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1860 Census of Elk County, PA


There are 152 separate pages of this census which you may view by page number if you wish.

A special thank you to Marry Ellen Smith for allowing us to post this transcription.

Benezette Township

790 791 792 793 794 795

Benzinger Township

796 797 798 799 800 801 802 803 804 805 806 807 808 809 810 811 812 813 814 815 816 817 818 819 820 821 822 823 824 825 826 827  

Fox Township

Highland Township

Horton Township

Jay Township

Jones Township

Millstone Township

Ridgway Township

Spring Creek Township


  828 829 830 831 832 833 834 835 836 837 838 839 840 841 842 843 844 845 846 847 848 849 850 851 852 853 854 855 856 857 858 859 860 861 862 863 864 865 866 867 868 869 870 871 872 873 874 875 876 877 878 879 880 881 882 883 884 885 886 887 888 889 890 891 892 893 894 895 896 897 898 899 901 902 903 904 905 906 907 908 909 910 911 912 913 914 915 916 917 918 919 920 921 922 923 924 925 926 927 928 929 930 931 932 933 934 935 936 937 938 939 940 941 942


"Cum,mings", John
Ab**, Barbara
Abolema, Maggie
Ackerman, P***ia
Alden, Andrew D.
Alden, Edwin
Alden, Eva A.
Alden, Frank
Alden, Lilly L.
Alden, Mary Jane
Alden, Sarah E.
Aldrich, A. T.
Aldrich, Ernest O.
Aldrich, Jessie
Aldrich, Sarah Ann
Alger, Wm.
Allis, Ann C.
Allis, Cath
Allis, Erhard
Allis, Geo
Allis, John
Allis, John
Allis, Margaret
Allis, Mary
Allis, Mary
Allis, Nicholas
Allis, Philomena
Allis, Regina
Allwell, Peter
Alt, John
Amend, B.
Amend, Jacob
Amend, John
Amend, Louis
Amend, Margaret
And**s, Christina
And**s, Christina
And**s, John
And**s, John
And**s, Lawrence
And*as, Ann
And*as, Lorenz
And*as, Mary
And*as, Mary
And*as, Peter
And*as, Thomas
Andrews, Caroline
Andrews, J. D.
Andrews, John
Andrews, Wilhelmina
Andrews, Wm. A.
Ansinger, Eliz.
Ansinger, Frank
Ansinger, Geo.
Ansinger, Jacob
Ansinger, Jos.
Ansinger, M.
Ansinger, Markus
Ansinger, Matthias
Antoni, Ann
Antoni, B.
Armer, David
Armer, Henry
Armer, John
Armer, Lucy
Armer, Samantha
Arn**, John
Arnold, Dan *.
Arnold, James
Arnold, Mary
Artz, John P.
Attleberger, Dan
Attleberger, Jacob P.
Attleberger, Mary
Attleberger, Plummer V. B.
Auman, Anthony
Auman, Barbara
Auman, Barbara
Auman, Cath
Auman, Cath
Auman, Geo.
Auman, Mary
Auman, Matthias
Auman, Michael
Auman, Wolfgang
Auman, Wolfgang
Austen, Jane
Austen, Jane
Austen, John
Aviscott, Matilda
Aviscott, R. A.
B*******, Romana
B****y, Eugene
B****y, N. G.
B***zart, Ellen
B***zart, John
B***zart, Margaret
B***zart, Mary
B***zart, Peter
B**h***, Benedicta
B*eack*, Chas.
B*ikis, Fred
B*ikis, Sarah
B*ikis, W. H.
B*py, Reuben
Ba*hust, Clara Ann
Ba*hust, Eliza Jane
Ba*hust, Hiram H.
Ba*hust, John
Ba*hust, Montgomery
Ba*hust, Sarah
Ba*hust, Sarah M.
Ba*hust, Solomon
Ba*hust, Wm. B.
Ba*ker, Clara Ann
Babcock, Jos
Bach, Simon
Bachman, John
Bachman, John
Bacon, Amanda
Bacon, Anna A.
Bacon, Annie G.
Bacon, Charles E.
Bacon, Elizah
Bacon, Harriet E.
Bacon, Sam E.
Bad***ca, Andrew
Bad***ca, Jacob
Bad***ca, Jos.
Bad***ca, Marietta
Bad***ca, Michael
Bad***ca, Theresa
Bailey, H. M.
Bailey, Jessima
Bailey, William M.
Baker, John
Baker, M. V.
Baker, Mary
Baker, Matthias
Baker, Michael
Baldwin, Chas.
Baldwin, Greely
Baldwin, J. M.
Baniff, Bernard
Baniff, Thos.
Bar*te**, Andrew
Barber, Amos
Barber, Ann E.
Barber, John
Barber, Wm. D.
Bard, Barbara
Bard, Chilly
Bard, John
Bard, John Jr.
Barker, Annie
Barker, Benj.
Barker, Elizabeth J.
Barker, Emma J.
Barker, Gillette J.
Barker, John A.
Barker, Jos. C.
Barker, Martha
Barker, Mary E.
Barker, Wm.
Barkley, Alice
Barkley, Chas.
Barkley, Eliza
Barkley, Kath
Barkley, Thurston E.
Barnes, Carolina
Barnes, Christian
Barnes, Eliz
Barnes, Gregory
Barnes, Helena
Barnes, Thos.
Barr, "Eleanor S,"
Barr, Alice
Barr, Alissia
Barr, Allen
Barr, ALonzo L.
Barr, Anthony
Barr, Arabella J.
Barr, Chas.
Barr, Climi*in
Barr, Cornelia R.
Barr, Daniel
Barr, Darius
Barr, Eliz.
Barr, Eliza Ann
Barr, Eliza Ann
Barr, Eliza Ann
Barr, Elizabeth J.
Barr, Elpha E.
Barr, Elzah
Barr, Florence E.
Barr, Harriet A.
Barr, Jacob
Barr, James
Barr, James A.
Barr, James F.
Barr, John
Barr, Jos. McD.
Barr, Margaret
Barr, Margaret
Barr, Margaret
Barr, Marshal L.
Barr, Martha A.
Barr, Mary S. A.
Barr, Mayann *.
Barr, Nancy
Barr, Oliver
Barr, Ransom
Barr, Ruth J.
Barr, Sallie
Barr, Sarah
Barr, Saul
Barr, W. W.
Barr, Wm.
Barrett, Anna M.
Barrett, Curtis
Barrett, Enoch
Barrett, Jane
Barrett, Laura
Barrett, P. W.
Barton, Abigail
Bateman, Eliz.
Bateman, James
Bateman, James
Bateman, John
Bateman, John
Bateman, Levi
Bateman, Luc***
Bateman, Nancy
Bateman, Nancy B.
Batt**, John
Bauer, Ann
Bauer, Ann
Bauer, Ann
Bauer, Ann Eliz
Bauer, Anton
Bauer, Barbara
Bauer, Cath
Bauer, Cath
Bauer, Cath
Bauer, Cath
Bauer, Chas
Bauer, Eliz
Bauer, Eliz
Bauer, Frank
Bauer, Geo
Bauer, Geo.
Bauer, Geo.
Bauer, John
Bauer, John
Bauer, John
Bauer, John
Bauer, Jos
Bauer, Leonard
Bauer, Margaret
Bauer, Margaret
Bauer, Margaret
Bauer, Mary
Bauer, Mary
Bauer, Michael
Bauer, Peter
Bauer, Rosine
Bauer, Teckla
Bauer, Teresa
Bauer, Theresa
Bauer, Ursula
Bauer, Ursula
Bauer, Wolfgang
Baum, Cath
Baum, Eliz
Baum, John
Baum, Leonard
Baum, Michael
Baum, Paulus
Baum, Theresa
Baum, Theresa
Baumer, Eliz.
Baumer, Mary
Baumer, Michael
Baumgart, Cath
Baumgart, Evelina
Baumgart, Francelle
Baumgart, Joseph
Baumgart, Margaret
Baumgart, Peter
Baumgart, Theresa
Baumgart, Theresa
Baumgartner, Cath
Baumgartner, Christiana
Baumgartner, Francis
Baumgartner, Jos
Baumgartner, Jos. H*****
Baumgartner, Julia
Baumgartner, Louisa
Baumgartner, Magdalena
Baumgartner, Mary Ann
Be**k*, Catharine
Be**k*, Jos
Be**k*, Josephine
Be**k*, Margaret
Beckwith, Ellen
Beckwith, Ira
Beckwith, Joel
Beidler, Jacob
Bell, Ann
Bell, Ann
Bell, Cath
Bell, John
Bell, Margaret J.
Bell, Mary
Bell, Richard
Bell, Robt
Bell, Wm.
Bell, Wm. Jos.
Belle***ger, Casper
Belle***ger, John
Belle***ger, Mary
Belle***ger, Mary
Belle***ger, Sebastian
Bendel, Barbara
Bendel, Cath
Bendel, John
Bendel, Jos
Bendel, Magdalena
Bendel, Margaret
Benedict, A. D.
Benedict, Edith
Benett, James
Beninger, Alonzo
Beninger, Clarissa
Beninger, David
Beninger, Jane
Beninger, Mary J.
Beninger, Nancy
Beninger, William
Bennigan, Anton
Bennigan, Caroline
Bennigan, Caroline
Bennigan, Mary
Bent, Louis
Berfield, Margaret
Berfield, Wm.
Bergan, Alice
Bergan, Michael
Bergan, Wm.
Bergen, Ellen
Bergtold, H.
Bergtold, Thomas`
Beri, Barbara
Beri, Benedict
Beri, Magdalena
Beri, Otella
Bertsch, John
Bertsch, John J.
Bertsch, Lucerne
Bertsch, Michael C.
Bertsch, Theresa
Bes*, Barbara
Beyer, Andrew
Beyer, Andrew
Beyer, Clarrissa
Bi***, Anson
Bi***, Anton
Bi***, Elihu
Bi***, Frank O.
Bi***, Geo
Bi***, John
Bi***, Mary *.
Bi***, Teresa
Bibisber***, Ann
Bibisber***, Casper
Bibisber***, Cath
Bibisber***, Jos.
Bibisber***, Matthias
Bieburger, Anton
Bieburger, Geo
Bieburger, H.
Bieburger, Haverius
Bieburger, Mary
Billings, "Chester C,"
Billings, Cath
Billings, Edwin
Billings, Eli
Billings, Geo.
Billings, Lovina
Billings, Mary
Billings, Silas
Bin***, Barbara
Bin***, Sebastian
Binney, Amelia
Birk, Anna
Birk, John
Birk, Margaretta
Birk, Matthias
Birney, Barbara
Birney, Cath
Birney, Geo
Birney, Lorenz
Bisk, Fred
Bl****, Lambert
Bl**sil, Barbara
Bl**sil, Christoph
Bl**sil, Geo
Bl**sil, John
Bl**sil, Jos
Bl**sil, Jos.
Black, Albert
Black, John
Blackman, Eli
Blackman, Emily
Blackman, Emma
Blackman, Geo.
Blackman, J. S.
Blackman, Matilda
Blair, Alex
Blair, James
Blair, Wm.
Blakely, Beatrice
Blank, Alloys
Blank, Rosina
Blank, Sebastian
Bliss, Adelia
Bliss, Adesta D.
Bliss, Allen
Bliss, Cath M.
Bliss, Nelson
Bliss, Richard
Bliss, Sallie
Bliss, Thos
Bliss, Warren
Blossom, Benj.
Blossom, Nancy
Bly, Charity
Bly, Josephine
Bly, Mary
Bly, Phebe R.
Bly, Sarah J.
Bly, Wm. A.
Bly, Wm. G.
Blyke, M.
Bo**io, Angela
Bo**io, John
Bodine, Henrietta G.
Bonham, Cath L.
Bonham, Delilah
Bonham, Franklin B.
Bonham, Harriet
Bonham, John S.
Bonham, Laura
Bonham, Mary
Bonnet, Barbara
Bonnet, Cath
Bonnet, Eliz
Bonnet, Francis
Bonnet, John
Bonnet, Louisa
Bonnet, Ticola
Bost, Adam
Bostund, Rosa
Bowen, Ed S.
Bowen, Sallie
Bowen, Wm. H.
Bowlin, Pat
Boye*s, Cath
Boye*s, John
Boyer, Americus
Boyer, Cammilla E.
Boyer, Chris
Boyer, Jas. D.
Boyer, Wm. H.
Boyle, Cath
Boyle, Cath
Boyle, Ed M.
Boyle, Ella V.
Boyle, Harlow A.
Boyle, Harriet R.
Boyle, J. A.
Boyle, James
Boyle, John
Boyle, John R.
Boyle, Olin M.
Boyle, Sam L.
Boyle, Sarah
Boyle, Sarah O.
Boyne, Bridget
Boyne, Kate
Boyne, Wm.
Br****l, Geo
Br****l, John
Br****l, John
Br****l, Mary
Br****l, Simon
Br****l, Ursula
Br*undel, Eliz.
Br*vo, John
Bradford, Harriet
Bradford, Harriet
Bradford, Hellen C.
Bradford, Mary L.
Bradford, Noah J.
Bradford, Wm. Ed
Braniff, Eliz.
Braniff, Peter
Brehm, Albert
Brehm, Andreas
Brehm, Ann M.
Brehm, John
Brennan, Harriet
Brennan, Kesiah J.
Brichter, Ann
Briggs, Mrs.
Brigham, S.
Britton, Rachel
Brockbank, Francis A.
Brockbank, Isabella
Brockbank, John
Brockbank, Li*as
Brockbank, Margaret
Brockbank, Mary
Brockbank, Susana
Brockbank, Thos.
Brockbank, Wm.
Brockerhoff, Mary
Brockway, Alson
Brockway, Babe
Brockway, Cath
Brockway, Cath.
Brockway, Channey
Brockway, D. A.
Brockway, Emily
Brockway, Esther
Brockway, F. C.
Brockway, Gilbert
Brockway, Louisa
Brockway, Margaret
Brockway, N. M.
Brockway, Trena
Brockway, V. L.
Brockway, Wakefield
Brockway, Wilhelmina
Brockway, Wilmer
Brockway, Winfield
Bromley, Ellen
Bromley, Joana
Bromley, John
Bromley, Laura
Bromley, Mary
Bromley, Melinda
Bromley, Wm.
Bronson, H.
Bronza*t, Jos.
Bronza*t, Mary
Brookins, Chas. E.
Brookins, Elijah
Brookins, Geo. V.
Brookins, James
Brookins, Lois J.
Brookins, Lucy
Brookins, Mary
Brookins, Olive F.
Brookins, Silas
Brooks, A. S.
Brooks, Cyrus B. M.
Brooks, Delphina
Brooks, Ellen
Brooks, F. A. M. E.
Brooks, John
Brooks, John J. N.
Brooks, John W.
Brooks, K***ina M.
Brooks, Linnia V.
Brooks, Lovina
Brooks, M***tta O.
Brooks, M. A. S.
Brooks, M. J. B.
Brooks, M. N.
Brooks, Martha
Brooks, Martha J.
Brooks, Mary A. V.
Brooks, P. T.
Brooks, Prudence A.
Brooks, Sarah E.
Brooks, Victor A.
Brooks, Wash
Brooks, Wm. M.
Brown, Adella
Brown, Alice
Brown, Amanda H.
Brown, Andrew J.
Brown, Arthur
Brown, Arthur
Brown, Bridget
Brown, Cath.
Brown, Charles
Brown, Eliz
Brown, Eliz.
Brown, Eliz.
Brown, Ellen
Brown, Ellis
Brown, Eunice
Brown, Frank
Brown, Geo.
Brown, Geo.
Brown, Harriet
Brown, Harvey
Brown, Isaac
Brown, Isaac
Brown, J. L.
Brown, J. W.
Brown, James
Brown, James M.
Brown, Joana
Brown, Joel
Brown, John
Brown, John C.
Brown, Leora M.
Brown, Martha
Brown, Mary
Brown, Mary
Brown, Mary
Brown, Mary
Brown, Melissa
Brown, Michael
Brown, Olive
Brown, Pat
Brown, Patrick
Brown, R. W.
Brown, Reuben C.
Brown, Samuel
Brown, Terence
Brown, Thomas
Brown, Thos.
Brown, Wallace W.
Brown, Wm.
Brundidge, Wm.
Bruner, John
Bruner, Jos.
Bruner, Mary *.
Brunis, Caroline
Brunis, Cath
Brunis, Geo
Brunis, Michael
Brunis, Susan
Brunning, Cath
Brunning, Clara
Brunning, Henry
Brunning, Mary
Bryne, John
Buchert, Aloysius
Buchert, Barbara
Buchert, Cath
Buchert, Eliz
Buchert, Geo
Buchert, H.
Buchert, Haverius
Buchert, John
Buchert, Jos
Buchert, Josephine
Buchert, Mary
Buchert, Peter
Buchert, Rose
Buchert, Xaverius
Buchtte, Andreas
Buchtte, Ann
Buchtte, Ann
Buchtte, Anna
Buchtte, Barbara
Buchtte, Barbara
Buchtte, Coneguida
Buchtte, Geo
Buchtte, Geo
Buchtte, John
Buchtte, Jos
Buchtte, M.
Buchtte, Michael
Buchtte, Mike
Bundy, A. S.
Burchfield, Alice M.
Burchfield, C. P.
Burchfield, Clara C.
Burchfield, Elmer C.
Burchfield, Fred B.
Burchfield, Hubert C.
Burchfield, Thos.
Burchfield, Wm. F.
Burkhart, Allois
Burkhart, Barbara
Burlingame, Adeline
Burlingame, Albert
Burlingame, Ambrosia
Burlingame, E.
Burlingame, Eliza
Burlingame, Henry
Burlingame, J***
Burlingame, Mabel
Burlingame, Mary
Burlingame, Sarah
Burns, Amanda A.
Burns, Chas.
Burns, Ed Chas
Burns, Eliz.
Burns, Ida R.
Burns, John C.
Burns, Louisa
Burns, Mary
Burns, Sarah
Burroughs, A. W. R.
Burroughs, Chas.
Burroughs, Clarence
Burroughs, Cornelia
Burroughs, Ellen
Burroughs, Enest J.
Burroughs, Geo. L.
Burroughs, Huldah
Burroughs, Jas T.
Burroughs, Jesse
Burroughs, Jesse D.
Burroughs, John F.
Burroughs, Luke
Burroughs, Miranda
Burroughs, Olive J.
Burroughs, Salonia
Burroughs, Silas E.
Burst, Sarah
Burst, Wm.
Bush, Andrew
Bush, Ferdinand
Bush, John
Bush, John F.
Bush, Mary
Bush, Mary
Bush, Michael
Bush, Theodore
Buskirk, Abigail
Buskirk, Ann
Buskirk, Chas.
Buskirk, Chas.
Buskirk, Elizabeth
Buskirk, Gaylord
Buskirk, Jacob
Buskirk, Jos.
Butterworth, F.
Butterworth, Martha
Butterworth, Wm. F.
Byerly, Kostka
Cahoo, John
Cahoo, Mary
Cahoo, Pat
Calahan, Alice
Calahan, Cath
Calahan, Cath
Calahan, Cath
Calahan, Dan
Calahan, Elizabeth
Calahan, Ellen
Calahan, Ellen
Calahan, J**
Calahan, James
Calahan, Jeremiah
Calahan, John
Calahan, Margaret
Calahan, Margaret
Calahan, Martha A.
Calahan, Mary
Calahan, Mary Ann
Calahan, Michael
Calahan, Patrick
Calahan, Thos.
Calahan, William
Calahan, Wm.
Calahan, Wm. Jr.
Callaghan, Edward
Callaghan, John La*gy
Callaghan, M.
Callaghan, Mary
Callaghan, Nancy
Callaghan, Nancy
Callaghan, Susan
Callahan, Dan
Callahan, Eliz.
Callahan, Joan*
Calmy***, Jos.
Cambell, John
Cambell, Martha
Cambell, Orlando
Campbell, Alexander
Campbell, Geo.
Campbell, James
Campbell, James W.
Campbell, John
Campbell, June
Campbell, Margaret
Campbell, Mary
Campbell, Mary
Campbell, Michael
Campbell, Nancy
Campbell, Phebe
Campbell, Rebecca
Campbell, Robert J.
Campbell, Thos.
Campbell, Thos.
Campbell, Tom
Campbell, William
Campbell, Wm. H.
Canavan, Barney
Canavan, Dan
Canavan, Eliza
Canavan, Ellen
Canavan, Mary
Carlyle, Enoch
Carman, Eliz
Carman, Flora
Carman, Hiram
Carman, Lucy
Carpenter, A. S.
Carson, Eliza
Carter, Tim
Cassidy, Bonifacia
Cassidy, James
Cassiidy, Ann
Cassiidy, Cath Ann
Cassiidy, Francis
Cassiidy, Francis
Cassiidy, Jos.
Cassiidy, Mary
Cassiidy, Peter
Chadwick, Susan
Chamberlain, Charles
Chamberlain, Jos. L.
Chamberlain, Sarah
Chapin, Alton
Chapin, Barrett F.
Chapin, J. C.
Chapin, Statia
Chapman, Jessie
Chase, Adam
Chase, Charles
Chase, Chas
Chase, David
Chase, Jane
Chase, Lorane*
Chase, Milton
Cheatte, Cath
Cheatte, Duello
Cheatte, Ed
Cheatte, Jos.
Cheatte, Richard
Cheatte, Wm.
Christ, Leo
Christopher, Eagidius
Clark, Ann
Clark, Cordelia
Clark, Gideon
Clark, Hiram
Clark, J. W.
Clark, James
Clark, Julian
Clark, Mary S.
Clark, Oliver G.
Clay, Fletcher
Clayton, Robert
Clinton, Arthur
Clinton, Chauncy
Clinton, Edward
Clinton, Emily
Clinton, Harriet
Clinton, Harriet
Clinton, Josephine
Clinton, Russ
Clinton, Sarah I.
Clokey, Cath
Clokey, Ellen
Clokey, Margaret
Clokey, Michael
Clokey, R.
Clokey, Wm.
Clovar, Martin
Clyde, Ann E.
Clyde, Geo. W.
Clyde, H. W.
Clyde, Ida A.
Clyde, Mary
Clyde, Thos W.
Coates, Albert B.
Coates, Alice
Coates, Cath
Coates, Clara E.
Coates, Ellen E.
Coates, Mary J.
Coates, R. H.
Cobb, Adeline *.
Cobb, Elsie
Cobb, Isaiah
Cobb, John
Cobb, Melissa
Cobb, Nancy
Cobb, Roland
Cobb, T. B.
Cobb, Wm.
Cole, A.
Cole, James
Coleman, Artimisa
Coleman, C. M.
Coleman, Charles
Coleman, Charlotte
Coleman, E. S.
Coleman, Harriet
Coleman, Hugh
Coleman, Isaac
Coleman, John
Coleman, Louisa
Coleman, Mary
Coleman, Sarah
Coleman, Sophia
Collins, Arthur
Collins, Byron
Collins, Edgar
Collins, Mary
Collins, Reuben
Colwell, Sam
Combs, Enoch
Combs, Inez
Combs, Nancy E.
Comley, Ben
Conin, Garret
Conner, Ann E.
Conner, Cath
Conner, Geo. W.
Conner, Julia
Conner, Mary
Conner, Michael
Conner, Parthenia
Conner, Peter
Conner, Thos
Conrad, Absalom
Conrad, Alanson
Conrad, Francis Wm.
Conrad, Louisa
Constine, Geo. W.
Conway, Cath
Conway, Daniel
Conway, Eliz.
Conway, Ellen
Conway, Enoch
Conway, Mary
Conway, Thos.
Conway, Thos.
Cook, Dan D.
Cook, John
Cook, John
Cook, Margaret
Corb, Adeline
Corb, Agnes
Corb, Eliza
Corb, Eliza
Corb, Jacob
Corb, Jos
Corb, Magdalena
Corb, Margaret
Corb, Mary
Corbe, Cath
Corbe, Dan
Corbe, Jos
Cordis, Eliz.
Cordis, Francis
Cork, Laura
Corkin, James
Corkin, James
Corkin, Maggie
Corkin, Mrs.
Corrall, Geo.
Corrigan, Patrick
Cosgrove, Cath
Cosgrove, Mary
Cox, David
Cox, John
Cox, John
Cox, Thos
Coyne, Ann
Coyne, Eugene
Coyne, James
Coyne, James Jr.
Coyne, John T.
Coyne, Michael P.
Cozzins, Addy
Cozzins, Andrew
Cozzins, Felicia
Cozzins, Hanibal
Cozzins, Mahala
Cozzins, Mary
Cozzins, Valencia
Cr*den, Cath
Cr*den, Margaret
Cr*den, Mary
Cr*den, Mary Ann
Cr*den, Pat
Crandall, Eugene E.
Crandall, Inez
Crandall, Isabel
Crandall, Malona
Crater, Bridget
Crater, John
Crater, John
Crater, Mary
Crater, Thos.
Crawford, Wm.
Crippen, Allen
Crispin, Harry
Croft, Ella
Croft, Mary
Croft, Robt
Croft, Robt
Cross, Andrew
Cross, Andrew
Cross, Barbara
Cross, Cath
Cross, Eliz
Cross, Eva
Cross, Eve
Cross, Jos.
Cross, Mary
Cross, Theresa
Crow, Harriet
Crow, Harriet L.
Crow, Hetty
Crow, John T.
Crow, Mary Jane
Crow, Polly
Crow, Sarah Jane
Crow, Thompson
Crow, Wm.
Crum, Chas. W.
Crum, Martin L.
Crum, Mary E.
Crum, Richard
Crum, Sarah J.
Cullen, Richard
Cullins, Thos.
Cummings, Chas.
Cummings, Martin
Cummings, Mary
Cummings, Nat
Cummings, Rebecca
Cummings, Ruth
Cummings, Thos.
Cuneo, Anthony
Cuneo, Carolne
Cuneo, Constantine
Cuneo, Eliza
Cuneo, J. B.
Cuneo, John
Cuneo, John
Cuneo, John B.
Cuneo, Jos.
Cuneo, Magdalene
Cuneo, Mario
Cuneo, Mary Ann
Cuneo, Rachel
Cuneo, Rosana
Cunningham, Alex
Cunningham, Elizabeth
Cunningham, James
Cunningham, Mary
Cunningham, Mary J.
Cunningham, Nancy
Cunningham, Pat
Curtis, John
Cypherly, Ann
Cypherly, Anthony
Cypherly, Jos.
Cypherly, Jos.
Cypherly, Julia
Cypherly, Mary
Cypherly, Theresa
Cypherly, Theresa

