1850 Census of Clearfield County, PA

There are 132 separate pages of this census which you may view by page number if you wish.

Boggs Township  334b 335a 335b 336a 336b 337a 337b 338a 338b 339a 339b 340a

Bradford Township  325a 325b 326a 326b 327a 327b 328a 328b 329a 329b 330a 330b 331a 331b 332a 332b 333a 333b 334a 334b

Decatur Township  340a 340b 341a 341b 342a 342b 343a 343b 344a 344b 345a 345b

Fox Township   416a 416b

Girard Township  321b  322a 322b 323a 323b 324a 324b 325a

Goshen Township 319b 320a 320b 321a 321b

Lawrence Township 299b 300a 300b 301a 301b 302a 302b 303a 303b 304a 304b 305a 305b 306a 306b 307a 307b 308a 308b 309a 309b 310a 310b 311a 311b 312a 312b 313a 313b 314a 314b 315a 315b 316a 316b 317a 317b 318a 318b 319a 319b

Pike Township   285a 285b 286a 286b 287a 287b 288a 288b 289a 289b 290a 290b 291a 291b 292a 292b 293a 293b 294a 294b 295a 295b 296a 296b 297a 297b 298a 298b 299a 299b

Woodward Township  345b 346a 346b 347a 347b 348a 348b 349a


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