Excerpts from the Journal of Abraham Rudolph 

Jefferson County Pennsylvania
1870 to 1888

3/15/1870 to J. J. DEFORDs Catherine E. his wife delivered a child (girl) this afternoon. It live but a few minutes than died.
3/16/1870 to the Lutherian Church buried C. E. DEFORDs baby.
4/6/1870 to the Lutherian Churchyard to the burying of Henry GRAYs child that got scalded a few days ago.
4/10/1870 to T. A. VARNERs at Browns Mills (his little boy baby died last evening)to the graveyard at Mount Pleasant Church to help bury T.A. VARNERs child.
4/12/1870 Another of H GRAYs children died (scarlet fever)
4/13/1870 to H GRAYsto the graveyard at the Lutherian Church buried the child.
4/27/1870 to D. FOLTZeswith the funeral of FOLTZes childto the Rhoads graveyard.
5/25/1870 D. C. GILLESPIEs child drowned.
7/19/1870 walked over to Jno RHOADs to sit up with Mother RHOADs. She died at Eleven oclock P.M.
7/20/1870 rode to E. BAIRs with measure for coffinMother RHOADs buryed.
7/31/1870 T.L. MITCHEL died.
7/31/1870 I walked up to A. J. MUNKs stoped seen his dead child.
8/2/1870 to Punxsutawney to T. L. MITCHELs funeral. S MILES preached in the Baptist Church then to the graveyard.
8/14/1870 D. A. RHOADS & E. HAUCK married.
8/21/1870 drove over to C. A. SPINDLERs to his fathers funeral then I drove in the procefsion down to Punxsutawney to the Lutherian graveyard seen Henry SPINDLER buryed.
8/27/1870 Alex CAMPBELL died today.
8/28/1870 to Alex CAMPBELLs (services by some Baptist preacher) back to Punxsutawney in the procefsion till D.P. FRAMPTONs housethe corpse to the graveyard. The Masons had charge of the corpse and deposited itand droped in the evergreen.
9/29/1870 Two of J.H. BELLs girls married CARLILE & WINSLOW.
10/19/1870 I rode up to W.M. COCHRANs to Jno COCHRANs funeral then I went in the funeral procefsion.
2/12/1871 to T.A. ANDERSONs one of his little girls deadto the Bower graveyard where they buryed the child.
5/8/1871 S. JORDON killed his wife.
6/15/1871 Adam WEAVER & Susan GRUBE married.
7/23/1871 drove through Punxsutawney out to Wm ELWOODs to funeral of one of his daughters (Christian)Rev COOPER preached then I brought CARY & wife & Magie MYERS to Punxsutawney to the graveyard where Mifs ELWOOD was buriedlarge funeral 25 wagons & buggies.
8/15/1871 I drove up to T.D. KERRs sung & prayed then went to the graveyard seen Mrs. T.D. KERR buried in the Bowers grave yard (T.D. KERRs wife (2nd) buried).
8/31/1871 P.E. SMYERS died this morning.
9/1/1871 I drove down to P.E.SMYERS in Big Run Rev. GUEFSFORD preached P.E. SMYERS funeral then I drove to the graveyard on John CARYs place.
9/28/1871 to Prescotville then to ReynoldsvilleI rode in the funeral procefsion (of John REYNOLDS esq.) up to Prescotville to the Baptist Church then to the graveyard up at ProspectJohn REYNOLDS esq. Buried by the Masonic Fraternity.
12/13/1871 Mrs. KUNTZ died.
12/15/1871 to Adam KUNTZes I helped to cary out old Mrs. KUNTZes corpse.
12/15/1871 J.E. GILLESPIEs son died (Big Run).
12/17/1871 on Geo WEAVERs hack down to Big Run to John GILLESPIEs his son W.G. corpse the funeral procefsion started.
12/19/1871 C.J. & T.L. LEECHrode to Pittsburgh. seen J.M.MCGAGOR U.S. Pension Agent(took) C.J. & T.L.LEECH...crofsed the Ohio River to Philipsburgher to Soldiers Orphan School. T.L. LEECH not satisfied wants to go back home to his Mother.
1/6/1872 I was at the funeral of Mrs. Fred HOEH Rev COOPER preached the funeral sermon in the Lutherian church on the hill.
1/18/1872 Mrs. JOICEs baby died.
1/19/1872 I walked down to Isaac RUDOLPHs stayed there till after dinner then I sung and prayed then closed the coffin of Mrs. JOICEs little Willie then I drove my teamto the Rhoads graveyard seen the grave filled up.