D***, Ed
D***, Edwin
D**ham, Ed
Da**son, Sylvester
Dahan, Pat
Daniel, Ann
Daniel, David
Daniel, Gwen
Daniel, Jane
Daniel, Theodore
Daniel, Wm.
Daniels, J. M.
Darragh, John
Daugherty, Jane
Daugherty, Joana
Daugherty, Joana
Daugherty, John
Daugherty, Kate
Daugherty, Margaret
Daugherty, Mary
Daugherty, Mike
David, Apolonia
David, John
Davidson, Alice A.
Davidson, Almina
Davidson, Jackson
Deav****, Thos.
Deckert, Barbara
Deckert, Cath
Deckert, Geo
Deckert, M.
Deckert, Otto
Degrout, E.
Deht, Ann
Deht, Cath
Deht, Cath
Deht, John
Deht, John G.
Deht, Jos
Deht, Margaret
Deht, Margaret
Deitz, Katie
Delong, Jos.
Denison, Child
Denison, Chloe
Denison, Chloe
Denison, Elinissa
Denison, Eunice
Denison, Everett
Denison, Henry
Denison, James
Denison, Mary Jane
Denison, Phebe
Denison, Starr
Denison, Starr
Denison, Vinc
Dent, *i*ana
Dent, Andrew
Dent, Andrew
Dent, Camilla
Dent, Chas.
Dent, Child
Dent, Child
Dent, Eliz.
Dent, Elizabeth
Dent, Emeline
Dent, Francis
Dent, Hiram
Dent, Isaiah
Dent, James
Dent, John
Dent, Josiah
Dent, Juliana
Dent, Lydia
Dent, Mary
Dent, Mary A.
Dent, Miles
Dent, Nancy
Dent, Thomas
Dent, Wm.
Dent, Wm.
Derby, Edward
Derby, Wm.
Dering, Chas.
Dering, E. G.
Dering, Emily
Dering, Joseph
Dering, Marftha
Dering, Roland
Derr, Amelia
Derr, Ellen *.
Derr, Eve
Derr, Hannah M.
Derr, Henry D.
Derr, John F.
Derr, Willis
Derr, Wm.
Derr, Wm. R.
Desmond, Ellen
Desmond, John H.
Desmond, Mary
Desmond, Mary Ann
Desmond, Michael
Dewalt, Caroline
Dewalt, Coneguida
Dewalt, Mary
Dewalt, Nicholas
Dewalt, Peter
Dickinson, Ezra P.
Dickinson, Geo
Dickinson, Geo. F.
Dickinson, S. C.
Dickinson, Willie
Dietrich, Walburga
Dietz, Ann Mary
Dietz, Chas
Dietz, Geo
Dietz, John
Dietz, Jos
Dietz, Lorenz
Dilke, Jacob
Dilke, Mary
Dill, Agnes
Dill, Agnes
Dill, Ann
Dill, Barbara
Dill, Barbara
Dill, Benezett
Dill, Bernhard
Dill, Caleb
Dill, Chris
Dill, Christophe
Dill, Christopher
Dill, Coneg**da
Dill, Electa
Dill, Eliz.
Dill, Eliz.
Dill, Eliz. J.
Dill, Eliza
Dill, Geo.
Dill, Geo.
Dill, J. F.
Dill, John H.
Dill, Jos
Dill, Jos.
Dill, Josephine
Dill, Leonard
Dill, Margaret
Dill, Mary
Dill, Mary
Dill, Mary
Dill, Mellissa
Dill, Michael
Dill, Michael
Dill, Norman
Dill, Warren
Dillon, David
Dillon, Ellen
Dillon, Peggy
Dingman, Henrietta
Dingman, Robert
Dingman, Thos.
Dipolt, Andrew
Dipolt, Barbara
Dipolt, Fred
Dipolt, John
Dipolt, Margaret
Dipolt, Martin
Distter, Andreas
Distter, Andrias
Distter, Barbara
Distter, Coneguida
Distter, John
Distter, John
Distter, Jos
Distter, Margaret
Distter, Valentine
Ditsch, Ignatz
Ditsch, John
Ditsch, Jos
Ditsch, Jos
Ditsch, Mary
Ditsch, Mary
Ditsch, Teresa
Ditsch, Wolfgang
Dolphan, John
Domer, Ann
Domer, Anna
Domer, Jos.
Donahoo, Ellen
Donahoo, Francis
Donahoo, John
Donahoo, Thos.
Donavan, Ann E.
Donavan, James
Donavan, Kate
Donnelly, James
Donnelly, James
Donnelly, John
Donnelly, Margaret
Donnelly, Margaret
Donnelly, Mary J.
Donnelly, Sarah
Donovan, Barney
Donovan, Dennis
Donovan, Dennis
Donovan, Ellen
Donovan, Kate
Donovan, Mary
Donovan, Michael
Donovan, Morris
Donovan, Nelly
Donovan, Nora
Donovan, Pat
Donovan, Timothy
Dornish, John
Dornish, M.
Dornish, Margaret
Doubles, Fred
Dougherty, Dan
Dougherty, Ed B.
Dougherty, F. B.
Dougherty, Mary
Dougherty, Mary E.
Dougherty, Wm. P.
Douglas, A. O.
Dowlinger, Cath
Dowlinger, Cath
Dowlinger, Cath
Dowlinger, George
Dowlinger, Jacob
Dowlinger, John
Dowlinger, John
Dowlinger, John
Dowlinger, Jos.
Dowlinger, Mary
Dowlinger, Matth
Dowlinger, Theresa
Dowlinger, Thomas
Dowlinger, Thomas
Dowlings, Jacob
Dowlings, Mary
Doyle, Richard
Driscoll, Cornelius
Driscoll, Eliza
Driscoll, Joana
Driscoll, John
Driscoll, Kate
Driscoll, Mary
Driscoll, Michael
Dubois, David
Duffy, Anthony
Duffy, Cath
Duffy, Mary
Duffy, Mary
Duffy, Owen
Duffy, Pat
Duffy, Patrick
Duffy, Thos.
Dunlop, Juliet
Dunlop, Moses
Dunman, Andrew
Dunman, Coneginida
Dunman, Conegunda
Dunman, Frascisca
Dunman, Geo
Dunman, Geo
Dunman, John
Dunman, Mary
Dunmire, Henry
Dunn, Etta
Dunn, Lewis L.
Dunn, Maria
Dunn, Sallie M.
Dunn, Wash
Dunn**, Clarence
Dunne, James
E**, Augustus
E**, Cath.
E**, Cath.
E**, Jos.
E**, Julian
E**, Martin
E**, Mary E.
Eagan, Bridget
Eagan, Cath
Eagan, Dennis
Eagan, Ellen
Eagan, John
Earl, Hannah
Earl, Harvey
Earl, Ianthe
Earl, Jasper
Earl, Josiah
Earl, Marshal
Earl, Richard
Earl, Simeon
Earley, C. R.
Earley, Charles B.
Earley, Eliz.
Earley, Marshall J.
Earley, Martha J.
Easton, Aurilla H.
Easton, Clarinda
Easton, M***cy H.
Easton, Sarah
Easton, Willie M. E.
Easton, Wm.
Ebermens, Francis
Ebermens, Louisa
Ebermens, Mary
Ebermens, Peter
Ebermens, Theodore
Ebert, Barbara
Ebert, Magdalena
Ebert, Magdalena
Ebert, Mary
Ebert, Paul
Ebert, Teresa
Eckart, Barbara
Eckart, Coneguida
Eckart, Eliz
Eckart, John
Eckart, John
Eckart, Jos
Eckart, Joseph
Eckart, Margaret
Eckel, Ann
Eckel, Ann
Eckel, Anna
Eckel, B.
Eckel, Barbara
Eckel, Bernard
Eckel, Eliz.
Eckel, Francis
Eckel, John
Eckel, Jos
Eckel, Jos
Eckel, Jos.
Eckel, Margaret
Eckel, Nicholas
Eckel, Theresa
Eggleston, Clark
Eggleston, Dennis
Eggleston, Harriet
Eggleston, Hiram
Eggleston, Jane
Eggleston, Melissa
Eggleston, Nancy
Eggleston, Olive
Eggleston, So**** M.
Eggleston, Wm.
Ehmert, Barbara
Ehmert, Barbara
Ehmert, Casper
Ehmert, Casper
Ehmert, Cath
Ehmert, Eliz
Ehmert, Eve
Ehmert, Geo
Ehmert, John
Ehmert, Jos
Ehmert, M.
Ehmert, Martin
Ehmert, Michael
Eike, Henry
Eikel, Jos.
Eikel, Magdalena
Eikel, Nieh
Eisgniber, Jos
Eisgniber, Jos
Eisgniber, Mary
Eisgniber, Mary
Elder, Jane
Elders, Jacob
Elders, John
Elders, Lydia Ann
Elders, Thos. J.
Ellathorpe, Albert
Ellathorpe, Henry O.
Ellathorpe, Levi
Ellathorpe, Mary E.
Ellathorpe, Nami*h
Ellis, Barbara
Ellis, Cath
Ellis, John
Ellis, Sebastian
Ellis, Simon Peter
Ely, B. F.
Ely, Frank C.
Ely, Helen
Ely, Louis
Ely, Mary E.
Emigh, Eliz
Emigh, Emily J.
Emigh, Esther
Emigh, Francis
Emigh, Geo
Emigh, Geo.
Emigh, Haverius
Emigh, Jos
Emigh, Margaret
Emigh, Mary E.
Emigh, Willard
Emmett, Alice
Emmett, Hannah
Emmett, Isaac
Emmett, Isabel
Emmett, John
Emmett, Jos.
Emmett, Margaret
Emmett, Mary
Emmett, Wellington
Emmett, Wm.
Eng, F. K.
Eng, Margaret
Eng, Susan
English, Abner
English, Cookson
English, David
English, Ephraim
English, G***ius
English, Geo
English, Geo.
English, Jacob
English, Jane
English, John
English, John
English, John
English, Levi
English, Louis
English, Nancy
English, Ruhama
English, Sylvester
English, Wm. A.
Ernst, Andrew
Ernst, Eliz
Ernst, Geo.
Ernst, Geo. Jr.
Ernst, John
Ernst, Jos
Ernst, Jos.
Ernst, Jos.
Ernst, Mary
Ernst, Mary
Ernst, Mary
Ernst, Mary
Ernst, Peter
Ernst, Simon
Ernst, Theresa
Ernst, Thomas
Ernst, Thos
Etherington, Ella
Etherington, Jos.
Etherington, Lewellyn
Etherington, Nancy
Evans, Alfred
Evans, Alice
Evans, Caroline
Evans, Eliz.
Evans, Elizabeth
Evans, Gertrude M.
Evans, Huldah
Evans, Ida
Evans, Lorenzo
Evans, Martin B.
Evans, W. H.
Evans, Wm. B.
Ewis, Ann
Ewis, Anthony
Ewis, Eliz.
Ewis, Havier
Ewis, Mary

