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To a person unacquainted with the detail of a history of any county, a very inadequate idea of its scope can be conveyed by the expression, a History of Clearfield County. Were this work to be devoted alone to a narrative of the events of the county, it would occupy a volume much less in size than this; but when we come to consider the vast and varied interests of Clearfield County, and its large area, then we may know that the work is not over-sized. In its compilation great care has been exercised to insure correctness in general and in detail; nevertheless it would be a surprising fact, a thing unprecedented, should there be found within its covers not a single error. In its preparation the compiler has sought, and had the assistance of a number of the most capable writers of the county, who, by their contributions and efforts, have helped to make this history what it is. And there are others, too, who have freely furnished every information requested of them, and made many valuable suggestions, all of which have materially facilitated the work of the editor.
Our obligation of thanks is due to many, and among them there may be selected some of whom special mention should be made. To Hon. George R. and Colonel Walter Barrett, for assistance and courtesy uniformly extended, and for the use of a large and excellent library; to Hon. Joseph B. McEnally, for like kindness; to John Franklin Snyder, esq., for a most carefully prepared chapter on Education; to Daniel W. Moore, for a chapter on the Press; to Dr. Preston Wilson, for the chapter on the Medical Profession; to the Rev. Abram S. R. Richards, of Osceola Mills, for several valuable chapters; to Peter S. Weber, of Du Bois; A. Judson Smith, of New Millport; Captain James Dowler, of Burnside; Alonzo Potter MacLeod, esq., of Coalport; R. D. Swoope, esq., of Curwensville, and others, in various portions of the county, for the contribution of valuable and well-written chapters. In addition to these, thanks are due to the press of the county; and also to the people, generally, who, by material encouragement and support, have helped to make this work not only a success, but possible.
The volume now is before the public, and of its merits and imperfections the people of the county are to judge. Possibly some things are omitted that should have been stated, and possibly some things that are stated might better have been omitted. Should there be a fault it cannot be laid at the door of those who have aided the work, or contributed to its pages. Nothings has been said through envy, malice or hatred, but in entire fairness toward all, and with a desire to record the events as they have occurred.
With these thoughts the Memorial History of Clearfield County is placed before the people by the editor, and the publishers.


Source: Pages 3-4, History of Clearfield County, Pennsylvania, edited by Lewis Cass Aldrich, Syracuse, NY: D. Mason & Co., Publishers, 1887

Transcribed March 1999 by Alice J. Gayley for the Clearfield County Aldrich Project
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