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NameDate of DeathCommentsLocation Code
LOUGHNER, Katherine (Zewe) [Mrs. Thomas L.]1991-02-08LC-3
LOUGHNER, Kenneth R.1993-03-22LC-3
LOUGHNER, L. Mildred (Jobe) [Mrs. Charles Edward]2003-12-10THOC-L-8
LOUGHNER, Laura M. (Gongaware) [Mrs. Emory J.]1918-09-15VNP-16
LOUGHNER, Leona "Mamie" (Ziegler) [Mrs. Harry E., Sr.]1976-09-02Date of Death from SSDITHOC-L-9
LOUGHNER, Lillian (Fleming) [Mrs. Frank]1939-03-02THOC-L-18
LOUGHNER, Linda J. Earnest [Mrs. Terry J.]1997-10-11MFC-L-N-9A
LOUGHNER, Lodie M. (Kepple) [Mrs. Philip M.]2000-12-31JHOC-L
LOUGHNER, Lorraine (Evans) [Mrs. Gaylord S.]1987-07-26LC-10
LOUGHNER, Lottie L. (Bollinger) [Mrs. James J.]2000-03-05JHOC-L
LOUGHNER, Margaret Lewis [Mrs. Kenneth E.]1996-08-22JHOC-L
LOUGHNER, Margurite "Peg" Shopsky [Mrs. Harry W.]2000-01-06JHOC-L
LOUGHNER, Marie A. (Wolfe) [Mrs. Paul]1991-05-25THOC-L-17
LOUGHNER, Marjorie (Pringle) [Mrs. James]1991-12-29THOC-L-9
LOUGHNER, Martha A. (Eisaman) [Mrs. Charles E., Jr.]1999-11-30LC-10
LOUGHNER, Martha M.2005-05-26THOC-L-9
LOUGHNER, Marvin L.2007-09-25MFC-L-N-13
LOUGHNER, Mary A. (Jackson) [Mrs. Harry E., Jr.]1991-03-07THOC-L-10
LOUGHNER, Mary Ann (Suchora) [Mrs. Alvin, Sr.]2001-11-20JHOC-L
LOUGHNER, Maude J. (Fennell) [Mrs. John M.]1993-05-29THOC-L-10
LOUGHNER, Myrtle E. (Packey) [Mrs. Charles J.]1989-03-25LC-26
LOUGHNER, Olga M. (Hubis) [Mrs. Thomas L.]2003-01-03LC-20 & 25
LOUGHNER, Orrie M.2002-08-07LC-18
LOUGHNER, Paul C.2005-06-02THOC-L-10
LOUGHNER, Paul T.2003-04-15+PhotoLC-19
LOUGHNER, Philip M.1983-10-28THOC-L-10
LOUGHNER, Ralph E. "Brownie"1996-03-27THOC-L-10
LOUGHNER, Richard H.2002-05-21LC-8 & 12
LOUGHNER, Richard J.1997-12-06THOC-L-11
LOUGHNER, Robert E.1998-12-18THOC-L-11
LOUGHNER, Robert W.1987-12-15THOC-L-17
LOUGHNER, Ruth A. (Raymaley) [Mrs. Henry S.]1992-01-11THOC-L-11
LOUGHNER, Ruth N. (Drylie) [Mrs. A. Grant]2007-09-13MFC-L-N-12
LOUGHNER, Sarah Mae (Laughner) [Mrs. Joseph]1995-06-06LC-6
LOUGHNER, Sharon Margie (Bush) [Mrs. Douglas G.]1996-09-03JHOC-L
LOUGHNER, Shirley J. (Kemerer) [Mrs. Harvey L. "Buck"]2009-01-21+PhotoMFC-L-N-20
LOUGHNER, Terry J.2002-08-01LC-18
LOUGHNER, Thomas Leonard1985-09-07LC-6
LOUGHNER, Thomas U.1990-08-11+Death NoticeMFC-L-N-8A
LOUGHNER, Viola (Richey)1993-03-06THOC-L-12
LOUGHNER, Violet A. (Gongaware) [Mrs. Earl ]1997-05-08JHOC-L
LOUGHNER, Vivian E. (Frye)1999-02-26LC-6
LOUGHNER, Wayne G. "Jo Jo"1989-02-17THOC-L-12
LOUGHNER, William1990-03-10LC-7
LOUGHNER, William D.1994-06-07THOC-L-12
LOUGHNER, William J.1992-03-08THOC-L-13
LOUGHNER, William S.1979-06-19LC-7
LOUGHNER, William S.1981-01-05LC-7
LOUGHRAN, George Edward2009-09-18+PhotoMFC-L-R-9
LOUGHRAN, Mary C. "Mitzi" (Farrell) [Mrs. G. Edward]2001-12-12+PhotoJHOC-L

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