1/23/1872 J.B. HAUCK died of scarlet fever.
1/25/1872 Emily and I rode over to T.M. HAUCKs I sung and prayed then I took Mrs. P.B. WEAVER in my sleigh and drove in the funeral procefsion down to the Lutherian Church Rev. COOPER preached J.B. HAUCKs funeral sermon then to the graveyard.
3/3/1872 I walked back to T.D. KERRs attend KERR he died this night about Eleven oclock P.M.
3/5/1872 I took Rebecca LEECH in the sleigh with me to the graveyard (Bowers) where we buried T.D. KERRHAMILTON read T.D. KERRs will I am appointed his executor.
3/11/1872 We walked to D.W. KERRS in Big Run I sung and prayed then rode with David & T. KERR to the Bowers graveyard where D.W. KERR buried his youngest child.
5/5/1872 David SMYERS one child died.
6/26/1872 I rode up to the widow COCHRANs then I rode in the funeral procefsion down to MILLIRONs then with young MAHOLON (?) down to Bells store then we rode behind to the graveyard at Punxsutawney (Oran COCHRAN buried at Puns).
7/12/1872 I rode down to Punxsutawney to Birtha MCKEEs funeral. The Good Templars met in the Lodge then in procesion to the house of Deced's step fathers then to the Baptist Church GUIFSFORD preached the sermon then to the graveyard.
7/21/1872 down to D.S. GRAFFUIS (one of his little girls died this morning). (D.S. GRAFFUIS Sally died).
7/24/1872 Janie and Lincoln LEECH came through town from Soldiers Orphans home in Phillipsburgh, Beaver County PA.
10/24/1872 Caroline KUNTZ married.
10/29/1872 down to Big Run to David KERRs (I met Theodore KERR) Anderson KERR died about Eleven oclock A.M.
10/30/1872 Emily & I rode to Big Run to David KERRs I drove to the Bowers graveyard Anderson KERR buryed.
12/29/1872 down to R JOHNSON ZIELIE preached JOHNSON funeral I one of the pall bearers. Then I helped to bury JOHNSON
3/11/1873 rode up to Jacob HILLIARDs his little girl died this morning at 4 oclock A.M. (J. HILLIARDs child died).
3/12/1873 rode up to Jacob HILLIARDs sung a hymn and prayed then I rode to the graveyard (Bowers) seen Jacob HILLIARDs child buried.
3/25/1873 to J.B. SMYERS helped drefs Frederick RINEHART then helped to sing, then helped to carry RINEHART out to the wagon then rode as near the graveyard as we could get then I helped to carry the corpse ...helped to bury him (RINEHART) (F. RINEHART buried).
3/27/1873 Jno KUNTZ & Mary RUSEBARGER (?) married.
4/19/1873 Peter SMITH died 7 A.M.
4/20/1873 to the Lutherian Church then Daniel COOPER preached the funeral sermon then I helped to carry the corps out to the grave and helped bury him (P SMITH). (Peter SMITH buried at the Lutherian Church).
5/7/1873 D.J. SMYERS child died this morning.
5/8/1873 to SMYERS I sung and prayed, then Emily and I rode with the Funeral to the Bowers graveyard I helped to bury D.J. & E. SMYERS child.
5/11/1873 I rode down through Big Run to D.W.KERRs in Henderson Township sung & prayed helped to carey out the corpse of D.W.Ks little girl.
6/2/1873 down through Big Run to B.L..GRAYs he died about noon today.
6/3/1873 Jas GRAY and I walked up to his fathers about till this afternoon sung and hymn. P ENTERLINE prayed then went in the procefsion to the grave seen the friends bury B.L. GRAY sr sung a hymn while they filled up the grave. (B.L. GRAY buried on his own lot)
6/25/1873 we rode over to E.C. COCHRANs his child deadto the Lutherian Church Rev. D. COOPER preached the funeral (I closed the coffin and helped to carry to the grave. (Elias C. COCHRAN child buried).
6/29/1873 we walked to the Church ZIELIE preached B.L. GRAYs funeral.
7/10/1873 Calvin BROOKS died.
8/4/1873 Joseph HAUCK buried.
8/7/1873 I walked up to David MCKEES (Mary MCKEE daughter of D. MCKEE) died at 3 oclock this morning.
8/8/1873 to David MCKEEs then with the funeral to Punxsutawney where I helped to bury Mary MCKEE.
8/24/1873 Rev. JEFFYS baptist preached Mrs. HILLIARDs funeral.
