1850 Census of Jefferson County, PA 

Jenks Township  1 1a 2

Tionesta Township  2a 3 3a

Heath Township   4 4a 5 5a 6

Beaver Township  50 A 51 51 A 52 52 A 53 53 A 54 54 A 55 55 a 56 56 A 57 57 A 58

Eldred Township

Gaskill Township

Clover Township

Perry Township

Punxsutawney Borough  76A 76B 77A 77B 78A 78B 79A 80A 80B  

Snyder Township

Young Township  81A 81B 82A 82B 83A 83B 84A 84B 85A 85B 86A 86B 87A 87B 88A 88B 89A 89B 90A 90B 91A 91B 92A 92B 93A 93B 94A 94B 95A 95B 96A 96B 97A  

Brookville Borough  139a 140 140a 141 141a 142 142a 143 143a 144 144a 145 145a 146 146a 147 147a 148

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