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Marriages Performed by Samuel Clark, Sharon, Mercer County


Dec 22, 2008

Marriages Performed by Samuel Clark, J. J.
Sharon, Mercer Co., Penna.
Between the years 1837-1846.

[Copied by Miss Mary J. Trudell, Menominee, Mich.]

Addgate, Haven, and  Matilda Baldwin, June 29, 1842
Ames, Siprean, and Nancy Meeker, April 27, 1845
Amey, John L., and Adeline Beard, Dec. 15, 1844
Ashton, Heters, and Hannah Urmson, Aug. 31, 1843
Austin, James, and Hannah Dunlap, June 29, 1842
Bennet, Harmon, and Emmey Sperry, Dec. 25, 1844
Carden, Collins, and Eliza Ann Gopp, May 12, 1844
Custard, George, and Hannah Fry, Oct. 31, 1842
Dodge, Ruppet, and Sarah Briant,  June 11, 1846
Dunlap, Stephen, and Hannah McMullin, Dec. 21, 1839
Harmon, William C., and Rosaline Hart, Sept. 24, 1846
Hook, William, and Meriette Burt, March 25, 1846
McConnel, Alexander, and Elizabeth Heik, Dec. 3, 1844
Pitner, Richard C., and Harriet Kinne, March 17, 1844
Preston, Ebenezer B., and Clarissa Sawyer, Dec. 26, 1842
Pritchard, —-, and Emily Sankey, Oct. 1845
Ray, James, and Martha Roberts, Sept. 26, 1842
Reeves, Harvey, and Phebe Hogland, Sept. 21, 1842
Rogers, Austin, and Abigail Tribby, Nov. 29, 1845
St. Lawrence, Edward, and Emily Russell, March 21, 1844

Daughters of the American Revolution Magazine; Vol. L. No. 1; January, 1917; Daughters of the American Revolution. Page 72.

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