Fa***, Michael
Fagan, Agnes
Fahner, Cath
Fahner, Ellen
Fahner, Emma
Fahner, F.
Fahner, William
Falis, Horace
Faran, Mr.
Farley, Jos.
Farley, Minehard
Farley, Phillip
Farley, Sarah
Farley, Wm.
Faust, Cath
Faust, Geo.
Fay, Ann
Fay, Jacob
Fay, Julia
Fay, Michael
Fay, Peter
Fay, Peter
Feld***, Kasper
Feldbaum, Jos.
Feldbaum, Jos.
Feldbaum, Michael
Feldbaum, Rosana
Felt, Alanson
Felt, Ira
Felt, O. C.
Fenton, Nelson
Field, Francesca
Field, John
Field, Jos
Field, Jos
Field, Josephine
Field, Martin
Field, Mary
Field, Mary Ann
Field, Mary Ann
Filhart, Conrad
Filhart, Henry
Filhart, Margaret
Filhart, Wilulm
Finigan, Dennis
Fish, Sophronia
Fisher, Barbara
Fisher, Charles
Fisher, Chas.
Fisher, Eliz.
Fisher, Francis
Fisher, John
Fisher, Mary
Fisher, Phillip
Fisher, Sophia
Fisher, William
Fitt**sh, Ambrose
Fitt**sh, David
Fitt**sh, Selena
Fitt**sh, Thos.
Flederman, A.
Flederman, Ann
Flederman, August
Flederman, Bernard
Flederman, Eliz
Flederman, Henry
Flederman, Josephine
Flederman, M.
Flederman, Mary
Flederman, Mary
Fleischman, A.
Fleischman, Eliz
Fletcher, Ed
Fletcher, Robert
Fletcher, Thos
Fletcher, Wm.
Fochtman, Adolph
Fochtman, Anton
Fochtman, Caroline
Fochtman, Clara
Fochtman, Clara
Fochtman, Emma
Fochtman, Henry
Fochtman, John
Fochtman, Lawrence
Fochtman, Mary
Foley, Morris
Fomba**, Anna
Fomba**, Frank
Fomba**, Louis
Fomba**, Mary
Fomba**, Troat
Fomba**, Wilhelmina
Fopiano, Gasper*
Fopiano, John
Fopiano, Jos.
Fopiano, Louis
Fopiano, Mary
Forster, Cath
Forster, Cath
Forster, Geo.
Forster, Jos.
Forster, Mary
Foster, John
Fox, Amos
Fox, Ann
Fox, Chas
Fox, Emeline
Fox, Geo M.
Fox, Geo M.
Fox, Gussie
Fox, Jane
Fox, John A.
Fox, Mary L.
Fox, Perry
Fox, Sarah
Fox, Stephen A.
Fox, Theodore
Fox, William
Fr**ndel, Anton
Fr**ndel, Barbara
Fr**ndel, Christoph
Fr**ndel, John
Fr**ndel, John
Fr**ndel, Mary
Fr**ndel, Mathias
Frank, Eliz
Frank, Frank
Frank, Geo
Frank, John
Frank, Jos
Frank, Margaret
Frank, Theresa
Franklin, Agatha
Franklin, Lizzie
Freeland, "Rebecca C,"
Freeland, Levi M.
Freeland, Margaret
Freeland, Oliver
Freeland, Wm. O.
Freidel, Cath
Freidel, Coneguida
Freidel, Coneguida
Freidel, Conrad
Freidel, Eliz
Freidel, John
Freidel, John
Freidel, Jos
French, Horace
French, Louisa
French, M. T.
French, Thos.
Frey, Frank
Frey, Henry
Frey, Margaret
Frey, Mary Ann
Frey, Michael
Frith, Isabella
Fritz, Barbara
Fritz, Geo
Fritz, John
Fritz, Jos
Fritz, Martin
Fritz, Mary
Fritz, Wilhelmina
Fritz, Wilhelmina
Frost, Andrew
Frost, Mary E.
Frost, Mary E.
Frost, Wm.
Frus, Cath
Frus, Franz
Frus, Jos
Frus, Jos
Fry, Casper
Fry, Eliz.
Fry, Flora
Fry, Frank
Fry, Henry
Fry, John
Fry, Mary
Fuller, Adeline
Fuller, Axelona
Fuller, C. H.
Fuller, Ed P.
Fuller, Hannah
Fuller, Warren
Fulton, Eliza Ann
Fulton, James
Fulton, Margaret
Fulton, Mary Jane
Fulton, Villetta
Fulton, Wm. A.
Funfinger, Alexius
Funfinger, Barbara
Funfinger, Jos
Funfinger, Jos. E.
Funfinger, Josephine
Funfinger, M.
Funfinger, Michael
Funk, Coneguida
Funk, Conrad
Funk, Conrad
Funk, Eliz
Funk, Eliz
Funk, Geo
Funk, John
Funk, John
Funk, Margaret
Funk, Mary
Furlong, Thos.
G***chio, John
G***chio, Joseph
G***chio, Josephine
G***chio, Mary
G***chio, Michael
Gahn, Loring
Gahn, Margaret
Gahn, Susan
Gal*j***, Bridget
Gal*j***, Dennis
Gal*j***, Mary
Gallagher, W. H.
Gansman, Harat
Gansman, Henry
Gansman, Herman
Gansman, Mary
Gansman, Mary
Gansman, Wm.
Gardner, A*ad
Gardner, Alanson
Gardner, Bradford
Gardner, Byron
Gardner, Chas.
Gardner, Chas. R.
Gardner, Cyrus
Gardner, Eliza
Gardner, Hannah
Gardner, Harriet
Gardner, James
Gardner, Jane
Gardner, Jane
Gardner, Jas.
Gardner, Leander
Gardner, Loretta
Gardner, Martha
Gardner, Mary
Gardner, Mary
Gardner, Melvin
Gardner, Myron
Gardner, Nancy
Gardner, Nelson
Gardner, Nelson
Gardner, Oliver
Gardner, Phebe
Gardner, Polly
Gardner, Rudolphus
Gardner, S. R.
Gardner, Samuel
Gardner, Sarah Ann
Gardner, Thos.
Garn, Barbara
Garn, Cath
Garn, Erhard
Garn, Geo
Garn, John
Garn, Margaret
Garn, Mary Ann
Garnes, Charles
Garnes, Eliz.
Garnes, Geo
Garnes, Geo.
Garnes, Ignatius
Garnes, Juliana
Garnes, Louis
Garnes, Magdalena
Garnes, Mary Ann
George, Clara M.
George, David
George, Elizabeth
George, Emma
George, Louisa
George, Mary E.
George, Mayan*
George, N.
Geotz, Barbara
Geotz, Eliza
Geotz, Francis
Geotz, Francis
Geotz, John
Geotz, John
Geotz, Leonard
German, Albert
Gibbons, Eddie
Gibbons, James
Gibbons, James
Gibbons, Joana
Gibbons, Nicholas
Gibbs, Sam
Gibbs, Wm.
Gibson, Ann M.
Gibson, Cyris R.
Gibson, Ian ***llay
Gibson, James
Gibson, Wm.
Gilas, C. B.
Gilas, Claud
Gilas, Emma
Giles, Allen
Giles, David
Giles, Harrison
Giles, Mary
Giles, Palmer
Giles, Synthia
Gilfoy, Thos
Gill, Ellen
Given, James A.
Given, Susan
Given, Susan
Given, Thos. P.
Givens, Thos. S.
Glass, Andreas
Glass, Matthias
Glass, Walburga
Glatt, Andocio
Glatt, Apolonia
Glatt, Francis
Glatt, Mary
Glatt, Mary
Glatt, Michael
Glatt, Valentine
Glaub, John
Glaub, Margaret
Gleason, Wm
Gleixiur, Barbara
Gleixiur, John
Gleixiur, Peter
Gleixiur, Peter
Glenn, Jane
Glenn, Mary
Glover, C**o
Glover, Charm*k
Glover, Henrietta
Glover, J. Henry
Glover, Julia
Glover, Mary
Goetz, Aloysius
Goetz, Ann
Goetz, Barbara
Goetz, Helena
Goetz, Henry
Goetz, Henry
Goetz, John
Goetz, John
Goetz, John
Goetz, Jos
Goetz, Mary
Goetz, Robert
Goetz, Sebastian
Goetz, Sophia
Goff, A. M.
Goff, Algernon
Goodrich, Henry
Goodwin, Geo. W.
Goodwin, Louisa M.
Goodwin, Mary
Goodwin, Thos A.
Goodwin, Thos. *.
Gordan, Eliz.
Gordan, John
Gordan, John W.
Gordan, Jon.
Gordan, Lillie Ann
Gordan, Lucy
Graham, Emiline
Graham, Florence
Graham, Harvey
Graham, James
Graham, James E.
Graham, Lucrfetiia
Graham, Mary A.
Graham, Russel
Graham, Sylvester
Grant, *****na
Grant, Wm. H.
Grant, Wm. R.
Gray, Nicholas
Green, Charles
Green, Eliza
Green, Henry
Green, James
Green, John
Green, John
Green, Jos. R.
Green, Mary
Greg, Ann
Greg, Ann
Greg, Antony
Greg, Barbara
Greg, Francis
Greg, M.
Greg, Mathias
Greg, Odelia
Greg, Rosalie
Gregory, Barbara
Gregory, Clara
Gregory, Francis
Gregory, Geo
Gregory, Geo
Gregory, John
Gregory, Philomina
Gregory, Sophia
Gregory, Theresa
Grier, Geo. E.
Griffin, Anthony
Griffin, Bridget
Griffin, Cath
Griffin, Ellen
Griffin, Frank
Griffin, James
Griffin, Jane
Griffin, Mich
Griffin, Michael
Griffin, Pat
Gro*g**, Hannah
Gro*g**, John W.
Gro*g**, Jos.
Gro*g**, Thos. L.
Groll, Ann
Groll, Cath
Groll, Cath
Groll, Eliz
Groll, Fred
Groll, John
Groll, John
Groll, John
Gross, Alvira
Gross, Barbara
Gross, Cath
Gross, Cath
Gross, Charles
Gross, Charles
Gross, Eleanor M.
Gross, Eliz
Gross, Ellen
Gross, Francis H.
Gross, Henry
Gross, Henry
Gross, Henry
Gross, James
Gross, Jane E.
Gross, John
Gross, Jos
Gross, Lucretia
Gross, Margaret
Gross, Mary
Gross, Matilda
Gross, Rachel
Gross, Reuben
Gross, Thomas
Gross, Wilhelm
Gross, William
Groves, Placida
Grubb, Ann Mary
Grubb, John
Grubb, M.
Gruber, Caroline
Gruber, Chas
Gruber, Haverius
Gruber, Henry
Gruber, John
Gruber, Jos
Gruber, Jos
Gruber, Margaret
Gruber, Margaret
Gruber, Mary P.
Gryer, Adam
Gryer, B.
Gryer, Cath
Gryer, Cath
Gryer, Eliz
Gryer, Francis
Gryer, John
Gryer, Jos
Gryer, Peter
Gus, Eliz
Gus, John
Gus, Lewis
Gus**hoff, Aloysius
Gus**hoff, Cath
Gus**hoff, John
Gus**hoff, John A.
Gus**hoff, Louisa
Guthrie, John
Gutner, Eiz.
Gutner, Eliz
Gutner, John
Gutner, John
Gutner, John B.
Gutner, Margaret
Gutnur, Geo
H*nn***, Philomena A. M.
Haberberger, C.
Haberberger, Geo
Haberberger, John
Haberberger, Jos
Haberberger, Margaret
Haberberger, Margaretta
Haberbush, Havier
Haberbush, Josephine
Haberbush, Mary
Haberbush, Paulina
Haberbush, Rosa
Hachert, Ann
Hachert, Elizabeth
Hachert, John
Hachert, Jos
Hachert, M.
Hachert, Mary
Hack, Mary
Hack, Michael
Hagan, Amanda
Hagan, Fanny
Hagan, Isaac
Hagan, Isaac
Hagan, John
Hagan, Margaret
Hagan, Mary
Hagan, Michael
Hagan, William
Hahn, Apolonia
Hahn, Barbara
Hahn, Cath
Hahn, John
Hahn, Jos.
Hahn, Margaret
Hahn, Morwitz
Hahn, Ophelia
Hahn, Sebastian
Hahuhausen, A.
Hahuhausen, Jos
Hahuhausen, Louis
Hahuhausen, Mary
Hahuhausen, Mary Eve
Haines, Isabel
Haines, Jacob
Haines, Kesiah A.
Haines, Mary
Haines, Mary F.
Haines, Sarah C.
Haines, Wilber L.
Hall, R**sa***er
Hall, Wm. N.
Hallabach, Cath.
Hallabach, Christina
Hallabach, Daniel
Hallabach, David
Hallabach, Eliza Jane
Hallabach, John
Hallabach, John
Hallabach, Lazarus
Hallabach, Margaret
Hallabach, Mary M.
Hallabach, Peter
Hallabach, Rachel
Hanan, Cath
Hanan, Cath
Hanan, Ellen
Hanan, John
Hanan, John
Hanan, Mary
Hanan, Peter
Hancock, Benj.
Hancock, Elias
Hancock, J. T.
Hancock, James
Hancock, James R.
Hancock, Joel
Hancock, Margaret Ann
Hancock, Sarah
Handel, John
Handel, Julia
Handel, Michael
Handel, Philomena
Handel, Ursula
Handel, Walburga
Haneley, J.
Hanrahan, Mary
Hans, Cath
Hans, Michael
Hans, Wm
Happy, Lewis
Harley, Cath
Harm, J. A.
Harnit*, Andrus
Harnit*, Eve
Harnit*, Flora
Harps, Simon
Hart, Bernard
Hart, Randall
Hart**, John
Hart**, Margaret
Hart**, Simon
Hartigan, Cath
Hartigan, John
Hartigan, Mary Ann
Hartigan, Timothy
Hartman, Charlotte
Hartman, Jacob
Hartman, Martha M.
Hartman, Mary V.
Hasselman, Cascence
Hasselman, Cath
Hasselman, Cath
Hasselman, Eliz
Hasselman, Geo
Hasselman, Geo
Hasselman, Mary
Hassen, An****
Hassen, Caroline
Hassen, Eliz
Hassen, Francis
Hassen, Francis
Hassen, Francis
Hassen, John
Hassen, Jos
Hassen, Louisa
Hassen, Ludwig
Hassen, Mary
Hatten, Ed
Hatten, Isaac
Hatten, Jas. W.
Hatten, Sarah
Hatten, Wm. A.
Hawkenberry, J.
Hawkenberry, John
Hawkenberry, Mary C.
Hawkenberry, Mary Jane
Hawkenberry, Philip C.
Hays, Albert
Hays, Almina
Hays, Amanda
Hays, Ann
Hays, Cath
Hays, Charles
Hays, E. G.
Hays, Enos
Hays, Horace
Hays, Isaac
Hays, James
Hays, John
Hays, John
Hays, John
Hays, John J.
Hays, Jos. Sr.
Hays, Joseph
Hays, Leolin O.
Hays, Margaret
Hays, Mary
Hays, Mary
Hays, Mary
Hays, Matt
Hays, P. W.
Hays, Perry
Hays, Rosana
Hays, Sarah E.
Hays, Senas E.
Hays, Stephen
Hays, Susan
Hays, Susannah
Hays, William
Head, A. H.
Head, Addie
Head, Adeline M.
Head, Hary
Healy, Dill
Healy, Martha
Healy, W. C.
Henry, Ann
Henry, Barney
Henry, James
Henry, Magdalena
Henry, Stephan
Herbstrett, Ch*s
Herbstretter, Chas
Herbstretter, Chas
Herbstretter, Eliz
Herbstretter, Jacob
Herbstretter, Margaret
Herbstretter, Margaretta
Herbstretter, Martin
Herbstretter, Peter
Herbstretter, Wendall
Herbstrit, Josephine
Herington, Aaron
Herington, Benj. F.
Herington, Bruce
Herington, Eliza Ann
Herington, Mary E.
Hesperlin, Eliz
Hesperlin, Francis J.
Hesperlin, John
Hesperlin, Louis
Hesperlin, Mary Eve
Hesperlin, V.
Hesperlin, Wilhelmina
Hess, Chas.
Hess, Geo.
Hess, Jacob
