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The mission of PA-Roots is to Bring our Past into the Future!

PA-Roots is a Pennsylvania Non-Profit Corporation that was incorporated in December of 2009.  The history of PA-Roots actually goes back much further.  PA-Roots was first begun in the summer of 1998 by Alice Gayley and Nathan Zipfel.  It was started initially just to host some county genealogy websites they were involved with.  It started off slowly but began to grow to the point where they were hosting websites for other counties and projects.  The DataBoards were begun in 2000 for the hosted counties but an interest by visitors for DataBoards for other counties was expressed.  A full complement of DataBoards was added for all the counties in Pennsylvania.

PA-Roots is all volunteer run by a team of fellow researchers who are dedicated to getting genealogical and historical data on-line that is freely accessible by our visitors. These are found at the county pages and at the DataBoards.  The DataBoards hold over 600 thousand individual records.

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