Excerpts from the Journal of Abraham Rudolph 

Jefferson County Pennsylvania
1816 to 1859

5/1/1816 Abraham RUDOLPH was born May 1st A.D. 1816. Family Record of Abraham Rudolph
10/7/1819 Catherine RUDOLPH (consort of A.R.) was born October 7th A.D. 1819. Family Record of Abraham Rudolph
4/1/1827 Emily RUDOLPH (consort of A.R.) was born April 1st A.D. 1827. Family Record of Abraham Rudolph
11/15/1838 Abraham RUDOLPH and Catherine RHOADS was married November 15th A.D. 1838. Family Record of Abraham Rudolph
12/1/1839 Phineas Silvester RUDOLPH was born December 1st at one oclock P.M. A.D. 1839. Family Record of Abraham Rudolph
8/12/1841 boy baby dead born 9 P.M. Aug 12th 1841. Family Record of Abraham Rudolph
5/2/1843 Diana Temperance RUDOLPH was born May 2nd at three oclock A.M. A.D. 1843. Family Record of Abraham Rudolph
1/27/1845 Abraham Augustus RUDOLPH was born January 27th at half past one oclock A.M. A.D. 1845. Family Record of Abraham Rudolph
1/9/1847 John W. Jenks RUDOLPH was born January 9th at eight oclock A.M. A.D. 1847. Family Record of Abraham Rudolph
4/7/1847 Catherine RUDOLPH (consort of A.R.) departed this life April 7th 1847. Family Record of Abraham Rudolph
7/14/1847 John W. Jenks RUDOLPH departed this life July 14th at eight oclock P.M. A.D. 1847. Family Record of Abraham Rudolph
12/2/1847 Abraham RUDOLPH and Emily LEECH was married December 2nd A.D. 1847. Family Record of Abraham Rudolph
9/9/1848 Wilson Jenks RUDOLPH was born September 9th at half past twelve oclock P.M. A.D. 1848. Family Record of Abraham Rudolph
4/26/1850 Catherine Elizabeth RUDOLPH was born April 26th at about one oclock A.M. A.D. 1850. Family Record of Abraham Rudolph
7/14/1851 John G. Thompson RUDOLPH was born July 14th at two oclock A.M. A.D. 1851. Family Record of Abraham Rudolph
7/17/1852 .to Abraham VARNERS to the burying of Margaret VARNER (child).
12/30/1852 Rebecca KERR is to be married to Geo LEECH.
3/8/1853 to Jac BEEHLs to wake his wife.
3/9/1853 to Jac BEEHLs to go to the burial of his wife.
3/29/1853 Franklin Pierce RUDOLPH was born March 29th at Seven oclock P.M. A.D. 1853. Family Record of Abraham Rudolph
9/5/1853 Abraham VARNER die this evening about eight oclock.
9/6/1853 We buryed A. VARNER this afternoon about five oclock.
12/6/1853 to graveyard on Rhoads place to burying of Mr. FRANTZ Sr.
1/31/1854 Jac RUDOLPH sent after me to go to his for his child diedto Punxsutawney to get the coffin made.
2/1/1854 I from home to Punxsutawney for the coffin for Reuben RUDOLPH son of J and Hannah RUDOLPHthen to Rhoads grave yard then back to Jacob RUDOLPHs.
5/11/1854 to Jno CARIEs to set up to wake old Misses CARY (she died last night).
5/12/1854 to Punxsutawney to burying Misses CARY.
8/8/1854 at Jacob WAGNERs wake his mother.
8/21/1854 We go to Andrew KUHNLIEs to wake their baby.
3/22/1855 Jac. BEEHL got mar.
6/25/1855 Grace Griffith RUDOLPH was born June 25th at half past eleven oclock P.M. A.D. 1855. Family Record of Abraham Rudolph
9/6/1855 to William WILLIANSONs his wife laying a corpseto graveyard in Bowers Bowers Settlement at the C. P. Church where we buryed Sister WILLIAMSON.
12/16/1855 I go to Jac. BEEHLs this night his wife die.
12/18/1855 to Duch meetinghouse to burying (Mrs. BEEHL).
4/30/1856 to Henry KUNTZes to the funeral of his wifefuneral procefsion went to the graveyardat the Dutch Meeting House near D. GRAFFUISes.
5/1/1856 I at Jno RUDOLPHs today and night five times to see my Mother she is very low all day and she died tonight about twelve oclock from from the effects of the cancer on her left breast.
5/1/1856 This is my birthday today I am forty yrs old.
5/3/1856 to the graveyard near Rhoadses where we buryed Mother today. Sherwood preached the funeral sermon at Jno RUDOLPHs.
11/2/1856 to Jacob ZIMMERMANs his wife laying a corpse.
11/2/1856 I attend funeral of Rev. Thos WILSON a brother Odd Fellow.
