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Chapter LII

Ellis Irwin

Irwin, Ellis. The subject of this sketch was born on the 17 day of June, in the year,1805, near Bellefonte, Centre county. His parents were strictly pious people, members of the Society of Friends, under the teachings of which faith our subject was brought up and from which he has never since departed. His father was of Irish, and his mother of English descent. Such education as was received by Ellis Irwin, during the days of his youth, was in attending the Bellefonte Academy, and although an academic education at the time fell far short of the present standard, yet young Irwin, by diligence and close application, acquired a sufficient education to not only transact ordinary business, but which stood him in good stead in the various offices of trust and responsibility he was afterwards called upon to fill. In the year 1827, Mr. Irwin married Hannah Iddings, daughter of John and Ann Iddings of Centre county, and two years later, 1829 moved to Clearfield county and took their residence on the Grampian Hills (now Penn township), upon a farm with but very little improvement. Here for four years he battered his constitution over pine stumps and other impediments to easy farming, when finding that his physical strength was not equal to the strain imposed upon it by that occupation, he rented the farm and moved to Curwensville.

In the year 1835, Mr. Irwin was appointed by the governor to the office of prothonotory register and recorder, and clerk of the several courts of the county, which offices he held for three years. At the expiration of his term, he purchased the store of Richard Shaw in Clearfield and commenced merchandising. On the death of Prothonotary William C. Welch, Mr. Irwin was appointed by Governor Johnson to serve out the un-expired part of his term----about one and one half years. In 1846, he was appointed postmaster at Clearfield by Postmaster General Wickliff, during the administration of General Harrison. In 1843, he was elected sheriff of the county and served three years. In all the offices of the county to which he as appointed and elected, Mr. Irwin served with fidelity and satisfaction,. He as a trusted public servant, honest and capable, performing promptly and well each and every day, without fear and wholly unbiased by party or political prejudices.

In 1856, Mr. Irwin moved to Lick Run, Goshen township, where in company with his brother, William F. Irwin he had a lumbering business and where our subject still lives an conducts that business, although at the advanced age of eight two years; still hearty, reasonably strong in the enjoyment of good health and the comforts of life, earned fairly and honestly in the busy fields of life, with a consciousness of having done well and right. In 1872, Mr. Irwin was appointed postmaster at Lick Run Mills, and has held that position ever since.

In the month of February, 1881 after a married life of more than 54 years, Hannah Irwin, the esteemed and devoted wife and companion of Ellis Irwin, was called from earth. She was a woman loved and admired for her true worth and endearing qualities; possessed of quiet and gentle disposition, true Christian character and all womanly virtues.


Source: Pages 682-682, History of Clearfield County, Pennsylvania, edited by Lewis Cass Aldrich, Syracuse, NY: D. Mason & Co., Publishers, 1887.
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