Hess, John
Hess, Mary
Hess, Phebe Ann
Hess, Rebecca
Hess, Wm.
Hettrick, Wm.
Hewitt, Alvira
Hewitt, Armina C.
Hewitt, Artemisa A.
Hewitt, Aurelia
Hewitt, Dan
Hewitt, Eliz
Hewitt, Ephriam
Hewitt, F. E.
Hewitt, Gideon
Hewitt, Hannah W.
Hewitt, Hez
Hewitt, Hiram
Hewitt, Irene
Hewitt, Jne
Hewitt, John C.
Hewitt, Luana
Hewitt, Maria
Hewitt, Samantha E.
Hewitt, Thos. W.
Hewitt, Wm.
Hewitt, Wm.
Hewlett, Eliza
Hewlett, Hiram
Hewlett, William
Hewlett, Wm.
Hickey, Eliza
Hickey, Eugene
Hickey, James
Hickey, Mary
Hickey, Owen
Hicks, Adam
Hicks, Deborah
Hicks, Eliza E.
Hicks, Elizabeth
Hicks, Ellen
Hicks, Emory
Hicks, Helen E.
Hicks, John
Hicks, John C.
Hicks, Levi
Hicks, Mary Jane
Hicks, Olive
Hicks, Reese
Hicks, Robt.
Hill, Elizabeth
Hill, John
Hill, Mary Eve
Hill, Nicholas
Hillock, Robert
Hin**, Mary
Hin*b***, Jos.
Hisa***, Carl
Hisa***, L**
Hisa***, Theresa
Hissley, John
Hobdell, Mary
Hock, Mary
Hock, Matthias
Hock, Michael
Hoff, John
Hoff, John
Hoff, Margaret
Hoff, Martin
Hoff, Mary
Hoff, Mike
Hoff, Patrick
Hoffman, Anna
Hoffman, Anton
Hoffman, Antony
Hoffman, B**ek
Hoffman, Barbara
Hoffman, Barbara
Hoffman, Barbara
Hoffman, Cath
Hoffman, Cath
Hoffman, Catharine
Hoffman, Eliz
Hoffman, Eliz
Hoffman, Eliz
Hoffman, Eliz
Hoffman, Eliz
Hoffman, Eliza
Hoffman, Geo
Hoffman, Geo
Hoffman, Henry
Hoffman, Henry
Hoffman, Henry
Hoffman, Jas
Hoffman, John
Hoffman, John
Hoffman, John
Hoffman, John
Hoffman, John
Hoffman, Jos
Hoffman, Juliana
Hoffman, L.
Hoffman, Louisa
Hoffman, Magdalena
Hoffman, Mary
Hoffman, Mary
Hoffman, Mary
Hoffman, Sebastian
Hoffman, Sophia
Hoffman, Thos.
Hoffman, Valentine
Holland, Alice
Holland, Andrew
Holland, Betsy
Holland, Bridget
Holland, Ellen
Holland, Evangeline
Holland, Margaret
Holland, Mary E.
Holland, Sarah A.
Holland, Thos.
Hollemyer, Jos.
Hollemyer, Rosana
Hollemyer, Rosana
Hollinger, Cath
Hollinger, Wa*tet
Hollingsworth, I.
Hollis, James
Hollock, Ed
Holobach, Dan
Homley, Cath
Homley, Henry
Homley, John
Homley, Reuben
Horning, Almira M.
Horning, Florence A.
Horning, James
Horning, James E.
Horning, John
Horning, John B.
Horning, Leora
Horning, Louisa
Horning, M. W.
Horning, Martha J.
Horning, Polly
Horning, Sarah
Horning, Wm. South
Horton, Almira
Horton, Alvira C.
Horton, Chas.
Horton, Child
Horton, Emma
Horton, Hellen
Horton, Isaac
Horton, Isaac Jr.
Horton, Loren
Horton, Lucy
Horton, Maria
Horton, Matilda L.
Horton, Milton
Horton, Sarah
Horton, Willie
Horton, Wm. F.
Hosack, Anton
Hosack, Clement
Hosack, Dominick
Hosack, Mary
Hosack, Vincent
Houck, Caroline
Houck, Jac V.
Houck, Jas. L. G.
Houghtailing, Esther A.
Houghtailing, Jos.
Houghtait, Mary
Houghtait, Peter
Hovenberg, Engl***
Hovenberg, Francis
Hovenberg, Fred
Hovenberg, Henry
Hovenberg, Henry
Howe, Andrew
Howe, Andrew
Howe, John
Howe, Walburga
Hoyle, Katie
Hoyt, Francis M.
Hoyt, J. M.
Hoyt, Mary
Hoyt, Willie R.
Hu*berger, Cath
Hu*berger, Jos.
Hu*berger, Theresa
Hughes, Eliz. J.
Hughes, John
Hughes, John A.
Hughes, Jos. J.
Hughes, Mary E.
Hullen, Eliz.
Hullen, Geo. A.
Hullen, Maria E.
Huller, David
Huller, Elam
Huller, Emaline
Huller, Geo.
Hummel, Cath
Hummel, Francis
Hummel, J**
Hummel, Mary
Hummel, Paulus
Hummell, Andrew
Hummell, Ann
Hummell, Francis
Hummell, Jos.
Hummell, Josoephine
Hummell, Mary
Hummell, nn
Humphreys, Jas..
Hungerford, Ruth
Hunter, June
Husnicker, Barbara
Husnicker, John
Husnicker, Jos.
Husnicker, Kath
Husnicker, Magdalena
Husnicker, Mary
Hutgott**, Melchoir
Huttgott**, Adolp
Huttgott**, Ann C.
Huttgott**, Eliz
Huttgott**, Gertrude
Huttgott**, Henry
Huttgott**, Mary Ann
Huycks, Zacheus
Hyatt, Charles *.
Hyatt, Dan D.
Hyatt, Eddy
Hyatt, Eliz. M.
Hyatt, Ellis W.
Hyatt, Eugene
Hyatt, John N.
Hyatt, Nathaniel
Hyatt, OIrpha
Hyatt, Phebe S.
Hyatt, Rachel
Hyde, Eliza A.
Hyde, Esther
Hyde, J. S.
Hyde, Jane
Hyde, Kate
Hyde, Wm
Hyte, Otis
Iddings, Amanda
Iddings, Clementine L.
Iddings, Edwin
Iddings, Eliz.
Iddings, Esther June
Iddings, James
Iddings, James Sr.
Iddings, Jane
Iddings, Jane B.
Iddings, John S.
Iddings, Lewis
Iddings, Lewis
Iddings, Mary Jane
Iddings, Matilda
Iddings, Millard F.
Iddings, Ruben
Iddings, Sarah E.
Iddings, Susan
Iddings, Wm.
Inga**be*, Asa
Irwin, Arenath
Irwin, Arthur W.
Irwin, David
Irwin, Geo. W.
Irwin, James
Irwin, James M.
Irwin, John R.
Irwin, Mary
Irwin, Mary A.
Irwin, Silas
Irwin, Thos.
Irwin, W. A.
Itt**, Geo.
Jackson, Andrew
Jackson, Chas.
Jackson, Davis
Jackson, Emily
Jackson, Jas.
Jackson, Thos.
Jackson, Wm.
Jacob, Cath
Jacob, Elizabeth
Jacob, John
Jacob, Jos.
Jacob, Joseph
Jacob, Simon
Jisbirgir, Barbara
Jisbirgir, Barbara
Jisbirgir, Cath
Jisbirgir, Cath
Jisbirgir, John
Jisbirgir, John
Jisbirgir, John A.
Jisbirgir, Mary
Jisbirgir, Theresa
Johnson, A**n*th
Johnson, Alilce
Johnson, Alyissa
Johnson, Amanda
Johnson, Babe
Johnson, Benj.
Johnson, Calvin
Johnson, Chester A.
Johnson, Coleman
Johnson, David
Johnson, Edith
Johnson, Electa Ann
Johnson, Emerson E.
Johnson, Emily
Johnson, Geo.
Johnson, Geo. A.
Johnson, Hannah
Johnson, Hannah
Johnson, Hannah
Johnson, Henrietta
Johnson, Jacob
Johnson, James
Johnson, James A.
Johnson, Jesse
Johnson, John
Johnson, John C.
Johnson, John C.
Johnson, John L.
Johnson, Jonathan B.
Johnson, Jos.
Johnson, Julia
Johnson, Louisa
Johnson, Luzima
Johnson, Lydia B.
Johnson, M.D.
Johnson, Margaret
Johnson, Margaret
Johnson, Martha
Johnson, Merissa A.
Johnson, Newton W.
Johnson, Osborn
Johnson, Rachel
Johnson, Ralph
Johnson, Ralph
Johnson, Sallie
Johnson, Sarah
Johnson, Sarah
Johnson, Sarah
Johnson, Sarah J.
Johnson, Simpson
Johnson, Theo
Johnson, Wallace H.
Johnson, Wm.
Johnson, Wm.
Jolly, John
Jolly, Thos.
Jones, Byron
Jones, Julius
Jones, Polly
Jones, Sam
Jones, Wm.
Jones, Wm.
Jordan, Alice I. L.
Jordan, Cath
Jordan, Eliza Jane
Jordan, Elizabeth
Jordan, Francis E.
Jordan, Jac M.
Jordan, James
Jordan, James A.
Jordan, John S.
Jordan, Mary
Jordan, Mary C.
Jordan, Mary Emma
Jordan, Melissa
Jordan, Nancy
Jordan, Nelson
Jordan, Peter
Jordan, Sally
Jordan, Sam D.
Jordan, Sarah
Jordan, Susan
Jordan, T.
Jordan, Wm.
Jordan, Wm. E.
Jordan, Wm. R.
Justus, Garrison
K***iss, W. N.
K**zli, Ann
K**zli, Ann
K**zli, Cath
K**zli, John
K**zli, John
K**zli, Mary
K**zli, Wolfgang
K*ah**ly, M.
Kalnus, Gregory
Kane, Bridget
Kane, Cath
Kane, Dennis
Kane, Elisha
Kane, Eliza
Kane, Elizabeth D.
Kane, Harriet
Kane, Jane
Kane, John
Kane, Margaret
Kane, Phillip
Kane, Thos L.
Karl, Andrus
Karl, Cath
Karl, Cath
Karl, Coneguida
Karl, Coneguida
Karl, John
Karl, John
Karl, Jos
Karl, Mary
Karns, Eliza
Karns, Henry
Karns, Henry J.
Kates, Wm.
Kaufman, Amos
Keck, Anto*ny
Keck, Jos
Keck, Jos.
Keck, Kath
Keely, James
Keely, Marty
Keely, Mary
Keely, Mary
Keely, Michael
Kel*o*, Babe
Kel*o*, Eliz.
Kel*o*, Ellen.
Kel*o*, Emma
Kel*o*, Geo.
Kel*o*, Lydia
Kel*o*, Mary
Kellar, Alvin
Kellar, Benedicta
Kellar, Francis
Kellar, Frank
Kellar, Isabel
Kellar, John
Kellar, John
Kellar, Mary
Keller, Apolonia
Keller, Cath
Keller, Dan
Keller, Eliz. M.
Keller, Francis
Keller, Francis J.
Keller, Geo.
Keller, Jeff
Keller, John
Keller, John A.
Keller, Louis
Keller, Mary
Keller, Mary
Keller, Wm.
Kellum, Ellen
Kemer, Geo
Kemer, Jos. Chas
Kemer, Mary
Kemer, Michael
Kemer, Robert
Kemer, Theresa
Kemer, Theresa
Kemmerer, Adam
Kemmerer, Adam
Kemmerer, Cath
Kemmerer, Mary
Kemmerer, Patrick
Kemmerer, Peter
Kennedy, Henry
Kennedy, Wilson
Ketts, Ardessa
Ketts, O. P.
Ketts, Orion C.
Ketts, Otis G.
Keys, Wm.
Keyser, Benedict
Keyser, Cyrock
Keyser, Ignatius
Keyser, Jos.
Keyser, Michael
Keyser, Rosine
Keyser, Theresa
Kiefer, Amanda
Kiefer, Chas. F.
Kiefer, Emma J.
Kiefer, Isaac
Kiefer, Louisa E.
Kiefer, Martha
Killgore, Cyrus
Kilts, Annie S.
Kilts, John R.
Kilts, Ophelia
Kimer, Anna B.
Kimer, Chas
Kimer, John
Kimer, Jos
Kimer, Jos
Kimer, Mary
Kimer, Mary
Kimer, Mary C.
Kimer, Theresa
Kimer, Theresa
Kimer, Thos
Kimer, Thos
Kimm, Cath
Kimm, John C..
Kimm, Matth. B.
Kimmin*, Cath
Kimmin*, John
Kimmin*, Peter
Kimmin*, Peter
King, Emiline
King, James
King, Michael
King, Solomon
Kinvan, James
Kirm**ly, Wm.
Kitner, John
Klaxner, Andreas
Klaxner, Cath
Klaxner, Eliz
Klaxner, Jos
Klaxner, Mary
Klaxner, Otello
Klaxner, Theresa
Kline, Cornelius
Kline, Henry W.
Kline, Mary
Klisoth, Andrew
Klisoth, Henry
Klisoth, John
Klisoth, Madeline
Klisoth, Madeline
Knecht, Katharine
Knecht, Rosine
Knecht, Wm.
Koch, Gertrude
Koch, Herman
Kohler, Eliz
Kohler, Haveir
Kohler, Havier
Kohler, Margaret
Kohler, Peter
Kohlhopp, Hildegarde
Kold***, Hyacinth
Kopp, Adam
Kopp, Barbara
Kopp, Paulus
Kraft, Amelia
Kraft, Barbara
Kraft, Jos
Kraft, Jos.
Kraft, Rose
Kraft, Sebastian
Kraikel, Ambrose
Kraikel, Carl
Kraikel, Cath
Kraikel, Cath
Kraikel, Christ
Kraikel, Conegesuela
Kraikel, Eliz
Kraikel, Eliz
Kraikel, Geo
Kraikel, John
Kraikel, John
Kraikel, John
Kraikel, Magdalena
Kraikel, Margaret
Kraikel, Margaret
Kraikel, Mary
Kraikel, Phillip
Kraikel, Phillip
Kratzinger, Cath
Kratzinger, Conrad
Kratzinger, Ignatius
Kratzinger, Ignatius
Kratzinger, Jos
Kratzinger, Margaret
Kratzinger, Margaret
Kraukin, David
Kraukin, Henry
Kraukin, Mary
Kraus, John
Krauss, Adam
Krauss, Cath
Krauss, Cath
Krauss, Geo.
Krauss, Henry
Krauss, John
Krauss, Lizzie
Krauss, Margaret
Krauss, Mary
Krauss, Mary Ann
Krauss, Sabrina
Krauss, William
Kreig, Anton
Kreig, Frank
Kreig, Geo
Kreig, Geo. J.
Kreig, Helena
Kreig, Jacob
Kreig, John
Kreig, John
Kreig, John
Kreig, Jos
Kreig, Jos
Kreig, Magdalena
Kreig, Margaret
Kreig, Mary
Kreig, Mary
Kreig, Mary
Kreig, Michael
Kreig, Regina
Kreig, Walburga
Kreis, John
Kreis, Margaret
Kries, Annie
Kries, Anthony
Kries, Caroline J.
Kries, Cecilia
Kries, David
Kries, John
Kries, Mary L.
Kries, Rebecca
Kries, Sarah
Kriggan, Cath
Kronenwetter, Geo.
Kronenwetter, Jos.
Kronenwetter, Jos.
Kronenwetter, Victoria
Kronnenwetter, Chas
Kronnenwetter, Eliz M.
Kronnenwetter, Francesca
Kronnenwetter, Francis
Kronnenwetter, John
Kronnenwetter, M.
Kronnenwetter, Nicholas
Krug, Caroline
Krug, John
Krug, Nicholas
Kufer, Fred
Kufer, Joshua
Kufer, Louisa J.
Kugler, Barbara
Kugler, Barbara
Kugler, Cath
Kugler, Coneguida
Kugler, Crescentia
Kugler, Francisca
Kugler, Geo
Kugler, Geo
Kugler, John
Kugler, John
Kugler, Jos
Kugler, Magdalena
Kugler, Margaret
Kugler, Matthias
Kugler, Thekla
Kuhn, Eliz.
Kuhns, Hannah M.
Kund**, Michael
Kund**, Theresa
Kund**, Wendelin
Kunhs, David
Kunhs, Mary
Kunselman, Barbara
Kunselman, Elizabeth
Kunselman, Geo
Kunselman, John
Kuntz, Ann
Kuntz, Anton
Kuntz, Antony
Kuntz, Julia
Kuntz, Lena
Kuntz, Lizzi
Kuntz, Mary
Kuntz, Rycana
Kutt*, Theresa
Kutte, Charles
Kutte, Frank
Kutte, Magdalena
Kutz, John
Kyl**, David R.
Kyl**, Enos
