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Lebanon Advertiser, October 14, 1857


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October 14, 1857

Married on the 8th inst., by Rev. H. S. Miller, Mr. Anthony Gerhard to Miss Sarah Ellenberger, both of this Borough.

Married on the 24th ult., at Reading, by Rev. L. Leinbach, Mr. Isaac Hain, of North Lebanon borough, to Miss Mary Ann Billman, of this borough.

Married on the 6th inst., by Rev. Samuel Yingling, Mr. John Stephel, of Derry, Dauphin co., to Mrs. Susannah Brown, of Londonderry, Lebanon co.

Married on the 20th ult., by Rev. Mr. Hoffman, Mr. Michael Clark to Mrs. Mary A. Kuhns, both of North Lebanon borough.

Married on the 1st inst., by Rev. T. H. Leinbach, Mr. Edward Pfeifer, of Jackson, to Miss Caroline Behney, of Berks co.

Sudden Death – A youth named Jacob -oafius, aged about 16 years, came to his death in North Lebanon borough, on the night of the ?st inst., under the following circumstances.  He had been at the wedding of his sister, and drank some liquor during the evening.  On the road ? he became overcome by the liquor, laid or fell down alongside the road, and in the morning was found a corpse.  A post mortem examination was made by Dr. Guilford.  The immediate cause of his death was congestion of the brain, produce by the liquor.

The Firemens’ Parade of Philadelphia on Monday a week, was an imposing affair.  It was the largest turn-out of the firemen ever recorded numbering about 100 companies.  The Perseverance Engine and Hose Company, of this Borough, was well received, and is very favorably noticed in the city papers.  We take the following extract from the News:  “Perseverance Engine and Hose Co., of Lebanon, numbered 26 members.  Theo. Frantz, Chief Marshal.  They were accompanied with a splendid band of 18 members, also belonging to the Hose Co. – 44 in all – a fine looking body of men.  They were equipped in grey, and the company was much admired.”

Died on the 18th ult., in N. Lebanon borough, Mary Priscilla, daughter of Morris A. and Otilia M. Rocholl, aged 11 months and 24 days.

Died on the 24th ult., in this borough, Alice Magdalena, daughter of Matthias and Elizabeth Bassilias, aged about 1 year.

Died on the 15th ult., at Silver Springs, Lancaster co., John Miller, formerly of this borough, aged about 57 years.

Died on the 2d inst., in Heidleberg, Mrs. Meeze, wife of Geo. W. Meeze, aged about 30 years.

Died on the 30th ult., in South Lebanon, Michael Brubaker, aged about 32 years.

Died on the 6th inst., in this borough, Mrs. Elizabeth Hersh, aged about 59 years.

Died on the 2d inst., in Bethel, Henry Danner, aged 78 years and 10 days.

Died on the 24th ult., in Stark county, Ohio, Mr. John Reincehl, formerly of Lebanon county, Pa., aged 41 years and 29 days.

Chester Case, a silk pedlar, was killed at Cherryville, near Easton, Pa., on Friday last, while unhitching his horses.  He had loosened the traces and was in the act of unloosing the tongue-strap, when he fell, and the horses becoming frightened started off, and two wheels passed over his head, killing him instantly.  He is well known throughout the country and many in town had become acquainted with him, having been in this section very often.  He was about sixty years of age, a bachelor, and worth, it is said, about sixty thousand dollars.  From letters found in his pocket, it is supposed the deceased has a brother and sister living in Hartford, Connecticut.- He was buried at Cherryville.

SOURCE:  Lebanon Advertiser  Contributed by Shirley Pierce

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