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Church of God Cemetery, Highspire, Dauphin County


Dec 3, 2008

Church of God Cemetery

Highspire, Dauphin, Pennsylvania


Compiled by Linda J. Wileman

Contributed by William Hartman

The following names were copied off remaining stones in the Church of God cemetery in the fall of 1979.


This small cemetery, in the town of Highspire, Pa., is well over 100 years old.  There are no known records of the burials.  In an effort to compile some sort of records, the following list of names and dates were copied off of the few remaining tombstones.  These stones in many cases are understandingly difficult to read due to their age.


The following table lists the name and other identifying information in the first column and the birth and death dates in the second column.


*Information on burials marked as “no stone” obtained from Winifred Brandt, great granddaughter of Samuel Light who knew of the burials.  Ms. Brandt is a cousin to Ms. Wileman’s grandmother.


Name and other identifying information Dates
William Hoover Civil War Soldier  93rd Pa. Vol Co. I

Samuel Light


Rena Light (dau. of Samuel)

*No stone

Ellsworth Light (son of Samuel)

*No stone

John Strawer

b. 1818. d 8yrs.

R. W. Watt (?)

Stone unreadable

John Bonner

d. 2-16-1902 Civil War Soldier

Elizabeth (wife of Joseph Glover )

d. 2-21-1853



Margaret (wife of Joseph Glover)

d. 10-29-1864

Frances Glover (dau. of Joseph Glover)

No dates



Joseph Glover

d. 1-12-1852 (66 years?)

Abraham Orner (father)

b. 5-8-1812(?)  d. 6-16-1881

Catherine Orner (mother)

b. 2-22-1823  d. 4-10-1882

Sara Orner (wife of S. H. Longaneclier)

d. 5-13-79 25 yrs.



Margaret Orner

b. 2-28-1861  d. 7-19-1878  18 yrs.

David Strock

b. 11-2-1819  d. 2-6-1872

John Strock

b. 8-13-1851

Elizabeth (wife of David)

No dates

Frederick Strock

d. 7-11-1866   7 yrs. 4 mo. 20 days

Samuel Kerr

d. 7-6-1882

John F. Kerr

d. 1861 (?)

Rev. Henry Diehl

d. 11-16-1865 47 yrs. 3 days Civil War soldier

Fanny (wife of Henry)

b. 1-15-1834  d. 1-26-1860

Gabriel Cover

b. 9-28-1829 d. 6-3-1892  Civil War soldier Co. I 201 Reg. Pa.

Frederick Arthgross (?)

b. 3-6-1828 d. 3-30-1886 Civil War soldier Co. I   201 Reg. Pa.

Peter Hoffstaat (?)

No dates, Civil War soldier 200th Pa.

Daniel Erisman

 No dates, Civil War soldier Co I 93rd Pa. Vol. 

Peter Wolfe (?) unreadable

Civil War soldier

Polly (Wife of Henry Diehl

d. 5-24-1852  33 yrs.

Rebecca Carroll

b. 1805 d. 9-22-1850

Henry Woolel (?)

b. 8-1811 d. 1874 (?) Civil War soldier

David Steinbercer (?)


Ann Maria Funk (wife of Abraham Funk)

Unreadable dates

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