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Lebanon Advertiser, October 28, 1857


Dec 2, 2008

October 28, 1857

Mr. Christian Lapp, of Lancaster Co., lost a stallion valued at $1,200 on Friday night.  His death was the result of overfeeding.  He was on exhibition at the time, at the Lancaster Agricultural Fair.

President Buchanan has directed one of the new sloops of war, ordered by Congress, to be built at the Philadelphia Navy Yard.  This will afford employment during the fall and winter to hundreds of mechanics.

Two citizens of Berks county, Wm. Van Reed and E. Spoon, were lost in the ill-fated Central America.  They were both young men; had been to California; accumulated a considerable amount of gold, and were on their return home.

The citizens of Clearfield, Pa., became excited last week, and almost perpetrated Lynch law upon a scoundrel named Robert Worden, on of a gang of horse thieves who have been infesting that neighborhood.

The man found last week in Monroe Forge dam, in Bethel Township, turns out to be Thomas Behney, a son of Jacob Behney, who resides near the Forge.  Almost eight days before he was found, he left home and informed his parents that he was going up to Penn’s Valley, Centre county.  Nothing had been heard from him until found in the dam.

Digging for Gold. – A certain individual in Reading dreamed that a large quantity of gold was buried in a garden in that city.  He made arrangements last Wednesday with a few chosen friends to search for the treasure.  They entered the garden, stealthily, at night, and commenced digging.  A wag, who got wind of the proceedings, enveloped himself in a white counterpain, and at an opportune moment, dropped into the midst of the diggers, who fled from the ground as if Satan himself was after them.

Married on the 22d inst., by Rev. H. S. Miller, Eliphas W. Stockey, of Hanover, to Catharina Ann Seiders, of London’y.

Married on the 20th inst., by Rev. T. H. Robinson, Hon. John C. Kunkel, and Miss Elizabeth C. Rutherford, daughter of Dr. W. W. Rutherford, of Harrisburg.

Married on the 6th inst., by Rev. John Stine, Mr. Daniel Miller, of Bethel tp., Berks county, to Miss Magdalena Moyer, of Bethel tp., Lebanon county.

Married on the 18th inst., by Rev. John Gring, Dr. R. H. Muth, formerly of Rehrersburg, Berks co., to Miss Maggie, daughter of Isaac Hower, of Fredericksburg.

Died on the 24th inst., in this borough, Mrs. Barbara Shay, widow of Mr. John Shay, aged 83 years and 6 months.

Died on the 14th inst., in Swatara township, Rebecca Greenwarld, aged about 30 years.

Died in the Lord, after many years of ailment, on the 21st inst., in this borough, Mrs. Margaret Good, wife of Felix Good, aged 71 years, 11 months and 9 days.

Died at the North Lebanon Furnace, on the 22d inst., George Dawson, infant and only son of G. D. and D. B. Coleman, aged 9 months and 20 days.

Died on the 23d inst., Adam, son of Henry and Lydia Tice, aged 7 months and 8 days.

Died on the 5th inst., in Union, Mrs. Maria Zerby, aged 95 years.

Died on the 17th inst., in North Lebanon, Miss Sarah Daley, aged 50 years.

SOURCE:  Lebanon Advertiser  Contributed by Shirley Pierce

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