Aldrich History Project

The Aldrich History Project is committed to the transcription of the History of Clearfield County Pennsylvania that was written in 1887 by Lewis Cass Aldrich. This history is considered to be the best Clearfield County resource for researchers. It contains very detailed information about each of the townships, including descriptions of the property and who owned it.
We owe a debt of gratitude to Patti Exster, Carol Holliday, Dick McKee, Karl Owens, and Bill Schimmel. for sponsoring this transcription project. And, Justin Houser deserves special praise for providing photocopies of the book to the transcribers.
Enough cannot be said about the volunteers who invested their time and energy into transcribing this history:

Sharol Barnett

Carole E. Holliday

Connie L. Robinson

Larry Bloom

Richard L. Hoover

Karen Rudolph

Lisa Callucci

Karen Keys

James L. Shawley

Brian Cartwright

Richard L. McKee

Linda Sommer

Patti Exster

Kim Miller

Warren Thompson

Terry Fillow

Dorcas Moseley

Eileen Hemmis Trifts

Gloria Gloss

Louise K. Muniak

Clare White

Myrna Hewlitt

Amy Ramage

 Eileen Wise

The index to the fruit of their labors is shown below

Please remember this is a work in progress. New material will be added as soon as it is transcribed. The full index of the Aldrich History appears here. However, if nothing has been transcribed for a section, the link to the section will not be operational. 


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