9/5/1873 at Rev. J.M. ZIELIES till the funeral started (his child) to Hopewell I helped carry out the child (baby).
11/18/1873 A.A.R.s (Abraham Augustus RUDOLPH) wife got a baby 8 1/4 A.M.
11/30/1873 B. KUNTZ sick (girl).
1/8/1874 I rode down to Big Run to W.P. COCHRANs funeral then I rode in company with Rev. M. MILLER to Mount Pleasant Church helped to bury W.P. COCHRAN. large funeral.
1/11/1874 I walked down to Big Run to Sunday School then Rev. M. MILLER preached W.P. COCHRANs funeral sermon.
2/6/1874 up to Alex ZUFALLs to let him know that Geo son of J.G. ZUFALL died last night.
2/22/1874 I walked with some young men over to Wm FOLTZs to wake his little girl (Lena FOLTZ died).
2/24/1874 I walked over to Wm FOLTZs Rev. M. MILLER came to FOLTZs conducted the funeral services then I helped to carry out the corps then I rode on Jno RUDOLPHs wagon out to the Riter Church I sung a hymn at the grave while it was being filled up (Lena FOLTZ)
3/23/1874 up to P.S.R.s (Phineas Sylvester RUDOLPH) J.A. died this night.
3/24/1874 up to P.S.R.s (Phineas Sylvester RUDOLPH) to the funeral of his little son James A.R.
3/31/1874 G.W. RHOADS little boy died scarlet f.
4/2/1874 I rode up to George W RHOADS to see how they are...me of our folks went to G.W.R. then to the graveyard to bury GWRs little boy.
4/19/1874 I rode from D.G. MCELWAINs to Jacob GRUBEs waked him then to Jno GRAFFUIS waked them to let them know of Thos MCELWAINs deathI rode to D.G. MCELWAINs to Thos. funeral.
4/20/1874 I rode down to D.G. MCELWAINs Frank died. I walked to near to I MCELWAINs but dare not go to house they are so afraid of the scarlet fever. got Mrs GRAFFUIS to go over to D.G. MCELWAINs to sit up this night. (Franky MCELWAIN died).
6/21/1874 we rode to the Lutherian Church MILLER preach Thos McELWAINs funeral sermon.
7/7/1874 I walked back to Big Run stoped at Adam HILLIARD his little boy died this afternoon 2 P.M.
7/8/1874 I went to Adam HILLIARDs to the funeral of his little boy (Jose).
7/23/1874 M.A.CLINE & G. G. R. married by Rev M. MILLER (M.A.CLINE & Grace G. RUDOLPH married).
8/2/1874 I walked over to Samuel COFFMANs sawmill to Mr. DREWs. I read and sung and prayed with the people Mrs. DREW being a corpsethen back to the church Rev. M. MILLER preached Mrs. DREWs funeral.
8/19/1874 out to Alex DUFFs their little boys funeral after short services by Rev. HOFFMIRE.
8/23/1874 I was invited P ENTERLINE to go to Mr. FULTONs to conduct services at the funeral of Mr FULTONs only child then walked to FULTON read sung & prayed then with the funeral to the graveyard.
10/10/1874 Hannah H. LEECH married.
11/23/1874 George SMITH got killed this afternoon a tree fell on him and killed him instantly and Joseph GRUBE came near being killed with same. The wind blowed the tree down.
11/24/1874 I walked over to the Widow COCHRANs to George SMITHs funeral M. MILLER preached the funeral sermon then I drove M. MILLER buggy over to the Cary Graveyard where we buried George SMITH.
12/8/1874 Jacob DAVIS died.
12/9/1874 J. DAVIS buried.
1/15/1875 D MCKEEs sister died.
1/29/1875 the funeral procefsion of Mrs. P.B. DEPPthen down to George WAHOBsover into Bell township to P.B.DEPPsback to the Big Run M.E. Church then Rev. M. MILLER preached the funeral of sister DEPPon MCGEEs sled to the graveyard.
2/13/1875 I rode in the sleigh down to Big Run to KLINEs then to the graveyard with KLINE & Adam HILLIARD to bury G.G. KLINEs stillborn child.
3/5/1875 I drove to D.J. SMYERS shop got a rough box then took it up to the graveyard thento Abraham MILLIRONs read & prayed before the corps were lifted then Emily and I rode with the procefsion Mrs. J. MILLIRON got into my sleighwith us up to the graveyard.
3/9/1875 Old Mrs. HAUCK died.
