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Chapter LII

Aaron W. Patchin

Patchin, Aaron W. It has frequently been remarked that the "Yankees," from New York and New England, showed the Pennsylvanians how to make lumber and how to get it to market. Be this as it may, it is nevertheless certain that the "Down easters," whether Yankees or not, brought into the lumbering county of the "upper" Susquehanna some of the most enterprising, go-ahead and prosperous people that ever settled and improved any locality. John Patchin and his descendants were excellent types of the class of people referred to, the father, John, having come to this region in 1836, and started in the lumber business in the vicinity of Burnside township, and so continued down to the time of this death in 1863.


Aaron Wright Patchin, the fourth of eight children, sons and daughters of John and Elizabeth (Wright) Patchin, was born in the town of Hague, Warren county, New York State, on the 15th day of August, 1822. He was brought up to the lumber business in the vicinity of Lake George, N.Y. (his father's former residence), near the foot hills of the famous Adirondacks, and here his early life was spent, when in 1847, he followed his father and came to the "Upper" Susquehanna. He, with other brothers, engaged extensively in the lumber business, a part of the time under the firm name and style of John Patchin & Sons. Upon the death of the father, Aaron, who seems to have been his father's chief assistant and advisor during life, acquired most of his father's real estate, having fully compensated the other heirs for their interest, and by him the vast business was successfully continued. He also was one of the executors of his father's will, his co-executor being Jackson Patchin. The extend of the lands acquired by our subject, upon his father's death, number some thousands of acres, but in enlarging his lumbering interest he has purchased much other lands, and now owns several thousands of acres scattered about in various localities, and much greater in amount than that originally given him. He, too, became the owner of the mercantile business, at Patchinville. He is the owner of the extensive saw mill at that place. During the month of April, 1887, Mr. Patchin established an extensive works at Camden, N. J. for the manufacture of spars, the material therefore being cut from his lands in this locality. At the same place he also has a lumber saw mill. Aaron W. Patchin has not been in any sense a public man; he had neither the disposition or the time to indulge in the worry of political life, although frequently pressed to become the candidate of his party--the Republican; he sought no office nor station except that to which he was clearly entitled--that of a leading businessman in the county. Upon this record, is he content to live seeking no other position but enjoying fully in his rural home, surrounded by family and friends the fruits of years of honest toil.

On the 26 day of June, 1862, Aaron W. Patchin married Elizabeth, daughter of George Barrett of Indiana county. Of this marriage, ten children have been born, eight of whom are still living.


Source: Pages 683-684, History of Clearfield County, Pennsylvania, edited by Lewis Cass Aldrich, Syracuse, NY: D. Mason & Co., Publishers, 1887.
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