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 dot.gif (898 bytes)  The Westmoreland County Genealogy Project has been on-line since September of 1996.   We have made great strides in providing general research information for the county.  We would like to now build on the success of the county page by endeavoring to place information on-line as it would relate to a  specific locality within the county. The Westmoreland County Genealogy Project would like to offer the opportunity for volunteers to assist with the responsibility of hosting a township, borough or village website.

dot.gif (898 bytes)  If you would be interested in hosting one of the Townships, Boroughs or Villages, please send an e-mail message to me.

  The specific information that we would like to "file" by locality would be:

  • Cemetery transcripts for the township or town
  • Census Records for a township
  • Church Records
  • Family Histories for the locality
  • General historical information for that locality
  • School Records

 dot.gif (898 bytes)  Requirements for the website are as follows:

  • Website will be hosted as a subpage of the Westmoreland County Genealogy Project website.   The webmaster of the Westmoreland County Genealogy Project website will post the changes as required by the volunteer host.  The locality host is free to create links to external websites that would contain appropriate information for the specific locality.  This requirement is subject to negotiation.
  • Website design must be complimentary to the currently design of the Westmoreland County Genealogy Project.
  • All information posted except that which is specifically copyrighted by the volunteer host will become a part of and remain with the Westmoreland County Genealogy Project.

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