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The Westmoreland County Genealogy Project is hosted by Nathan Zipfel.  

Please remember that we are just fellow researchers and cannot help you do your research for you.  We might be able to point you in the right direction, but please don't ask us to do your research for you.  The best place to post a question for help in locating an ancestor is on our Query Board.   In addition to the several hundred webpages here, you'll find over 16,000 pages of data on the Westmoreland County DataBoards that you'll want to explore.  Unfortunately due to spammers attempting to post to the DataBoards you'll have to register for a free profile in order to post your Query or Data.  You do not need to register to simply search the DataBoards.  If you aren't currently registered, you can do so by Clicking Here.

A special thanks to the previous host of Westmoreland County - Patricia Smith who was the host from the beginning of the project in 1996 through 1997.

To volunteer to help out, donate information, report broken links or other problems with the website, please contact me at:

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