Kyl**, Marshall M.
Kyl**, Mellissa A.
Kyl**, Rebecca J.
Kyl**, Sarah J.
Kyl**, Susan E.
Kyle, Adelphus
Kyle, Floretta
Kyle, Willis
Kyle*, Eli P.
Kyle*, Eliz.
Kyle*, Hays
Kyle*, Jesse
Kyle*, John
Kyler, R. T.
Kyler, Ruby M.
Kyler, Zellah
L**zy, Susan
La**y, Cath
La**y, Cath
La**y, John
La**y, John
La**y, Mary
La**y, Pat
La**y, Rosana
Lacey, John
Lacey, Lester E.
Lacey, Martha
Lacey, Solomon A.
Lacey, Sophia
Lamb, Bridget
Lamb, Bridget
Lamb, James
Lamb, John
Lamb, Mary
Lamb, Patrick
Lamb, Simon
Lamb, Simon
Lamb, Susan
Lan**, Mary
Lane, Alma
Lane, Hugh B.
Lane, Jos.
Lane, Lydia L.
Lane, Mary Ann
Lane, Myron
Lane, Robert
Lane, Sarah
Lane, Wm. Jno
Lang, John
Langenfeld, Christina
Langenfeld, John
Langenfeld, M.
Langenfeld, Mary
Lanning, Mary
Lanning, Mary
Lanning, Pat
Lansendorf, Chris
Lansendorf, Christian
Lansendorf, Eliz
Lansendorf, John Geo.
Lansendorf, Jos
Lansendorf, Josephine
Lansendorf, Mary
Lanzel, Barbara
Lanzel, Cath
Lanzel, Cath
Lanzel, John
Lanzel, Jos
Lanzel, Michael
Lanzel, Walburga
Largy, Ann
Largy, H.
Largy, Nancy
Laughlin, Hugh
Law, Jos.
Lawler, Michael
Lawler, Sarah
Lawrence, Frank
Lawrence, Sam M.
Lawrence, Wm.
Leahy, John P.
Leahy, Mary
Leahy, Theresa
Leahy, Theresa
Leahy, Wm.
Leahy, Wm.
Leg**, Fred
Leggett, Barzazest
Leggett, Cath
Leggett, Charlotte
Leggett, Chas.
Leggett, Chas.
Leggett, Chas.
Leggett, Cordelia
Leggett, Electa
Leggett, Eli
Leggett, Elvira
Leggett, Emery
Leggett, Ernest C.
Leggett, Holmes
Leggett, Hortense
Leggett, Leroy
Leggett, Lucy
Leggett, Martin
Leggett, Reuben
Leggett, Viantha
Leggett, Willie
Leitner, Casper
Leitner, Chris
Leitner, Coneguida
Leitner, John
Leitner, John
Leitner, John
Leitner, Margaret
Leitner, Mary
Lenz, Andreas
Lenz, Jos
Lenz, Sarah
Leonard, Andrew
Leonard, Ellen
Leosch, Caroline
Leosch, F. A.
Leosch, Francis
Leosch, Francis
Leosch, Frank
Leosch, Harmena
Lewis, Alice
Lewis, Ann
Lewis, Charity
Lewis, Chas. E.
Lewis, Chauncey V.
Lewis, Cynthia
Lewis, Edward
Lewis, Eliz
Lewis, Ellen
Lewis, Ellis
Lewis, Geo. W.
Lewis, Harriet Ann
Lewis, Jacob H.
Lewis, James H.
Lewis, Jane
Lewis, Jane
Lewis, John
Lewis, Lewis
Lewis, Lovina
Lewis, Lydia Ann
Lewis, Mary
Lewis, Mary F.
Lewis, Roxana
Lewis, Sam
Lewis, Sarah M.
Lewis, Thos
Lewis, Thos
Lewis, Winfield
Lewis, Wm
Lewis, Wm.
Leynan, James
Leynan, James
Leynan, Margaret
Leynan, Mary Ann
Li****t, Andrew
Li****t, Ellen
Li****t, James
Lichner, Barbara
Lichner, Charles
Lichner, Havena
Lichner, M.
Lichner, Markus
Lichner, Tho.
Licihner, Haverius
Licihner, Jos
Licihner, Mary
Lindemuth, John Z.
Lion, Cath
Lion, John F**d
Lion, Josephine
Lion, Josephine
Lion, Lizzie
Lion, Margaret
Lion, Mary M.
Lion, Wendell
Little, Arthur B.
Little, B. P.
Little, Elwin
Little, Francis
Little, Horace
Little, Lucy A.
Little, Lydia A. M.
Lo**n******, Caroline
Lo**n******, Chas. Orbison
Lo**n******, Francis
Lo**n******, J****
Lo**n******, Jacob
Lo**n******, John
Lo**n******, Mary
Lo**n******, Mary
Lo**n******, Wilhelmina S.
Loftus, Aloysius
Loftus, Cath
Loftus, Eliz Augusta
Loftus, Elizabeth
Loftus, Fred
Loftus, Henry
Logan, Amanda
Logan, David W.
Logan, Eliz.
Logan, Enoch
Logan, Harrison
Logan, James M.
Logan, Mary R.
Logan, Nancy
Logan, Wm. H.
Logue, Minerva
Logue, Sam
Logue, Thos.
Lon, Michael
Long, Eliza
Long, Mary
Long, Mary
Lookin, Richard
Louden, Anson
Loug*, Chas
Loug*, Chas
Loug*, Susan
Love, Cath.
Love, Eliz. E.
Love, James
Love, Melinda
Lowrey, Mary A.
Luby, Ed
Luby, Margaret
Luby, Mary Ann
Luby, Michael
Luby, Pat W.
Lucas, Calvin
Luce, Abigail M.
Luce, Anabella
Luce, C. F.
Luce, Emma A. E.
Luce, Henry
Luce, Jane
Luce, Jos.
Luce, Meribah B.
Luce, Nancy A. E.
Luce, Salina
Luce, Wm. F.
Luce, Wm. P.
Lucore, Rufus
Luhr, Barbara
Luhr, Charles
Luhr, Eliz.
Luhr, Frank
Luhr, Henry
Luhr, Jos.
Luhr, Josephine
Luhr, Josephine
Luhr, Ron
Lupole, Henry
Lupro, Amanda
Lupro, Daniel
Lupro, Harrison
Lupro, Jane
Lupro, Sarah
Luther, Calvin
Luther, Calvin
Luther, Chas
Luther, D. S.
Luther, Eliz
Luther, Eliz.
Luther, Ida
Luther, Libbins
Luther, Mary A.
Luther, Sibbins
Luther, Sylvester
Lymek, Cath
Lymek, Henry
Lymek, Julia
Lymek, Larry
Lymek, Lizzie
Lymek, Mary Ann
Lymek, Peter
Lynch, Bridget
Lynde, Margaret
Lynde, Thos.
Lyons, Cath
Lyons, John
Lyons, Lawrence
M***, John
M****, Levina
M****, Smith
M****s, Chas. L.
M**ty, Christian
M*ffut, J**
Magee, James
Mahon, David F.
Mahon, Eliz
Mahon, Geo
Mahon, Geo. W.
Mahon, John Thos.
Mahun, Jane
Malin, Abner
Malin, Benj. F.
Malin, Carter
Malin, Emma
Malin, Harvey
Malin, Mary
Malin, Randall
Malin, Sarah
Malin, Thos
Mallison, Jac
Mallison, Jos
Mallory, Silas
Malone, Ann
Malone, Chas.
Malone, Edward
Malone, Eliz.
Malone, James
Malone, James A.
Malone, John
Malone, John
Malone, John
Malone, Kate
Malone, Margaret
Malone, Pat
Malone, Thomas
Mandell, Mary
Mandell, Michael
Mann, Alice
Mann, Isabella
Mann, John
Mann, Michael
Mann, Pat
Mann, Peter
Mansh*mer, Barbara
Mansh*mer, Jos.
March, Barbara
March, Cath
March, Elizabeth
March, John
March, John
March, Mary
March, Melchoir
March, Michael
March, Peter
March, William
Markard, Aloysia
Markard, Cath
Markard, Eliz
Markard, Geo.
Markard, Geo.
Markard, Henry
Markard, John
Markard, Mary
Marshall, Ellen
Marshall, Ellen
Marshall, John
Marshall, Mary
Marso, N.
Martel, John
Martin, A. R.
Martin, Ann
Martin, Ann
Martin, Cath
Martin, Harry
Martin, James
Martin, Mary
Martz, Geo.
Martz, Theresa
Martz, Victoria
Marvin, Geo.
Mary, Eliz
Mary, Eulalia
Mason, Alex *.
Mason, Ann E.
Mason, Eliza M.
Mason, Geo. A.
Mason, H.
Mason, Hannah
Mason, Harriet J.
Mason, Henry
Mason, J. W. C.
Mason, James
Mason, James
Mason, John M.
Mason, Margaret
Mason, Margaret
Mason, Margaret
Mason, Mary
Mason, Miona E.
Mason, Nancy
Mason, Phinias
Mason, Ruth
Mason, Ruth
Mason, Wash
Mason, Wm.
Massake**, Jas.
Matthews, Chas.
Matthews, Sarah
Maxwell, Eliz.
Maxwell, Wm.
May, Matthias
May, Ursula
Mayhood, Alex
Mayhove, Babe
Mayhove, Clarissa
Mayhove, Russ
Mays, Eliz.
McAllister, David T. B.
McAllister, Harriet T.
McAllister, J. C.
McCaulley, Babe
McCaulley, Calvin H.
McCaulley, Child
McCaulley, Eliz. J.
McCaulley, Jac
McCaulley, Lauretta
McCaulley, Rachel
McCaulley, Wm.
McCaully, Rosanne
McClellan, Ben
McClelland, Eliz.
McClosky, Cornelius
McClosky, Eliz.
McClosky, John M.
McClosky, Jos.
McClosky, Mary
McClosky, Mary Ellen
McConnell, R.
McCool, Alfred
McCool, Margaret
McCool, Sam
McCormick, M.
McCracken, Geo
McCurdy, Alex
McCurdy, Cath
McCurdy, Ed
McCurdy, Edward Jr.
McCurdy, Henry
McCurdy, Hugh
McCurdy, Jane
McCurdy, Jane
McCurdy, Jane
McCurdy, Mary A.
McCurdy, Patrick
McDonald, Adena
McDonald, C. F.
McDonald, James M.
McDonald, Jas
McDonald, John
McDonald, Margaret
McDonald, Michael
McDonald, Peter
McGowan, James
McGowan, John
McGowan, M. M.
McGowan, Susan
McGrath, Bridget
McGrath, Bridget
McGrath, Dan
McGrath, John
McGrath, John M.
McGrath, Patrick
McGregor, Chas. A.
McIlheny, John
McIntire, Fidelia
McIntire, Homer J.
McIntire, O. G.
McIntosh, Eliz.
McIntosh, Georgena
McIntosh, Margary L.
McIntosh, Matilda L.
McIntosh, Robt.
McIntosh, Robt. S.
McIntosh, Susana
McKay, Francis
McKay, Samuel
McKay, Sarah J.
McKay, Sarah Jane
McKay, Wm.
McKay, Wm.
McKinney, Cath
McKinney, Peter
McLane, Alex
McLaughlin, M.
McLaughton, John
McLaughton, M.
McMakin, B. M.
McMakin, Eliz
McMakin, Eliz.
McMakin, Francis
McMakin, Jane
McMakin, John
McMakin, Mary
McMakin, Mary
McMakin, Mich
McMakin, Peter
McMakin, Peter
McMakin, William
McMakin, Wm.
McNatter, Cath
McNatter, Eliz. J.
McNatter, F.
McNatter, Henry
McNaughton, Cath. M.
McNaughton, Francis
McNaughton, Geo. P.
McNaughton, Jos.
McNaughton, Josephine
McNut, Barbara
McNut, Geo
McNut, James F.
McNut, Jessie
McNut, John
McQ*****, Barney
McQ*****, Edward
McQ*****, Ellen
McQ*****, Isabel
McQ*****, James
McQ*****, Terence
McQu***, Ellen
McQu***, R.
McQuone, Ed
McQuone, Edward
McQuone, Ellen
McQuone, Jos.
McTaaff*, Ann J.
McTaaff*, C. P.
McTaaff*, Charles
McTaaff*, Eliz.
McTaaff*, John C.
McTaaff*, Kate
McTaaff*, Louis
McV ****, Ella G.
McV ****, Martha
McV****, Chas.
Mead, A. P.
Mead, C.
Mead, Emma
Mead, Henry
Mead, Jos. W.
Mead, Lavina
Mead, Lucy V.
Mead, Nancy
Mead, Philu H.
Mead, Rebeca
Mensich, Anton
Mensich, Eliz.
Mensich, Geo
Mensich, Joana
Mensich, Jos
Mensich, Mary
Mensich, Michael
Meredith, Ann
Meredith, Cath
Meredith, David
Meredith, David
Meredith, E. T.
Meredith, Elijah
Meredith, Eliz.
Meredith, Eliz.
Meredith, Eliz.
Meredith, Emma S.
Meredith, Hannah
Meredith, Hannah
Meredith, Harriet
Meredith, Linda
Meredith, Lorinda
Meredith, Lydia
Meredith, Lydia
Meredith, M*n*da
Meredith, Reisman
Meredith, Salinda
Meredith, Wm. H.
Messenger, Edgar
Messenger, Geo
Messenger, Geo. D.
Messenger, Grove
Messenger, Henrietta
Messenger, Mary
Messenger, William
Meyer, Anna
Meyer, Anna
Meyer, Cath
Meyer, Eliz.
Meyer, John
Meyer, John
Meyer, John
Meyer, Jos.
Meyer, Mary
Middock, Eliz
Middock, Gi**on
Middock, Mary M.
Middock, Oliver R.
Miff**t, H.
Mifford, S
Miffut, Betsy
Miffut, Henry
Miffut, Jac
Miffut, Jacob C.
Miffut, John
Miffut, Louisa
Miffut, Susan
Migher, Ann
Migher, Hellen F.
Migher, M.
Migher, Wm. Ed
Miles, Wm. G.
Miller, Adam
Miller, Adam
Miller, Adeline
Miller, Agnes
Miller, Alvina
Miller, Ann M.
Miller, Artemisa
Miller, Barbara
Miller, Cath
Miller, Cath
Miller, Cath
Miller, Chas.
Miller, Chas.
Miller, Chas. F.
Miller, Child
Miller, David
Miller, David
Miller, David
Miller, Eliz
Miller, Eliz. J.
Miller, Ellen A.
Miller, Emily
Miller, Emma
Miller, Ferdinand
Miller, Frank
Miller, Fred
Miller, Fred
Miller, Fred
Miller, Geo.
Miller, Hannah M.
Miller, Hezekiah
Miller, Jacob
Miller, Jacob
Miller, James
Miller, James H.
Miller, Jane S.
Miller, John
Miller, John
Miller, John
Miller, John A.
Miller, John F.
Miller, John F.
Miller, Jos.
Miller, Margaret
Miller, Margaret
Miller, Margaret
Miller, Martha
Miller, Mary
Miller, Mary
Miller, Mary
Miller, Mary
Miller, Mary C.
Miller, Mary E.
Miller, Mercy
Miller, Michael
Miller, Michael
Miller, Nancy
Miller, Nancy M.
Miller, Polly
Miller, Rebecca
Miller, Reuben
Miller, Sarah
Miller, Sarah J.
Miller, Susan
Miller, Susan
Miller, V.
Miller, Wm.
Miller, Wm.
Milligan, Robert
Miner, Andrew
Miner, Mary C.
Miner, Matilda
Miner, Orville
Miner, Peter
Miner, Stephen
Mix, Alma M.
Mix, Elias E.
Mix, Eliza
Mix, Emily
Mix, Emma
Mix, Emma
Mix, Henry
Mix, Hez
Mix, Hez
Mix, James
Mix, James J.
Mix, Jas. H.
Mix, Johanna
Mix, Lydia
Mix, Malvina
Mix, Mary
Mix, Mary M.
Mix, Nancy
Mix, Sarah M. A.
Mix, Sol
Mix, W. J.
Mohan, Cath
Mohan, Charles
Mohan, James
Mohan, John
Mohan, Lawrence
Mohan, Lawrence
Mohan, M
Mohan, Thomas

