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NameDate of DeathCommentsLocation Code
LYNCH, Clay Frick II1996-09-25JHOC-L
LYNCH, Evalyn E. (Breegle) [Mrs. Quinn B.]1992-06-10MFC-B-R-5A
LYNCH, Harold Dwight "Dyke"1997-02-02JHOC-L
LYNCH, Helen (Kamerer) [Mrs. Victor E.]1983-02-14HCO-77
LYNCH, Isabelle "Ish" Dom [Mrs. Charles McKenna, Jr.]2001-12-07JHOC-L
LYNCH, Jack1999-03-09JHOC-L
LYNCH, Ronald Hays1996-06-16JHOC-L
LYNCH, Ruth S. (Eisenhuth) [Mrs. Kenneth J.]1996-04-24JHOC-L
LYNCH, Vernon E.2002-01-13JHOC-L
LYNN, Barbara J. (Jordan) [Mrs. Merle E.]2006-03-28MFC-L-N-9A
LYNN, Barbara J. (Jordan) [Mrs. Merle E.]2006-03-28ROC-85
LYNN, Charles P.2002-01-02JHOC-L
LYNN, Edith Loretta1999-10-07JHOC-L
LYNN, George S. "Rip"1998-12-26JHOC-L
LYNN, Julia Kirschner [Mrs. Samuel]2000-04-26JHOC-L
LYNN, Martin Hope1988-02-15MFC-H-L-4A
LYNN, Merle E.2001-06-27JHOC-L
LYNN, Terry Lee1991-09-12+Death NoticeMFC-K-N-14
LYON, Alice S. (Steiner) [Mrs. Clifford K.]1993-07-31MFC-B-L-5
LYON, Mary Louise Y. (Young) [Mrs. James S.]2001-05-24JHOC-L
LYONS, Donald C. "Doc"2010-10-10BDNC-152
LYONS, Eleanor K. Albaugh [Mrs. John D.]1999-05-06JHOC-L
LYONS, Elizabeth (Ritenour) [Mrs. James I.]1950-05-27FF-48-6
LYONS, James Irvin1950-02-21FF-48-3
LYONS, Jesse "Buck", Jr.1999-01-08JHOC-L
LYONS, Patrick Sean2000-07-08JHOC-L
LYONS, Walter E.1983-08-11MFC-L-N-4A
LYSYK, Michael1968-04-13FF-62-15
LYTLE, Bertha May (Long) [Mrs. Samuel W.]1959-03-17FF-54-15
LYTLE, Clara W. (Wigfield)2006-12-31BDNC-76
LYTLE, David Carl1990-09-16+Death NoticeMFC-B-R-16A
LYTLE, Irene Marcin [Mrs. Charles E.]1998-11-06JHOC-L
LYTLE, Pearl "Gammy" (Simpson) [Mrs. Roy C.]1988-02-15+Death NoticeMFC-L-T-4
LYTLE, Phyllis M. Kelly [Mrs. Ralph L.]1999-06-11JHOC-L
LYTLE, Viola Margaret (Dunmire) [Mrs. Charles E.]1950-05-12FF-48-5
LYTLE, Wesley Robert1987-04-10MFC-L-T-3
LYTLE, William R.1952-11-21FF-48-13

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