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NameDate of DeathCommentsLocation Code
WEAVER, Anna Mae (O'Neill) [Mrs. Donald L.]1990-10-21+Death NoticeROC-146
WEAVER, Anthony "Tony"1994-12-28MFC-W-R-31A
WEAVER, Arthur L.1990-07-07+Death NoticeMFC-W-R-28
WEAVER, Charlotte O. [Mrs. Anthony "Tony"]2000-03-17JHOC-W
WEAVER, Clarence P.1982-12-05HCO-149
WEAVER, Clarenton L. "Bud"2000-06-18JHOC-W
WEAVER, Clyde E.1997-03-03HCO-152
WEAVER, Concetta (Vasallo) [Mrs. Ernest]1998-09-15JHOC-W
WEAVER, David L., Sr.2001-04-22JHOC-W
WEAVER, Effie Mae (Lint) [Mrs. Harry Paul]1998-07-15JHOC-W
WEAVER, Elizabeth (Sherbondy) [Mrs. Frank]1991-08-30+Death NoticeMFC-W-R-31
WEAVER, Estella (Shoaf) [Mrs. Clarence P.]1991-03-28+Death NoticeHCO-146
WEAVER, Esther M.1998-11-17HCO-153
WEAVER, Florence R. Nemitz1996-05-25JHOC-W
WEAVER, Frank Parks1984-__-__News Article OnlyMFC-W-R-29
WEAVER, Gerald W. "Jerry"1989-12-20MFC-W-R-28
WEAVER, Harold F.1991-02-12+Death NoticeMFC-G-R-6A
WEAVER, Hazel M. (Saxton) [Mrs. Charles L.]1993-05-26HCO-148
WEAVER, Helen V.1985-09-02MFC-W-R-29A
WEAVER, Hilda M. (Riegel) [Mrs. Clyde E.]1998-10-23HCO-153
WEAVER, James A.1967-02-02MFC-W-R-31
WEAVER, Laura Irene (Gongaware) [Mrs. Clifford R.]1984-11-11MFC-W-R-29
WEAVER, Madge C.1995-07-18MFC-W-R-31
WEAVER, Marilyn "Joanne" (Simler)2000-03-18JHOC-W
WEAVER, Marion L. (Good) [Mrs. William H.]1989-01-15+Death NoticeMFC-W-R-29A
WEAVER, Maude Ferguson [Mrs. Elmer F.]1991-11-19Two Different Obituaries +Death NtcMFC-W-R-31
WEAVER, Miriam W. (Watson) [Mrs. Alvan S.]1991-02-05+Death NoticeMFC-W-R-28
WEAVER, Myrtle (Sphon) [Mrs. John]2000-03-21HCO-151
WEAVER, Nina Lynn Soisson [Mrs. Kirk]2004-03-10+PhotoMFC-W-R-30
WEAVER, Patricia A. (Savarese) [Mrs. Joseph E.]1999-10-10ROC-148
WEAVER, Ray1996-08-21JHOC-W
WEAVER, Roberta F. "Bobbi" Watt1999-05-22JHOC-W
WEAVER, Samuel J.1995-09-08MFC-W-R-30
WEAVER, Samuel P.1997-06-10MFC-W-R-28A
WEAVER, Shirley Maffit [Mrs. James R.]1995-04-03MFC-W-R-28A
WEAVER, Walter W.1991-04-09+Death NoticeMFC-W-R-28
WEAVER, William A.1968-12-31FF-69-1
WEBB, Carl1980-11-28Death Notice OnlyVNP-5
WEBB, Carl E.1998-05-26MFC-L-T-331
WEBB, Eugene I.2001-09-09+Death NoticeJHOC-W
WEBB, Helen H. (Himmelwright) [Mrs. J. George, Rev.]2001-08-04JHOC-W
WEBB, Jane1991-12-08+Funeral NoticeSWG-88A
WEBB, Janet E. Foster Nemes [Mrs. Carl E.]2001-02-22JHOC-W
WEBB, Jessie1999-01-19JHOC-W
WEBB, Marian (Yoder) [Mrs. John]1989-06-04+Death NoticeMFC-W-MISC-1
WEBB, Mary Jane McCurdy [Mrs. Homer A., Sr.]1996-09-10MFC-Mc-R-7
WEBB, Shirley Ann Jeanson [Mrs. John P.]1996-05-29JHOC-W
WEBB, Walter1996-10-23JHOC-W
WEBB, Wilma L. (Ruffner) [Mrs. Albert]1990-09-28+Death NoticeMFC-R-N-5
WEBER, Alvin1988-03-04MFC-W-R-29A

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