Mohney, Mary
Mohney, Wm.
Monagan, M.
Monagan, Mary
Monagan, Mary Jane
Montgomery, Thos.
Mooney, Cath
Mooney, John
Mooney, Nancy
Mooney, Thos
Moore, Elizabeth
Moore, Geo.
Moore, Henry
Moore, Silas
Moran, A.J.
Morehead, James
Morey, Alvina
Morey, Amanda
Morey, Ann
Morey, Ciphas
Morey, Clinton
Morey, Ephraim
Morey, Erasmus
Morey, Frank
Morey, Geo.
Morey, J. R.
Morey, Josiah
Morey, Julia
Morey, Leonard J.
Morey, Lovina
Morey, Mary E.
Morey, R. E.
Morey, R. K.
Morey, Rebecca
Morey, Richard
Morgan, Betsy
Morgan, Cornelius
Morgan, Edward
Morgan, Ellen
Morgan, Fred
Morgan, Geo. W.
Morgan, Hitabel
Morgan, J**ome
Morgan, John H.
Morgan, Jos
Morgan, Josephine
Morgan, Mary
Morgan, Morris
Moriaity, Dan
Moriaity, Mary
Moriarity, Margaret
Moriarity, Margaret
Moriarity, Mary
Moriarty, Jas.
Morkcull, John
Morrison, L. M.
Mortimer, David
Mortimer, Sarah
Mortimer, Susan
Mos***, Cath
Mos***, John
Mos***, Mary
Mos***, Theresa
Mos***, Theresa
Mosier, Cath
Mosier, Ellen
Mosier, Eugene
Mosier, Jos.
Mosier, Jos.
Mosier, Lucy A.
Mosier, Mary
Mosier, Mary
Mosier, Nellie
Mosier, Squire
Mosier, Warren
Moyer, "Co*ad, Jr."
Moyer, Cath.
Moyer, Charles
Moyer, Conrad
Moyer, Elias
Moyer, Eliz.
Moyer, Eliz. A.
Moyer, Emma
Moyer, Emma
Moyer, Enos A.
Moyer, Hez
Moyer, Jac
Moyer, John
Moyer, John
Moyer, Jos. E.
Moyer, Lorinda
Moyer, Lovisa A.
Moyer, Marshall J.
Moyer, Martha
Moyer, Martha S.
Moyer, Mary Jane
Moyer, Nancy
Moyer, Sarah
Moyer, Sarah
Moyer, Sarah A.
Moyer, Silas
Moyer, Sydney
Moyer, Wallace
Moyer, Wilmer
Mozer, M. H.
Murphy, Allie
Murphy, Ann
Murphy, Cath
Murphy, John
Murphy, Patrick
Murphy, Patrick
Murry, Alin****
Murry, Alz****
Murry, Caroline
Murry, Elizabeth
Murry, Emiline
Murry, Hannah
Murry, Hannah
Murry, Hannah A.
Murry, Hiram O.
Murry, Isaiah
Murry, John
Murry, John A.
Murry, John Jr.
Murry, Julia V.
Murry, Leah
Murry, Martha
Murry, Matilda
Murry, Wm.
Murry, Wm. H.
Myer, Elizabeth
Myer, Geo
Myer, Geo
Myer, John
Myer, John G.
Myer, Margaret
Myer, Margaret
Myer, Mary
Myer, Mary
Myers, James
Myers, John
Myers, Phillip
Mysel, Geo.
Mysel, Mary
Nagel, Kate
Naughton, Nancy
Naughton, Thos.
Nearing, Chas.
Nearing, Ed
Nearing, Eliz.
Neely, Jos.
Nelly, Cath
Nelly, James
Nelly, Mary
Nelly, Thos.
Nelson, Aug. F.
Nelson, David
Nelson, David R. L.
Nelson, Elizabeth
Nelson, Francilla F.
Nelson, H. B.
Nelson, Jerusha R.
Nelson, Mary C.
Nelson, Wm.
Neubert, Barbara
Neubert, Barbara
Neubert, Barbara
Neubert, Cath
Neubert, Cath
Neubert, Coneguida
Neubert, Coneguida
Neubert, Eliz
Neubert, Magdalena
Neubert, Margaret
Neubert, Michael
Neubert, Nary Ann
Neubert, Nicholas
Neubert, Valentine
Neubert, Valentine
Neubert, Valentine Jr.
Newberry, Lewis
Newell, Edgar
Newell, Ella
Newell, Hannah
Newell, Judah
Neyman, James
Neyman, Jane A.
Neyman, Margaret
Neyman, Sarah
Nichols, Martin
Nichols, Mary
Nichols, Mary
Nichols, Michael
Nichols, Rebecca
Nichols, Wolfgang
Nichols, Wolfgang
Niemiller, Cath
Niemiller, J. B.
Niemiller, Jos.
Niemiller, Mary
Niemiller, Phillip
Nismyer, John
Nissel, Cath
Nissel, Cath
Nissel, Conizuuela
Nissel, Eliz.
Nissel, Geo
Nissel, Geo
Nissel, Geo
Nissel, John
Nissel, John
Nissel, John
Nissel, John
Nissel, Margaret
Nissel, Margaret
Nissel, Martin
Nissel, Mary
Nissel, Sebastian
Nissel, Theresa
Nissel, Theresa
Nist, Alloys
Nist, Anton
Nist, Barbara
Nist, Cath
Nist, Conrad
Nist, Eliz
Nist, Eliz
Nist, Geo
Nist, Jacob
Nist, Jacob
Nist, John
Nist, Jos
Nist, Jos.
Nist, Magdalina
Nist, Martin
Nist, Martin
Nist, Michael
Noblet, Amanda
Noblet, Ann E.
Noblet, Castor M.
Noblet, Cath
Noblet, John R.
Noblet, W. G.
Noblet, Wm. G.
Nockton, Mary
Nockton, Thos.
Nolf, Elizabeth J.
Nolf, John
Nolf, Lucy L.
Nolf, Rebecca
Nolf, Susana
Nor****, Ed
Norton, Alonzo
Norton, Ella
Norton, Hetty
Norton, Hez
Norton, Warren H.
Nubauer, Cath
Nubauer, Jos
Nubauer, Mary
Nubauer, Mike
Nubauer, Peter
Nubauer, Simon
Nuff, John
Nuff, Margaret Ann
Nuff, Mary Ann
Nuff, Matilda
Nuff, Thos.
Nuff, Wm.
Nulf, Cath
Nulf, Geo.
Nulf, Geo. W.
Nus**uretti*, Jos.
O'Brien, Aloysia
O'Brien, James
O'Brien, P.
O'Ch***, Anthony
O'Connor, Ann
O'Connor, Cornelius
O'Connor, Ellen
O'Connor, Eugene
O'Connor, James
O'Connor, James
O'Connor, James
O'Connor, Jane
O'Connor, Joana
O'Connor, John
O'Connor, Margaret
O'Donnell, John
O'Donnell, John
O'Donnell, Margaret
O'Donnell, Margaret
O'Donnell, Mary Ann
O'Donnell, Michael
O'Donnell, Michael
O'Donnell, Thos.
O'Donnell, Thos.
O'Hara, Bridget
O'Hara, James
O'Hara, Owen
O'Hara, Peter
O'Neal, James
O'Neal, John
O'Neal, John
O'Neal, Margaret
O'Neil, Francis
O'Neil, John
O'Neil, Mary
Ober, Abner
Ober, John
Ober, Lucy E.
Ober, Selena
Ober, Wm. H.
Olivent, Andrew
Olivent, Barbara
Olivent, Cath
Olivent, James
Olivent, Jos.
Olivent, Peter
Olivient, Caroline
Opdyke, Edith A.
Opdyke, Jos
Opdyke, Martha
Opdyke, Mary E.
Opdyke, Nancy
Opdyke, Rhoda E.
Ormsby, Mc
Osgood, Addie M.
Osgood, Anna M.
Osgood, Clara H.
Osgood, Eliza C.
Osgood, Frank J.
Osgood, Geo H.
Osgood, Kate Jane
Osgood, S. J.
Ovall, Adeline
Ovall, Alamada
Ovall, Aldura
Ovall, Ch****
Ovall, Emmeline
Ovall, Henry J.
Ovall, Jacob
Ovall, Jane
Ovall, Mary Jane
Ovall, Michael
Ovall, Sally Ann
Overturf, Andrew
Overturf, Andrew
Overturf, Ann
Overturf, Delilah
Overturf, Elias
Overturf, Emeline
Overturf, Emily
Overturf, Hannah
Overturf, Harrison
Overturf, James
Overturf, James
Overturf, Jemima* A.
Overturf, John
Overturf, Mary E.
Overturf, Thos.
Oyster, John
Oyster, Sarah
P****, Alexandeer
P****, Anna
P****, Casper
P****, Geo
P****, John
P****, Margaret
P*****, Eliza
P**net, Herman
P**net, Jacob
P**net, Josephine
Page, Henry
Paine, Ed
Palmer, Ellen E.
Palmer, Eva L.
Palmer, Henry F.
Palmer, Wm. G.
Parks, Emma
Parks, Hays
Parks, Margaret
Parks, Mary Ann
Parks, R.M.
Parks, Russell
Parks, Thos.
Parsons, Albert
Parsons, Almira
Parsons, Caroline
Parsons, Clara
Parsons, Edora
Parsons, Etola J.
Parsons, H. A.
Parsons, Harvy
Parsons, Henry A.
Parsons, Jennie
Parsons, John
Parsons, Laura
Parsons, Van
Patterson, Angeline
Patterson, Hellen
Patterson, Ira
Patterson, Ira J.
Patterson, Phebe
Patterson, Rhoda A.
Patterson, Thos.
Paul, Elizabeth
Paul, Jos
Paul, Josephine
Paul, M. A.
Paul, Mary A.
Paulley, Bud
Paulley, Cath
Paulley, Elias
Paulley, John
Paulley, John
Paulley, Margaret
Paulley, Sam
Paulley, Samuel
Paulus, J**
Paulus, Jos
Paup**y, Celeste
Paup**y, Jos
Paupenny, Marcelle
Pearsol, Alfred
Pearsol, Caroline
Pearsol, Haitty
Pearsol, Harriet
Pearsol, James H.
Pearsol, Mary
Peaslie, Geo.
Peaslie, Hiram
Peaslie, Lorena
Perriin, Albert
Perriin, Cecilia E.
Perriin, H**sa E.
Perriin, Martin
Perriin, Melinda M.
Perriin, Sarah E.
Perrin, Ella
Perry, Lucy A.
Peters, John
Peterson, Alzina
Pfifer, Ann Mary
Pfifer, Cath
Pfifer, John
Pfifer, Ludwig
Pfifer, Margaret
Pfifer, Nicholas
Pfifer, Peter
Pfifer, Peter
Phalan, James
Phelan, Cath
Phelan, Dan
Phelan, Eliza
Phelan, Joana
Phelan, Martin
Phelan, Wm.
Phenix, Adelia
Phenix, E. B.
Philhart, Charles
Philhart, John
Philhart, Phillipina
Pigron, Amos
Pilz, Barbara
Pilz, Eliz
Pilz, Eliz
Pilz, F. H.
Pilz, Havier
Pilz, Jos
Pilz, Magdalena
Piquenot, V.
Pistner, Adam
Pistner, Eliza
Pistner, Ferdinand
Pistner, John
Pistner, Jos.
Pistner, Magdalena
Pistner, Margaret
Pistner, Ticola
Platt, Caroline
Platt, Charles W.
Platt, Geo
Platt, Jesse
Platt, John
Poeschl, Josephine
Pontiius, Solomon
Pontius, Geo.
Porter, Eliz.
Porter, L. D.
Porterfield, Chas. W.
Porterfield, Emeline
Porterfield, Isabel
Porterfield, Mary
Post, Jacob
Post, Wife
Powell, Amanda
Powell, Jerome
Powell, Waltyer
Powers, Chloe
Powers, Dan
Powers, John
Powers, L. F.
Powers, Sarah
Prescott, Wm. H.
Price, Andrias
Price, Anton
Price, Caroline
Price, Laura
Prindel, Diana
Prindel, Martha
Prindel, Page
Prindel, Willie
Prus, Laurine
Quigley, Mary
Quigley, Peter
Quinlan, Alice
Quinlan, Alice
Quinlan, Michael
Quinn, Ellen
Quinn, James
Quinn, John
Quinn, John
Quinn, John
Quinn, Margaret
Quinn, Pat
Quinn, Thos.
Quinn, Wm.
Quinn, Wm.
Radolph, Barbara
Radolph, Chas. F.
Radolph, Fred
Radolph, Josephine
Randal, Ann
Randal, Jos
Randal, Pat
Randall, Cath
Randall, Wilbor
Rasher, Margaret
Rathburn, Cath
Rathburn, Ellen A.
Rathburn, Geo A.
Rathburn, Geo W.
Rau, John
Raush, Ann
Raush, Barbara
Raush, Cath
Raush, Eve
Raush, John
Raush, Margaret
Raush, Mary
Raywinkle, Fred
Reading, John
Reardon, Ellen
Reardon, Ellen
Redline, W. M.
Redman, John
Reese, Robt.
Regthaysa*, Dan
Regthaysa*, Mary
Regthaysa*, Theresa
Rehl, Madison
Reid, Elizabeth
Reid, Ellen
Reid, John
Reid, Patrick
Reid, Silicia
Reid, Simon
Reid, Simon
Reid**, Wendelin
Reider, Stephen
Reisman, James
Remaya, M.
Renner, Cath
Renner, Francis
Retzer, Ann Mar*
Retzer, Caroline
Retzer, Enos
Retzer, John
Retzer, Juliana
Retzer, Michael
Reynolds, Jac
Reynolds, John W.
Rhines, A. S.
Rhines, Caroline
Rhines, Do**y
Rhines, Judson
Rhines, Mary
Rhines, Matilda
Rhines, Taylor
Rhines, Thos.
Rhodes, M.
Ribura, Jos.
Rice, Aug.
Rich**t, Dommikus
Rich**t, Francis
Rich**t, Rose
Richter, Matilda
Rico*d, B. M.
Rielly, Ann
Rielly, T. A.
Rigby, Chas.
Rigby, Susan E.
Riley, Ann
Riley, Cath
Riley, Charles
Riley, E**
Riley, Ellen
Riley, Ellen
Riley, Geo. Louis
Riley, Hannah E.
Riley, Harrison
Riley, James
Riley, James
Riley, John
Riley, Margaret
Riley, Mary
Riley, Pat
Riley, Pat
Riley, Priscilla A.
Riley, Rosana
Riley, Susan
Riley, Wash.
Riley, Wm.
Rimozetta, Annett
Rimozetta, Eliz.
Rimozetta, Jos.
Rimozetta, Wm. John
Rits**, Pius
Ritt, Mary
Ritt, Peter Paul
Ritter, Chas
Ritter, Geo. L.
Ritter, Louisa C.
Ritter, Margaret
Ritter, Margaret J.
Ritter, Mary Ann
Ritter, Peter
Rittger, Cath
Rittger, Chas.
Rittger, Eva
Rittger, Geo.
Rittger, Jos.
Rittger, Phillip
Rittger, William
Ritz, Francis
Ro*t, Havier
Robinson, Anson
Robinson, Frances E.
Robinson, Francis
Robinson, Hannah
Robinson, Isaac
Robinson, James
Robinson, Jos.
Robinson, Lydia
Robinson, Lydia
Robinson, Mary Ann
Robinson, Nelson
Robinson, Robt.
Robinson, Wm.
Robinson, Wm.
Rockefellow, H.
Rodermel, J.
Rogers, Adeline
Rogers, Brad*y
Rogers, Cath.
Rogers, Chas. W.
Rogers, Eliz E.
Rogers, Eliz.
Rogers, Eliz.
Rogers, Hannah
Rogers, Hannah
Rogers, James
Rogers, Jane L.
Rogers, Jas. W.
Rogers, Jos.
Rogers, Josey
Rogers, Kinnison
Rogers, Lorinda
Rogers, Lovina
Rogers, Lucinda
Rogers, Margaret
Rogers, Milford
Rogers, Nancy
Rogers, Pamelia
Rogers, Phebe
Rogers, Phemmin
Rogers, Rebecca
Rogers, Roland W.
Rogers, Ruah
Rogers, Uriah
Rogers, Uriah W.
Rogers, Wm. M.
Rolle, Jos.
Roper, Casper
Roper, Magdalena
Roper, Paulus
Rosenhoover, Magdalena
Rosenhoover, Mary
Rosenhoover, S.
Rosenhoover, Theresa
Ross, Eliz.
Ross, Geo.
Ross, Hannah M.
Ross, J. A.
Ross, Jane E.
Ross, Jos
Ross, Kate
Ross, M. L.
Ross, Margaret
Ross, Mary Ros*
Ross, Wm.
Rosuhover, Mary
Rothrock, A. G. C.
Rothrock, Edmund T.
Rothrock, Eliza
Rothrock, Frank
Rothrock, Geo. T.
Rothrock, Henry C.
Rothrock, Jane
Rothrock, John
Rothrock, John N.
Rothrock, Jos. W.
Rothrock, Julia
Rothrock, Julia Ann
Rothrock, Margaret
Rothrock, Mary A.
Rothrock, Robert
Rottenhoffer, John
Rottenhoffer, Margaret
Rottenhoffer, Teresa
Rowe, Carrie
Rowe, John
Rowe, Kitty
Rowe, Mary
Rudy, Adeline
Rudy, Angeline
Rudy, Cath
Rudy, Daniel
Rudy, Geo. W.
Rudy, Henry
Rudy, Wm.
Rudy, Wm. H.
Rupp, Ann
Rupp, Jacob
Rupp, Mary
Ruscher, Aloysius
Ruscher, Barbara
Ruscher, Geo
Ruscher, Geo Jr.
Ruscher, Geo Sr.
Ruscher, John
Ruscher, Margaret
Ruscher, Mary
Ruscher, Theresa
Russel, John
Russel, John
Russel, Mary
Russel, Mary
Ryan, Ann
Ryan, Cath
Ryan, Margaret
