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I am researching my grandfather's family, Walter John SMITH and I was able to piece together from what my mom remembers and family lore. I have found Joseph in the U.S. Census from 1880-1930, seeking to contact the grandfather's brothers and sisters, according to my great-grandmother's obit, she is survived by 93 SURVIVORS, 43 grandchildren and 41 great-grandchildren. besides her (5) daughters and (3) sons. What I have posted is the summary of my research so far.

SMITH Joseph was born 14 May 1878 in Lower Saucon Township, Bethlehem, Pa and was married on 4 Jun 1898 in Lutheran Congregation Of Christ Union Church, Hellertown, Pa. He died 28 Apr 1924 in St. Luke's Hospital, Bethlehem, Pa and was buried 1 May 1924 in Fountain Hill Cemetery, Bethlehem, Pa.

Joseph married DRAUCH Mary Elizabeth , daughter of DRAUCH Leidy and HELCHNER Ellen, on 4 Jun 1898 in Lutheran Congregation Of Christ Union Church. Mary was born3 3 Dec 1880 in Lower Saucon Township, Bethlehem, Pa and was married on 6 4 Jun 1898 in Lutheran Congregation Of Christ Union Church, H, Pa . She died 10 Dec 1970 in St. Francis Hospital, Trenton, NJ and was buried 12 Dec 1970 in Fountain Hill Cemetery, Bethlehem, Pa.

They had 12 children, including my grandfather, Walter John SMITH. Here are the children:

Florence SMITH was born 3 Jul 1899. She died before 1930. Florence married WOODRING John. Little is known about Florence but she died as young woman, she was living with Joseph and Mary from 1900-1920, she was listed as Divorcee in the 1920 census. According to Joseph's obit, he is survived by grandchildren and I am assuming they were Florence's.

Preston J. SMITH was born 10 May 1901 and died 27 Feb 1960. Preston married Winifred L. BECK, daughter of Charles BECK and Kathe rine DELONG about 1929. Winifred was born 29 May 1907 in Bingen, Pa and was married on about 1929 . She died 8 Apr 1993 in Westminster Village, Allentown, Pa and was buried 13 Apr 1993 in Memorial Park, Bethlehem, Pa. Preston and Winifred had 2 children, Donald and Nancy SMITH. Seeking to contact the decendants of Donald and Nancy (SMITH) Webster.

Warren Robert SMITH Sr was born about 1903 and died 13 May 1947. Warren married COOL Eva J. about 1922. Eva was born 8 Jan 1903 and she died Dec 1980 in Bethlehem, Northampton Co., PA. They had the 6 children: Mildred, Curtis C., Warren Robert Jr., Albert R., George P., Ernest . Seeking to contact the children of Warren and Eva J. and thier decendants.

Ralph E. SMITH was born 9 Feb 1906. He died Dec 1980 in Bethlehem, Northampton Co., PA. Little is known about Ralph, seeking information about Ralph and any family he might have had and to contact his decendants.

Viola G. SMITH w as born 17 Aug 1908 and died 14 Jul 1993. According to my research, Viola married three times and had children with each of her husbands, 1st husband was a ROMIG, 2nd husband MOYER, 3rd husband was Raymond RUTH. Seeking to contact the children of each of the husband and their decendants.

Edward Peter SMITH was born 3 Feb 1910 and died 25 Mar 1955. Edward married Gladys BARTHOLD. Gladys was born 13 Nov 1914. They had 4 children: SMITH Edward Joseph, Edward is believed have died in the Korean Conflict. George Philip SMITH, David Barthold (Allen) SMITH, Thomas Charles SMITH.

Walter John SMITH was my grandfather.

Dorothy M. SMITH was born 3 Jul 1914 and died Nov 1981. Dorothy married Owen WILLAMS Sr. Owen was born 24 Apr 1911. He died 13 Oct 1984 in Ackermanville, Northampton, Pennsylvania. They had 8 children:

            Virginia WILLAMS.Virginia married Alex TUROCZI.

            Elizabeth WILLAMS. Elizabeth married EVERETT Roderick

           Delores WILLAMS. Delores married VAVARRE Marvin. Delores also married            a NABARRE.

           Joyce WILLAMS. Joyce married ALBERT James.

          WILLAMS Owen Jr was born 8 Sep 1932 and died 29 Dec 1996. Owen married            Helen ALTEMUS. They have 3 children. Seeking to contact them as well.


SMITH Anna was born about 1917. Anna married ELINE. Little is known about Anna and her family, seeking information and to contact the decendants of Anna Eline.

SMITH Charles T. was born 19 Apr 1921. He died 26 Jan 1988 in Whitehall, Lehigh, Pennsylvania. Charles married ELINE Arlene. Seeking information and to contact the decendants of Charles and Arlene (Eline) SMITH.

SMITH Verna was born 7 Nov 1922 and died 28 Jun 1998. Verna married HARTNAGLE Arthur. Arthur died Feb 1977. They had 9 children:

      HARTNAGLE Florence Theresa was born 25 Apr 1940 and died 5 Mar 2003.

      HARTNAGLE Sara Jane was born 30 May 1941.

      HARTNAGLE Robert Joseph "Bobby" was born 30 Jun 1942 in St. Luke's       Hospital, Bethlehem, Pa. He died 16 Dec 1994 in Lambertville,       Hunterdon, New Jersey.

      HARTNAGLE Arthur Joseph Jr was born 29 Sep 1943.

      HARTNAGLE Charles Kraiser was born 3 Jun 1947 in Mercer Hospital,       Trenton, NJ. He died 25 Mar 1980 in NJ.

      HARTNAGLE George Allen was born 3 Jun.

      HARTNAGLE James Edward was born 21 Nov 1948 and died 18 Oct 2001.

      HARTNAGLE Mary Elizabeth was born 17 Aug 1954.

      HARTNAGLE Leona Louise was born 10 Sep 1960.

         Verna also married (2) ROCHE John J.

 SMITH Catherine "Kathyrn" was born 6 Nov 1924 and died 25 Oct 2004. Kathyrn married FLUCK Albert and they had 1 child. FLUCK Barbara. Barbara married LEIBY. Seeking information about Kathyrn and Albert and their family and their decendants.

Anyone with information on this family please contact me at joeandsteph@cqservices with this subject: Child of Joseph and Mary (Druch) SMITH: (and the n ame of the child). Thank you for any help in tracking down this family.




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