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NameDate of DeathCommentsLocation Code
LOUGHNER, Charles Russell2003-01-01LC-20
LOUGHNER, Chelse Elizabeth (Klingensmith) [Mrs. Henry Jacob]2010-12-18THOC-L-19
LOUGHNER, Cyrus1911-10-15THOC-L-15
LOUGHNER, Dennis L.1992-06-01THOC-L-4
LOUGHNER, Dolores J. "Dolly" (Baloh) [Mrs. Robert F.]2003-12-13THOC-L-3
LOUGHNER, Doris Eileen2002-08-16LC-18
LOUGHNER, Dorothy Jean (Neiman) [Mrs. Daniel W.]1998-01-28THOC-L-4
LOUGHNER, Dorothy M. "Mom" (Schade) [Mrs. Lawrence "Bud"]2003-03-23LC-29
LOUGHNER, Edwin R., Sr.1984-12-28THOC-L-17
LOUGHNER, Eileen G. (Amour) [Mrs. Delmus B. "Del"]2000-11-23JHOC-L
LOUGHNER, Eleanor Elizabeth (Kidd) [Mrs. Norman W.]1976-11-10LC-5
LOUGHNER, Elizabeth J. (Kifer) [Mrs. Charles E.]1985-11-07LC-1
LOUGHNER, Elizabeth N.1979-10-20LC-5
LOUGHNER, Elmer V.2008-07-25MFC-L-N-17
LOUGHNER, Eugene S.1992-08-31THOC-L-4
LOUGHNER, Florence E.1994-04-18THOC-L-4
LOUGHNER, Franklin D. "Pinky", Sr.2005-04-02THOC-L-5
LOUGHNER, Gaylord S.1994-01-16THOC-L-5
LOUGHNER, George1927-08-__News Article onlyTHOC-L-15
LOUGHNER, George F.1995-10-29LC-4
LOUGHNER, George L. "Barney"1986-05-03THOC-L-17
LOUGHNER, Gerald B.1998-11-24JHOC-L
LOUGHNER, Glenn L.2005-01-05THOC-L-6
LOUGHNER, Grace C. (Patterson) [Mrs. Robert S.]1978-09-02+Death NoticeTHOC-L-14
LOUGHNER, Grace I. (Frye) [Mrs. Elmer]1978-10-02THOC-L-17
LOUGHNER, Gretta V.1995-10-29THOC-L-5
LOUGHNER, Harold D.2002-02-26LC-21
LOUGHNER, Harry1981-03-13LC-4
LOUGHNER, Harry E.1981-03-29LC-1
LOUGHNER, Harry E., Jr.1989-09-12LC-1 & 9
LOUGHNER, Harry W.1981-03-13THOC-L-6
LOUGHNER, Harvey L. "Buck"1994-07-07THOC-L-7
LOUGHNER, Helen Smith [Mrs. Charles "Russ"]1996-10-12JHOC-L
LOUGHNER, Henry J., Jr.1979-09-27LC-2
LOUGHNER, Howard C. "Buzzy"1991-11-22THOC-L-7
LOUGHNER, James J.1981-06-30THOC-L-7
LOUGHNER, James Scott2008-08-02+PhotoMFC-L-N-17
LOUGHNER, James U.1998-09-30SWG-143
LOUGHNER, James W. "Jim"2008-05-08Date of Death from SSDITHOC-L-7
LOUGHNER, Jarred Michael1999-04-05JHOC-L
LOUGHNER, Jeffrey L.2003-03-02LC-20
LOUGHNER, John2001-06-13LC-24
LOUGHNER, John D., Sr.2007-11-15+PhotoMFC-L-N-13
LOUGHNER, John I.1983-02-25LC-2
LOUGHNER, John L.1984-08-24LC-2
LOUGHNER, John M.1990-05-11LC-3 & 24
LOUGHNER, Joseph Bryan1991-08-27+Funeral NoticeSWG-94
LOUGHNER, Joseph S.1996-01-22THOC-L-8
LOUGHNER, Judi C.1940-09-30Memorial Card OnlyGOC-15
LOUGHNER, Judi Clayton1987-11-07LC-13

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