Ryan, Mary
Ryan, Mary
Ryan, Matthew
Ryan, Patrick
Ryan, Thomas
Ryan, Wm.
Ryans, Eliz
Ryans, Newton
S***, Ferdinand
S***, Francis
S***, Francis
S***, Geo
S***, Julia
S***, Mary
S****g, Ann Mary
S****g, Wm.
S**agnni*, V.
Sa*****, Geo.
Sal, Caroline
Sal, Caroline
Sal, Ellen
Sal, Jacob
Sal, John
Sal, Jos
Sal, Jos
Sal, Josephine
Sal, Louise
Sal, Mary
Sal, Peter
Sallade, Thos.
Salsman, R. P.
Sangy, Ellen
Sargent, Frank
Satterlee, E
Saunders, John
Sawyer, Ed
Say, Wm.
Sch**t, Aloysius
Sch**t, Jac
Sch**t, Jos.
Sch**t, Magdalena
Sch**ver, Andrew
Sch**ver, Clark
Sch**ver, Joana
Schafer, Dan
Schafer, Genevieve
Schafer, Geo. F.
Schafer, Jos.
Schander, Jos.
Schander, Mary
Schaner, Aloysius
Schaner, Ann
Schaner, Eliz
Schaner, John
Schaner, John
Schaner, Jos
Schaner, Jos
Schaner, Mary
Schanes, Alloys
Scharf, Ann
Scharf, John
Scharf, Mary
Schebeil, Ann
Schebeil, Barbara
Schebeil, Mary
Schebeil, Mary
Schebeil, Michael
Schebeil, S.
Scheberle, M.
Scheberle, Mary
Scheberle, Michael
Scheberle, Sebastian
Scheidler, Jacob
Scheidler, Thos
Scheidler, Walburga
Schirmbeck, Eliz
Schirmbeck, Jos
Schirmbeck, M.
Schirmbeck, Theresa
Schisle, Cath
Schisle, Chas.
Schlutenhoffer, Cath
Schlutenhoffer, Cath
Schlutenhoffer, Eliz
Schlutenhoffer, Franz
Schlutenhoffer, Mary
Schlutenhoffer, Thos
Schlutenhoffer, Wolfgang
Schm*cker, Andrus
Schm*cker, Cath
Schmand, B.
Schmand, Eva
Schmand, Francis
Schmidt, Chas
Schmidt, John
Schmidt, Julia
Schmit, Geo
Schmit, Ignatius
Schmit, Jos. J.
Schmit, Josephine
Schmit, Mary
Schmit, Sophia
Schneider, Ann
Schneider, Casper
Schneider, Cath
Schneider, Ermina
Schneider, Helena
Schneider, Paul
Schneider, Sophia
Schninebeck, Cath
Schninebeck, Eliz
Schninebeck, M.
Scho*der, Andrias
Scho*der, Annie
Scho*der, Chas
Scho*der, Coneguida
Scho*der, John
Scho*der, Mary
Scho*der, Philomena
Scho*ny, Theresa
Schoening, Eliz
Schoening, Fred
Schoening, Gerhard
Schooby, Jacob
Schratzenst****, F.
Schratzenst****, Magdalena
Schratzenst****, Martin
Schrechongost, Alex
Schrechongost, David W.
Schrechongost, Eliz.
Schrechongost, Eve
Schrechongost, Mary M.
Schreiber, Jac
Schreiber, Sophronia
Schubert, Ann
Schubert, Barbara
Schubert, Barbara
Schubert, Geo
Schubert, John
Schubert, John
Schubert, Jos.
Schubert, Jos.
Schubert, Mary
Schubert, Mary
Schubert, Mary
Schubert, Mary
Schubert, Theresa
Schultze, E. C.
Schultze, Maria
Schultze, Mary A.
Schultze, Mary D.
Schultze, Mary L.
Schultze, Wm. C.
Schwartz, John
Schwartz, John
Schwartz, Margaret
Schwartz, Peter
Schwartz, Peter
Schwartz, Ursula
Schwartzfischer, Ann
Schwartzfischer, Barbara
Schwartzfischer, Caroline
Schwartzfischer, Eliz
Schwartzfischer, J.
Schwartzfischer, Jos
Schwartzfischer, Peter
Schwobenbauer, Cath
Schwobenbauer, M.
Schwobenbauer, Michael
Scribner, Ann
Scribner, Dan
Scribner, Kimballl
Seibert, Cath.
Seibert, Henry
Seibert, John
Seibert, Mary
Senn, Wm.
Sexton, Caroline
Sexton, G. R.
Sexton, Louisa
Shadduck, Anton
Shadduck, Cusc**a
Shadduck, Matthias
Shafer, Betsy
Shafer, Epaphrus E.
Shafer, Fred
Shafer, Geo.
Shafer, Henry
Shafer, James
Shafer, James
Shafer, James W.
Shafer, Jane
Shafer, Jas.
Shafer, John
Shafer, John N.
Shafer, Jos.
Shafer, Lucerna
Shafer, Margaret J.
Shafer, Marth
Shafer, Martha Jane
Shafer, Rebecca A.
Shafer, Samantha
Shafer, Samantha
Shafer, Sevilla
Shafer, Susan A.
Shafer, Thos. J.
Shafer, Wash C.
Shafer, Wesley
Shafer, Wm. S.
Shall, Adam
Shall, Ann
Shall, Cath
Shall, James
Shaver, Pasco
Shaw, Amy
Shaw, Francis W.
Shaw, Mary Ann
Shaw, Richard W.
Shaw, Susan W.
Shaw, T. B.
Shaw, Wm.
Shehan, Dan
Shehan, Edward
Shehan, John
Shehan, Margaret
Shehan, Mary
Shehan, Mich
Shehan, Michael
Shehan, Pat
Shehan, Sarah
Shehan, Thos.
Shehan, Thos.
Shelby, Ellen
Shelby, Ellen E.
Shelby, Mary Ann
Shelvy, Ann
Shelvy, Jas.
Shelvy, John
Shelvy, John
Shelvy, Margaret
Shelvy, Mary
Shelvy, Mary
Shelvy, Mary
Shelvy, Patrick
Shepard, M.
Shinnebeck, M.
Shinorio, Carnelia A.
Shinorio, Charlotte
Shinorio, Ida L.
Shinorio, Mary E.
Shinorio, Wm. Jr.
Shipman, Charlotte
Shipman, Mary J.
Shipman, Millard F.
Shipman, Winfield
Shipman, Wm.
Shirey, Gilman
Shirra, Magdalena
Shoffner, Henry
Short, Alfred
Short, Lucinda
Short, Sampson
Shre******, Sintg***d
Shriver, Andrew
Shriver, Edward
Shriver, Jos.
Shriver, Mary Ann
Shriver, Michael
Shriver, Michael
Shriver, Sidonia
Shubert, Eve
Shubert, Jacob
Shubert, M.
Shubert, Michael
Sicher, Ann M.
Sicher, Catherine L.
Sicher, Geo H.
Sicher, Geo H.
Sicher, Havers
Sicher, Jos.
Sicher, Mary
Sieity, Kesiah
Siety, Jane
Siety, Lida
Siety, Lydia
Siety, Rebecca
Siety, Simon
Sillinger, Barbara
Sillinger, Frank
Sillinger, John
Sillinger, Wensal
Simil**, Francis
Simil**, John
Simil**, John
Simil**, Patrick
Simmett, Andrus
Simmett, Ann
Simmett, Cath
Singel, Barbara
Singel, Caroline
Singel, Jos
Sips, John
Sischa**, Emma
Siss***, Cath
Siss***, Sebastian
Smalley, Gideon
Smith, Almira
Smith, Almira
Smith, Alonzo
Smith, Amberson
Smith, Ann
Smith, Ann Eliz.
Smith, Anton
Smith, Arthur
Smith, Aug
Smith, Babe
Smith, Benj.
Smith, Birnham
Smith, Cath
Smith, Cath
Smith, Cath
Smith, Cath. E.
Smith, Chas.
Smith, Chas.
Smith, Christian
Smith, Christina
Smith, Conigmida
Smith, Daniel
Smith, Delavan
Smith, Eddie
Smith, Edith A.
Smith, Eliz
Smith, Eliz.
Smith, Eliza
Smith, Eliza
Smith, Elizabeth
Smith, Emily
Smith, Esther
Smith, Florence
Smith, Frans
Smith, Geo
Smith, Geo
Smith, Geo.
Smith, Geo.
Smith, Geo.
Smith, Geo. W.
Smith, Harriet
Smith, Henry
Smith, Henry N.
Smith, Hez. M.
Smith, Isaac
Smith, Isaac
Smith, Jac D.
Smith, James
Smith, Jerome
Smith, John
Smith, John
Smith, John
Smith, John
Smith, John
Smith, John
Smith, John
Smith, John H.
Smith, Jordan P.
Smith, Jos.
Smith, Jos.
Smith, Julian
Smith, Laura A.
Smith, Levi H.
Smith, Lewis
Smith, Lucinda
Smith, Lydia F.
Smith, Margaret
Smith, Margaret
Smith, Maria E.
Smith, Martin
Smith, Mary
Smith, Mary
Smith, Mary
Smith, Mary
Smith, Mary
Smith, Mary
Smith, Mary
Smith, Mary Ann
Smith, Mary Ann
Smith, Mary M.
Smith, Matilda
Smith, Michael
Smith, Michael
Smith, Miles
Smith, Patrick
Smith, Peter
Smith, Peter
Smith, Rebecca
Smith, Reuben B.
Smith, Sam
Smith, Sarah
Smith, Sarah J.
Smith, Sarah J.
Smith, Sarah O.
Smith, Sebastian
Smith, Stephen E.
Smith, Susan
Smith, Theresa
Smith, Thirza M.
Smith, Thomas
Smith, Thos.
Smith, Thos.
Smith, W. P.
Smith, Wash
Smith, Wm.
Smith, Wm. H.
Smith, Wm. H.
Smithb*****, Barbara
Smithb*****, Eve
Smithb*****, Geo.
Smithb*****, Mary
Smithb*****, Sarah
Smithb*****, Wolfgang
Smithbauer, Ann
Smithbauer, Ann
Smithbauer, John
Smithbaum, Ann
Smutz, Harriet
Smutz, John
Snyder, Adam
Snyder, Apolonia
Snyder, Eliz
Snyder, Eliz
Snyder, Francis
Snyder, Geo
Snyder, Jacob
Snyder, Jacob
Snyder, John
Snyder, Margaret
Snyder, Mary Ann
Snyder, Matthias
Snyder, Paul
Snyder, Ursula
So*leather, Barbara
So*leather, Cath
So*leather, Coneguida
So*leather, Jos
Song, John
Sorg, Cresenc*
Sorg, Cresencia
Sorg, Criscenc*
Sorg, Eliz
Sorg, Francis H.
Sorg, Geo
Sorg, Habina
Sorg, Havier
Sorg, Martin
Sorg, Salina
South, Edward
South, Henry
South, Letitia
Sp*an, Andrew
Sp*an, Cath
Sp*an, Ellen
Sp*an, J***
Sp*an, J***
Sp*an, Joana
Sp*an, John
Sp*an, Mary
Sp*an, Stephen
Spander, Mary
Spangler, Barbara
Spangler, Francis
Spangler, Jacob
Spangler, Leonora
Spangler, M.
Spangler, M.
Spangler, Robt.
Spangler, Sarah
Sparks, Andrew
Spellenberger, E.
Spellenberger, Eliz
Spellenberger, Eliz.
Spellenberger, Lucetta
Spl**, Mary
St*rr, Melchoir
Stauffer, Eliz
Stauffer, Eliz
Stauffer, Eliz.
Stauffer, Eliz.
Stauffer, Frank
Stauffer, Geo
Stauffer, Geo
Stauffer, Geo
Stauffer, Heinz
Stauffer, John
Stauffer, John
Stauffer, Jos.
Stauffer, Margaret
Stauffer, Mary
Stauffer, Mary
Steele, Wm.
Steele, Wm.
Steibig, Geo
Steibig, John
Steibig, John A.
Steibig, Margaret
Steibig, Michael
Stephenson, Geo
Stephenson, Hannah
Stephenson, Holmes
Stephenson, Isaac
Stephenson, Martha
Stephenson, Rebeca
Stephenson, Sarah
Stephenson, Thos
Stevens, Chas.
Stevens, Chas.
Stevens, Eben
Stevens, Eben
Stevens, Henry
Stevens, James
Stevens, Jane
Stevens, Jonothan
Stevenson, Hannah
Stewart, Elvira
Stewart, Harry
Stewart, Wm.
Stockman, Adolph
Stockman, Adolph
Stockman, Amelia
Stockman, Cath
Stockman, Cath
Stockman, Charles
Stockman, Eliz
Stockman, Eliz
Stockman, Frank
Stockman, Frank
Stockman, Henry
Stockman, Henry
Stockman, John
Stockman, John
Stockman, Mary
Stor*felds, John
Storer, Jacob J.
Stotze, ***ine
Stotze, John
Stotze, John
Stotze, Michael
Strait, A. W.
Strait, Cath
Strauss, An***us
Strickland, Geo. D.
Strickland, Wm.
Strong, Amanda
Strong, Ellen
Strong, Harriet
Strong, Jane Ellen
Strong, John
Strong, John
Strong, Maria
Strong, Nancy
Strong, Robt
Strong, Samuel
Strong, Sydney
Strubb, John
Strubb, Noah
Strubb, Peter
Strubb, Sarah
Stubbs, Mary Jane
Stubbs, Sarah
Stubbs, Wm.
Stubbs, Wm. *
Stuttle, Elizabeth
Stuttle, Henry
Sul****, John
Sullivan, Ann
Sullivan, Cath
Sullivan, Chas
Sullivan, Cornelius
Sullivan, Cornelius
Sullivan, Eliz.
Sullivan, Eliza
Sullivan, Ellen
Sullivan, J**
Sullivan, James
Sullivan, Jne
Sullivan, John
Sullivan, John
Sullivan, John
Sullivan, John
Sullivan, John
Sullivan, John
Sullivan, John
Sullivan, Julia
Sullivan, Margaret
Sullivan, Margaret
Sullivan, Margaret
Sullivan, Mary
Sullivan, Mary
Sullivan, Mary
Sullivan, Michael
Sullivan, Nora
Sullivan, Pat
Sullivan, Sarah
Sullivan, Sarah
Sullivan, Thomas
Sullivan, Thos.
Sullivan, Thos.
Sullivan, Timothy
Sullivan, Timothy
Sullivan, William
Swartzba, Adelbert
Swartzba, Isaac
Swartzba, Lucy
Swartzba, Lucy
Swartzba, Ruhama
Sweeny, Ba*thy
Sweeny, Margaret
Sweeny, Mary
Swering, Ann
Swering, Bernhard
Swering, Eliz
Swering, Henry
Swering, Mary
Swering, Mary
Swering, Wm
Sylvis, Dan
Sylvis, John
Sylvis, Mary Cath
Sylvis, Rachel
T****y, Dennis
T****y, Mary A.
T****y, Michael
Tanner, Cath
Tanner, Eleanor
Tanner, Geo. W.
Tanner, Lucerna M.
Tanner, Martha J.
Tanner, Wm. W.
Taylor, Adeline E.
Taylor, Adeline P.
Taylor, Adeste
Taylor, Alice M.
Taylor, Amanda
Taylor, Amelia
TAylor, Angeline
Taylor, Angeline
Taylor, Ann E.
Taylor, Bradford I.
Taylor, Caroline
Taylor, Cath.
Taylor, Charles
Taylor, Chloe J.
Taylor, Clay
Taylor, David
Taylor, Dennis
Taylor, E. F.
Taylor, Eliza
Taylor, Ellis
Taylor, Francis C.
Taylor, Geo.
Taylor, Geo.
Taylor, Geo. B.
Taylor, Hannah E.
Taylor, Horace
Taylor, J. A. B.
Taylor, Jacob
Taylor, Jacob L.
Taylor, James
Taylor, James R.
Taylor, James R.
Taylor, Jane
Taylor, Jane B.
Taylor, Jeff
Taylor, Jerome B.
Taylor, Joel
Taylor, Joel
Taylor, John
Taylor, John K.
Taylor, Jones
Taylor, Jos. W.
Taylor, Joseph
Taylor, Josiah
Taylor, Louisa M.
Taylor, Mary
Taylor, Mary
Taylor, Mary
Taylor, Mary Ann
Taylor, Minerva
Taylor, Minerva
Taylor, R. R.
Taylor, Rachel
Taylor, Rachel
Taylor, Rosamond
Taylor, Sarah
Taylor, Sarah
Taylor, Sarah N. H.
Taylor, Sophronia A.
Taylor, Tiberius A.
Taylor, Uriah
Taylor, Willis
Taylor, Wm.
Taylor, Wm.
Taylor, Wm.
Taylor, Wm. D.
Taylor, Wm. E. S.
Teamon, Cath
Tegler, Ann
Tegler, Ann
Tegler, Anthony
Tegler, Eliz
Tegler, Elizabeth
Tegler, Francis
Tegler, Herman
Tegler, Julia
Tegler, Louisa
Tegler, Mary
Tegler, Sophia
Tegler, Wilhelm
Thayers, Alvina
Thayers, Clarissa
Thayers, David
Thayers, Henry
Thayers, Jane
Thayers, Sarah
Thayers, Sarah Ann
Thomas, Emily
Thomas, J. T.
Thomas, J.S.
Thomas, Jacob
Thomas, Martha A.
Thomas, Mary
Thompson, A. J.
Thompson, Abram
Thompson, Andrew
Thompson, Ann
Thompson, Caroline
Thompson, Cath
Thompson, Cath
Thompson, Eliza
Thompson, Elizabeth A.