3/11/1875 up Mr. Daniel HAUCKs sr then in the funeral procefsion down to the Lutherian Church Rev. MANGUS preached then buried Mrs. HAUCK. (Mrs. HAUCK buried age 80y, 6m, 14d.)
3/14/1875 I walked up to MCGEEs house read sung and prayed before they lifted the corps of their baby I went part way to the graveyard.
3/16/1875 down to Big Run to D.W.KERRs he died this afternoon at two o'clock.
3/16/1875 J.G. GROFF died.
3/17/1875 down to Big Run to D.W. KERRs then to the church M. MILLER preached D.W. KERRs funeral sermon then in the procefsion to the graveyard buried him.
3/18/1875 I rode to Punxsutawney I went to J.G.GROFFs house then in the funeral procefsion up to the Duch Lutherian graveyard to see J.G. GROFF buried then into the church heard a Duch sermon preached. I couldn't understand it.
3/24/1875 drove down to Enoch FARRENSWORTHrode with him Reve. JEFFRYS preached the funeral sermon of Mifs FARRENSWORTH then we rode to the graveyard (Cary) buried the woman.
5/1/1875 down to Jos GRUBEs old house or the Grangers Lodge..several men & women and boys and girls Jacob GRUBEs birthday I pulled his ears he pulled mine for this is my 59th birthday. several females tried to pull my ears then the men hoisted J GRUBE ane I.
5/1/1875 Harriet KERR died.
5/3/1875 to the Church. Rev. MILLER preach Harriet KERRs funeral sermon thento the graveyard and back to KERRs (Granny KERR buried).
5/25/1875 Mr. SNYDER died.
5/26/1875 Mr. SNYDER funeral left G.S. WEAVERs this afternoon.
6/4/1875 down to John MILLIRONs to Ady MILLIRONs funeral then to the church at Big Run Rev. M. MILLER preached the funeral sermon then we rode to the graveyard then home. (Mrs. MILLIRON fainted at the graveyard). (Andy MILLIRON buried).
7/7/1875 to TRIVELEYs. I lanced a beeling on their little boy.
7/8/1875 TRIVELYs child died this night.
7/9/1875 Mifs Maggie HENRICKS (Mrs. TRIVELEYs oldest daughter) and I rode in buggy to TRIVELEYs.
7/10/1875 to Mr. TRIVELYs I sung and prayed before the funeral left the houseon to the Church Rev. KING preached the funeral sermon then we buried little Frankie in the Lutherian graveyard.
9/6/1875 to Mrs. MUNDRIFFs funeral MILLER preached.
9/10/1875 to A.B. HOEHs to see about how they are situated he got his house burnt yesterday morninghe and his wife away at Peter WEAVERs funeral
11/20/1875 Mrs. PIFER buried.
12/1/1875 Mrs. D. GILLESPIE buried.
1/3/1876 Samuel RHOADS died this morn.
1/5/1876 at Samuel RHOADS funeral rode from the house up to Troutville Church John REIMS preached the funeral sermon then we rode to the Sugart graveyard seen S.R. buried.
2/21/1876 I went to A HILLIARDs their little child died this morning.
2/22/1876 MILLER talked and exhorted at the funeral of A HILLIARDs child Sister HILLIARD stayed in the church till the people went and buried her child (she not being able to go to the graveyard).
5/25/1876 to Andrew HAUCKs again. Daniel HAUCK Sr. died this after while I was at A.H.s a little after 3 P.M.
5/26/1876 I walked to the Lutherian Church MANGUS preached Mr. HAUCKs funeral sermon then to see him buried.
8/7/1876 Mrs. HILLIARD died.
8/8/1876 down to Big Run to the M.E. Church Rev. M. MILLER preached Mrs. Caroline HILLIARD funeral sermon them Emily and I walked up to the graveyard seen her buried.
8/24/1876 H FAUCKNER Jr. married.
2/11/1888 Over to Jacob CRAMERs his birthday (48th)
2/18/1888 funeral of Daniel COUCHes son we got near the house as the procefsion startedto Mount Pleasant church Rev. GIBSON preached to a large congregation the interment took place.
4/9/1888 We walked to Mercy Anne HAUCKs her birthday party.
4/13/1888 John RUDOLPH birthday he was surprised.
4/21/1888 I walked up to P.S.R.s (Phineas Sylvester RUDOLPH) and M.E.Rs (Mary Elizabeth RUDOLPH) birthday surprise quite a number of persons came some forty took dinner.

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