11/3/1856 to Dutch Church and graveyard then I helped bury Mrs. ZIMMERMAN.
2/18/1857 I heard that Michael BOWERS got kill on the spot by the falling of a tree or limb while he was at work.
3/27/1857 Harried Packer RUDOLPH was born March 27th 1857 at half after 1 oclock A.M. Family Record of Abraham Rudolph
5/11/1857 One of Dr. DOWLINGs boys died very suddenly (apoplectic fit).
6/1/1857 I heard that brother G. F. REESER is dead. (note: Rev. G. F. REESER is mentioned on later dates).
6/21/1857 to Samuel GRAFFIUSes to the wake of old Mrs. GRAFFUIS.
6/22/1857 to Mrs. GRAF. Funeral.
6/22/1857 I made a family record for William G. RONEY.
7/1/1857 CORP got throwed of a wagon and got so bust that he has since died. (this accident happened on Sunday (June 28) and he died Sunday night.
7/4/1857 I walked to Punxsutawney to the funeral of Mrs. TORRENCE.
7/15/1857 to Punxsutawney at the funeral of Mrs. Adam MILLER.
7/30/1857 to John SMYERS to the funeral of Mrs. P. SMYERS then to the graveyard on Jno CARYs place.
8/21/1857 I drove to Joseph COCHRANs his sister died this morning about eight oclockI rode to Joseph COCHRANs to his sister Sarahs wake.
8/22/1857 I rode back to Joseph COCHRANs, then to Punxsutawney graveyard where S. COCHRAN is buryed.
10/8/1857 This day Jacob BEEHL got married which is the third time for him.
10/8/1857 This day Jacob BEEHL got married which is the third time for him.
11/5/1857 Married by A. RUDOLPH, Frederic HUMMEL of Clearfield County and Elizabeth Ellen RUPERT of Jefferson County, both of Pennsylvania. A. RUDOLPH, J.P. ($2.00)
11/5/1857 I went to Reuben RUPERTs to the wedding. I married Fredric HUMMEL and Elizabeth Ellen RUPERT (eldest daughter of Reuben RUPERT)John RHOADS and wife, Jacob BEEHL and wife and his mother Mrs. HILEBRUN (widow) and myself and wife all at wed.
2/13/1858 I went to the funeral of Mifs Anne MCCRACKEN daughter of Sheriff Jas MCCRACKEN.
2/17/1858 Mrs. S. MCGEE died today at 11 oclock A.M. at Joseph HAUCK.
2/18/1858 to Joseph HAUCKs to the funeral of Mrs. S. MCGEEto graveyard (on Jno Carys place).
3/10/1858 I walked to Punxsutawney to the funeral (William H. MCKEE).
3/15/1858 Mrs. Jacob STIGERS dropped dead this morning while she was getting breakfast for her family.
3/16/1858 I rode to Jacob STIGERs, then to the graveyard at the Bowers school house in funeral procefsion of Mrs. Jacob STIGERS.
5/6/1858 I rode to Punxsutawney to go the funeral of grandmother MCKEE.
11/15/1858 Emma Lee RUDOLPH was born November 15th 1858 at half past 5 oclock P.M. Family Record of Abraham Rudolph
2/2/1859 C. WISE and Sarah RHOADS got married this night.
2/11/1859 I walked to P HANEYs to the burying of old Mrs. HANEY. She is buried near to Patricks house. (some twenty rods from the house).
3/18/1859 I walked to Jno GREENs to the funeral of an infant child of histhen we walked to the Graveyard (Rinehart burying ground).
4/10/1859 to the Grube schoolhouse to preaching Mr. DEFORD preached Hannah BROOKS funeral.
4/26/1859 H. ZIMMERMAN B. WEAVER got married.
5/20/1859 I talked this evening against the girls wearing hoops. of all the fashions I hate the hoops worst.
5/21/1859 Old Mrs. BOWERS died last night.
5/22/1859 to Samuel COFFMANs to the funeral of Old Grandmother BOWERS she was in her ninety fourth yearto the graveyard (near Phillip BOWERS).
5/31/1859 I walked to George RHOADs in McCalmont Township to a wedding I married John MCNUT to Elizabeth HORRUM.
5/31/1859 Married by A. RUDOLPH, John MCNUTT and Elizabeth HORUM all of Jefferson County, Penna. A. RUDOLPH J.P. ($2.50)
6/2/1859 Married by me, Hardman RICHARDS of Clearfield County and Anna Maria KERR of Jefferson County Penna. A. RUDOLPH J.P. ($5.00) broken bann (k)
6/2/1859 I rode to David KERRs in Paradise. I married Hardman RICHARDS to Anna Marie KERR this afternoon. (he is from Clearfield Co.).

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