Thompson, Elvira
Thompson, Eugene
Thompson, Geo.
Thompson, Geo.
Thompson, Gilbert
Thompson, Hannah
Thompson, Herbert
Thompson, Ida
Thompson, James H.
Thompson, Jane
Thompson, John
Thompson, John
Thompson, Jonathan
Thompson, Juliana
Thompson, Lyman R.
Thompson, Margaret
Thompson, Margaret
Thompson, Margaret
Thompson, Mary C.
Thompson, Nancy
Thompson, Perry
Thompson, Peter
Thompson, Peter
Thompson, Phebe J.
Thompson, R********
Thompson, Reuben
Thompson, Reuben
Thompson, Robt.
Thompson, Sarah
Thompson, Simon
Thompson, Talbot
Thorn, Jacob
Thorn, Malvina
Thorn, Thos.
Thurn, J. C.
Thurston, Eliz.
Thurston, Geo
Tibley, Alma L.
Tibley, Alvinza
Tibley, Eugene
Tibley, Geo. W.
Tibley, Mary Ann
Tibley, Ulesis O.
Tillotson, Stephen
Tillson, Ezra
Timms, Adolph
Timms, Adolph
Timms, Cath
Timons, Isaac
Tingley, Chas.
Tingley, Florence
Tingley, S.
Tingley, Sarah
Tingley, Sarah A.
Titus, Esther
Titus, John
Titus, Maria
Toberty, Cath
Toberty, Ellen
Toberty, Francis
Toberty, Jane
Toberty, Michael
Toberty, Susan
Toberty, Thos.
Tole, John
Tosier, Fred
Tosier, Geo.
Tosier, Lydia
Tosier, Mary
Tosier, Morey
Tosier, Thos.
Tot*, Americus
Tot*, Cony**da
Tot*, Mary
Tot*, Paul
Townley, Emma
Townley, John
Townley, Rosanna
Townley, Thos.
Townsend, J.R.
Trigg, Ignatius
Trisch, Francis
Trisch, Geo
Trisch, J*****
Trisch, James
Trisch, Mary
Trisch, Mathias
Trisch, Michael
Trisch, Waburga
Truesdell, H.
Tucker, A.
Tucker, John F.
Tudor, Elizabeth
Tudor, John
Tumy, Honoria
Tumy, Honoria
Tumy, J**
Tumy, J**
Tumy, John
Tumy, Margaret
Turley, Armel
Turley, Armel
Turley, Elizabeth
Turley, Ellen
Turley, Ellen
Turley, Francis
Turley, Hannah
Turley, John
Turley, John Jr.
Turley, Lucinda
Turley, Margaret
Turley, Wealthy
Turley, William
Uhl, Ann
Uhl, Cath
Uhl, Christoph
Uhl, Eliz
Uhl, Michael
Uhl, Simon
Ur****, Barbara
Ur****, Bernard
Ur****, Magadalina
Ur****, Mary
Ur****, Mary
Ur****, Mary
Ur****, Michael
Ur****, Sara
Ur****, William
Ur****, William
V*ldman, Anton
V*ldman, Casper
V*ldman, Cath
V*ldman, Christina
V*ldman, Eliz
V*ldman, John
V*ldman, John
V*ldman, Mary
V*ldman, Mary E.
Val**, Annie
Val**, Josephine
Val**, Louis
Val**, Mary
Val**, Teresa E****
Val**s, Peter
Van Norman, M.
Van Norman, Zima
VanBrabant, John
VanBrabant, Rosa
VanLiew, Abram
VanLiew, Grilette
VanLiew, J. P.
VanLiew, Rachel
VanOrsdale, Franklin
VanOrsdale, John
VanOrsdale, Mary
VanOrsdale, Sarah
VanOrsdale, Walter
VanValzak, S. A.
Vargison, Amos
Vargison, Margaret
Varner, Jesse
Vasbinder, Jane
Vasbinder, John
Vasbinder, Sam
Ve***, J*s.
Vehout, Barbara
Vehout, John
Vehout, Jos
Vehout, Leonhard
Vehout, Martin
Vehout, Martin
Vehout, Mary
Vehout, Regina
Vehout, Wensil
Verbeck, Chas.
Verbeck, Felix
Verbeck, Gustavus
Verbeck, Rosalie
Vi*l*, Dorothy
Vick, Jas
Vick, Mary E.
Visinger, Wolfgang
Vogel, Theresa
Volk, Eliz.
Volk, Eliz.
Volk, Hubbard
Volk, John
Volk, Josephine
Volk, Peter
Volk, Simon
Volmer, Adam S.
Volmer, Alfred
Volmer, Barbara
Volmer, Eliz
Volmer, Eliz.
Volmer, Henry N.
Volmer, Jac
Volmer, Jos
Volmer, Jos.
Volmer, Louis
Volmer, Mary
Volmer, Odella J. A.
Vorburg, Ed F.
Vorburg, Geo. R.
Vorburg, Geo. R.
Vorburg, James L.
Vorburg, Ophelia J.
Vosbri***, Gabriel
VosbriIIII, Darius
Vosburg, Edward
Vosburg, Emily B.
Vosburg, Emily J.
Vought, Al
W****, Alice
W****, Clarissa
W****, Orville
W****, Peter F.
W*****nt, John
W*****nt, Josephine M.
W*****nt, Margaretta
W*****nt, Mary
W*****nt, Mrs.
W*****nt, Peter
W*itoff, Henry
W*itoff, J. L.
W*itoff, Kar***
W*itoff, Margaret
W*itoff, Mary
W*itoff, Theresa
W*itoff, Theresa
Wachter, John
Wachter, John F.
Wachter, Mary Ann
Wachter, Mary B.
Wachter, Phillip
Wadsworth, Eliz.
Wadsworth, Jason
Wadsworth, Jos.
Wadsworth, Lucinda
Wadsworth, Margaret
Wagener, Mary
Wagner, Casper
Wagner, Franz
Wagner, Geo
Wagner, John
Wagner, Margaret
Wagner, Mary
Wagner, Mary
Wagner, Odelia
Wagner, Odillon
Wagner, Peter
Wainwright, C.
Wainwright, Edward
Wainwright, John
Wainwright, M.
Wainwright, M. K.
Wainwright, Mary
Wainwright, Wm.
Walinsdorf, Bernhard
Walinsdorf, Julia
Walinsdorf, Lizzie
Walinsdorf, Mary
Walinsdorf, Mary M.
Walinsdorf, Mathius
Walis, Hugh
Walker, Anthony
Walker, Cath
Walker, Cath
Walker, Francis
Walker, Herman
Walker, Hugh
Walker, John
Walker, John
Walker, Joseph
Walker, Julian
Walker, Otto
Walker, Wilhelmina
Wallace, Edmund
Wallace, Edwin
Wallace, John A.
Wallace, Mary
Wallace, Mary
Wallace, Pat
Wallace, Thos.
Walsh, Geo
Walsh, Lucy
Walt, Lawrence
Walt, Margaret
Walt, Margaret
Walt, Mary
Walt, Patrick
Walter, Ignatia
Wamsley, Geo
Wamsley, Ignatius J.
Wamsley, Mary A.
Wank, Adeline
Wank, Albert G.
Wank, Eliz.
Wank, Ferdinand
Wank, Godfrey
Wank, Louisa M. S.
Wank, Margaret
Wank, Mary R.
Wank, Theresa
Ward, Geo W.
Ward, Geo.
Ward, John
Ward, Margaret
Ward, Margaret A.
Ward, Minerva
Ward, Patrick
Ward, Philip N.
Ward, Wm. W.
Warden, Geo.
Warner, Adeline
Warner, Alzina
Warner, Andrew
Warner, Angeline
Warner, Child
Warner, Clarissa
Warner, H.
Warner, H.
Warner, Henry
Warner, Henry
Warner, Hiram
Warner, Jeanette
Warner, Laura
Warner, Laura
Warner, Leonard
Warner, Lucretia
Warner, Maria
Warner, Mary
Warner, Oscar
Warner, Pammelia
Warner, Robt.
Warner, Simon
Warner, Wm.
Warner, Wm.
Washington, David
Washington, John
Watson, Jos
Wayne, Cath
Weaver, M.
Webb, Armina
Webb, Caroline
Webb, Chas.
Webb, Elizabeth
Webb, Emily
Webb, Harriet
Webb, Jonas
Webb, Lucy
Webb, Willard
Webb, Wm. G.
Weed, A.B.
Weed, Alijah
Weed, Charlotte
Weed, Eliza J.
Weed, Justus
Wehner, Casper
Wehner, Louis
Wehner, Mary
Weidenboerner, Amanda
Weidenboerner, B.
Weidenboerner, Francis
Weidenboerner, Geo
Weidenboerner, John E.
Weidenboerner, Julia
Weidenboerner, Marie
Weidenboerner, Mary
Weidenboerner, Philomena
Weidenboerner, Rose
Weidenboerner, Theresa
Weigel, Ida
Weis, Albert
Weis, Benj.
Weis, Caroline
Weis, Chas
Weis, Chas.
Weis, Eddie
Weis, Eliz
Weis, Francis
Weis, Francis
Weis, Fred
Weis, Geo.
Weis, Geo.
Weis, Geo. Edwin
Weis, Hannah
Weis, Harry
Weis, Josephine
Weis, Julia
Weis, Juliana
Weis, Margaret
Weis, Mary
Weis, Susan
Weis, Theresa
Weis, Wm.
Weitman, Mary
Weitman, Michael
Weitman, Michael
Weitman, Wolfgang
Welch, Ed
Welch, Ellen
Welch, Isabel
Welch, John
Welch, Mary
Wells, Mary
Welsh, Chas.
Welsh, John
Welsh, Perry
Wendall, Ann
Wendall, Barbara
Wendall, Eliz
Wendall, Geo
Wendall, John
Wendall, John
Wendall, Magdalena
Wendall, Matthias
Wendall, Michael
Wensel, John
Wensel, Nancy
Werna, Magdalena
Werner, Ann
Werner, Anthony
Werner, Aug
Werner, Casper
Werner, Chris
Werner, Francis
Werner, John
Werner, John
Werner, Jos
Werner, Jos B.
Werner, Louisa
Werner, Mary M.
Werner, Michael
Werner, Sophia
Werr, Felecita
Wescott, Henry
Wescott, Ira
Wescott, Maria
Wescott, Martha
Whalen, Bridget
Whalen, Busby
Whalen, Cornelius
Whalen, David
Whalen, John
Whalen, John
Whalen, Margaret Ann
Whalen, Mary A.
Whalen, Patrick
Whalen, Wm.
Wheele*, John
Wheeler, Amos
Wheeler, G.
Wheeler, Maria
Wheeler, Marth
Wheeler, Thos.
Whelan, Mary A.
Whipple, Isaac
White, Cath E.
White, David
White, Margaret
White, Margaret
White, Mary Ann
White, Michaell
White, Pat Jno
Whitman, Jonathan
Whitmore, J. K.
Whooton, Wm.
Wickman, Ann
Wickman, Bernard
Wickman, Henry
Wickman, John H.
Wilcox, A. I.
Wilcox, Amanda
Wilcox, Angeline
Wilcox, Chloe
Wilcox, Geo. R.
Wilcox, Ida A.
Wilcox, Louisa
Wilcox, Lucius
Wilcox, Lucius
Wilcox, Lucius M.
Wilcox, Mi**
Wilcox, Phebe E.
Wilcox, Sabrina S.
Wilcox, Sahella
Wilcox, T. J.
Wilcox, Wm.
Wildf***, A.
Wildf***, Anthony
Wildf***, Geo.
Wildf***, Jacob
Wildf***, John
Wildf***, Jos.
Wildf***, Theresa
Wildf***, Wolfgang
Wilhelm, Barbara
Wilhelm, Casper
Wilhelm, Cath
Wilhelm, Cath
Wilhelm, Cath P.
Wilhelm, Eliz
Wilhelm, Eliz
Wilhelm, Eliz
Wilhelm, John
Wilhelm, John
Wilhelm, John
Wilhelm, John
Wilhelm, Jos
Wilhelm, Jos.
Wilhelm, Mary
Wilhelm, Mary
Wilhelm, Mary
Wilhelm, Mary
Wilhelm, Mary
Wilhelm, Mary
Wilhelm, Mary C.
Wilhelm, Michael
Wilhelm, Nicholas
Wilhelm, Peter
Wilhelm, Peter
Wilhelm, Peter
Wilhelm, Philip
Williams, Alex
Williams, Ann E.
Williams, Ann E.
Williams, Chas. H.
Williams, Ed G.
Williams, Frank
Williams, Frank L.
Williams, Geo. E.
Williams, Gilbert
Williams, Hiram W.
Williams, Nancy
Williams, Sam
Williamson, A.
Wilson, Artemisa
Wilson, Cath
Wilson, Cath
Wilson, Eveline
Wilson, H. R.
Wilson, Hugh F.
Wilson, Jane
Wilson, Jane E.
Wilson, John C.
Wilson, Martha
Wilson, Martha E.
Wilson, Mary Ann
Wilson, Rachel R.
Wilson, Samuel
Wilson, Sophia
Wilson, Wash.
Wilus, Albert
Wilus, Frank
Wilus, Wm.
Windfelder, Caroline
Windfelder, Geo.
Windfelder, Jos.
Windfelder, Jos.
Windfelder, Josephine
Windfelder, Mary
Windfelder, Wilhelmina
Winkelbach, Eliz.
Winkelbach, Esther C.
Winkelbach, John
Winkelbach, Wm. F.
Winslow, Ann E.
Winslow, Augustus
Winslow, Ba**
Winslow, Beulah
Winslow, Beulah
Winslow, Burton
Winslow, Byron
Winslow, Carpenter
Winslow, Chas
Winslow, Chas. H.
Winslow, Clara
Winslow, Clarence
Winslow, D. B.
Winslow, Eben
Winslow, Eliz
Winslow, Eliz.
Winslow, Geo.
Winslow, Geo. Henry
Winslow, Henry
Winslow, James
Winslow, Lafayette
Winslow, Larry
Winslow, Nelson
Winslow, R. C.
Winslow, Rebecca
Winslow, Reuben
Winslow, Reuben
Winslow, Rush
Winslow, Samantha
Winslow, Sylvanus
Winslow, W. L. G.
Winslow, Wadsworth
Winslow, Warren C.
Winslow, Wm.
Wiscott, E.
Wise, Clara
Wise, Cornelia
Wise, Eliza
Wise, Fred
Wise, Henrietta
Wise, Henry
Wise, Mary
Wise, Sebastian
Wisner, Geo
Wisner, Margaret
Wisner, Teresa
Witmeyer, Fr A
Witmeyer, John Jos.
Witmeyer, Jos
Witmeyer, Martin O.
Witmeyer, Sophia
Wittman, Ann
Wittman, Barbara
Wittman, Barbara
Wittman, Barbara
Wittman, Cath
Wittman, Eliz
Wittman, Geo
Wittman, John
Wittman, John
Wittman, John
Wittman, Jos
Wittman, Jos
Wittman, Leonard
Wittman, Leonard
Wittman, Leonard
Wittman, M.
Wittman, Mary
Wittman, Michael
Wittman, Michael
Wittman, Michael
Wittman, Placidus
Wittman, Sebastian
Wittman, Walburga
Wolf, Andrus
Wolf, Ann
Wolf, Ann
Wolf, Anton
Wolf, Cath
Wolf, Fred
Wolf, Geo
Wolf, John
Wolf, Margaret
Wolf, Mary
Wolf, Plent
Wolfe, John
Wonderly, Cath
Wonderly, Eliz.
Wonderly, Esther
Wonderly, G**gie
Wonderly, John
Wonderly, John
Wonderly, Margaret
Wonderly, Robert
Wonderly, Susana
Wood, Cath
Wood, Geo. R.
Wood, Sarah P.
Wood, Wm.
Wood, Wm.
Wood, Wm. H.
Woodbury, A. L.
Woodruff, Hiram
Woodward, Emma
Wor****, Geo
Wor****, Rich
Worden, Clara
Worden, Martha
Worden, Sylvester
Wortman, Ann M.
Wortman, Ann Mary
Wortman, August
Wortman, Barbara
Wortman, Bernard
Wortman, Christian
Wortman, Haverius
Wortman, Mary Ann
Wortman, Paulina
Wortmen, Ann
Wray, John
Wright, Ann
Wright, Gabon
Wright, Julia
Wright, Lucy
Wright, Mary E.
Wykoff, Bainbridge
Wykoff, Camilla
Wykoff, Matilda
Wylie, Aimina
Wylie, Alphius
Wylie, Harriet
Wylie, James
Wylie, James J.
Wylie, John
Wylie, Martha Jane
Wylie, Sarah
Wylie, Sarah
Wylie, Stephen
Yomans, Eli
Yound, Mary
Yound, S.
Young, Brigham
Young, Cath
Young, Geo
Young, Jane
Young, Jos
Young, Joseph
Young, Mary
Young, Peter
Young, Phillip
Young, Robt.
Young, Rose
Young, Uriah
Young, Walter
Young, Wm. U.
Ziegler, Dom.
Zimmerman, Eliz. J.
Zimmerman, John
Zimmerman, Jos.
Zimmerman, L. U.
Zimmerman, Peter A.
Zimmerman, Valentine
Zimmerman, Z.
Zimmet, John
Zimmett, Adam
Zimmett, Adam
Zimmett, Ann
Zimmett, Ann
Zimmett, Eliz
Zimmett, Eliz
Zimmett, Eliz
Zimmett, John
Zimmett, M.
Zimmett, Mary
Zimmett, Michael
Zimmett, Michael
Zimmett, Thos
Zimmett, Thos.
Zurin, Jos
Zurin, Margaret

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