren den 3 January 1800 und starb 5ten December 1829

Jacob Till born March 12 ten at Kuhne Walde in Moravia depart Jan. 22 1783

Rosina Till Geb Dec. 3 d. 1721 at Schonbrun in Silesia Start Jan 21 1783

Elizabeth Kohrin Casper Kohrs Erefrane Geb in Juli 1708 verscheid Nov 20 1763

An Rosina Kohrin born Nov 27 1760 in Bethel verscheid d. Oct 8 1763

Marin Magdalena Stohrin ist gebohren d. 16ten December 1790 ist gestorben 24 ten 1796

Hier Ruhet Johan Philip Beck ist gebohren 2 d Feb. 1727 und Getorben den 22 Feb. 1792

Salome Beck dochter von Johan Philip und Christiana Beck Gebohren November 4, 1802 Starb April 29 1858

Hier Ruhet Anna Marie Meilin Ehegatten von Casper Kohr See wurde gebohren den 20th Dec 1745 und starb den 23th Sept 1828


SOURCE:  Page(s) 73-76  Notes and Queries: Historical, Biographical and Genealogical, Relating Chiefly to Interior Pennsylvania By William Henry Egle, Pennsylvania State Library; Harrisburg publishing company, 1898

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