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NameDate of DeathCommentsLocation Code
WAAS, Fred Daniel2000-05-30JHOC-W
WABLE, Catherine I. "Katie"1999-02-06JHOC-W
WACHTER, Margaret Catherine "Sis" (Travers) [Mrs. Paul C., Jr.]2000-01-14JHOC-W
WACHTER, Muriel Earney [Mrs. Edward C.]1999-03-04JHOC-W
WACHTER, Paul C., Sr.1999-03-05JHOC-W
WADDELL, Robert C.1999-08-03JHOC-W
WADDELL, Sarah E. Cooley [Mrs. Paul]1991-05-12+Death NoticeMFC-W-L-6A
WADDLE, Alice Alvira (Mehaffey) [Mrs. Harry F.]1964-10-01FF-62-7
WADDLE, Dorothy Adams [Mrs. James E.]1998-06-29JHOC-W
WADDLE, Dorothy Alice1976-02-23FF-74-3
WADDLE, Lauretta Redpath (Frye) [Mrs. Paul H.]1948-09-22FF-48-1
WADE, Anna Grace Lufrano Collura [Mrs. Arden P.]1997-07-05JHOC-W
WADSWORTH, Charles E. "Woody"1999-12-17MFC-W-R-26A
WADSWORTH, Eva C.1991-05-07Death Notice OnlyMFC-W-L-6
WADSWORTH, Harold Dean1998-12-10JHOC-W
WADSWORTH, Hays Eugene1998-02-14MFC-W-R-26A
WADSWORTH, Marie Blank2000-04-11JHOC-W
WADSWORTH, Myrtle V. (Grace) [Mrs. Ross "Pete"]1992-05-26+Death NoticeMFC-W-R-31A
WADSWORTH, Romayne P. Stout "Lou" [Mrs. Arlin J.]2000-04-11JHOC-W
WADSWORTH, Ross H. "Pete"1990-10-11+Death NoticeMFC-W-R-26
WAGNER, Agnes K. (Nider) [Mrs. Charles Everett]1999-04-08JHOC-W
WAGNER, Delila Prinkey [Mrs. Russell V.]1988-01-14+Death NoticeMFC-P-R-3A
WAGNER, Dorothy I. (Overholt) [Mrs. William C.]2000-09-10HCO-154
WAGNER, Dorothy I. (Overholt) [Mrs. William C.]2000-09-10+News Article +PhotoROC-150 & 150A
WAGNER, ElizabethUnknownJMOC-54
WAGNER, ElizabethUnknownONC-3
WAGNER, Emily P. (Ross) [Mrs. Richard F.]2001-04-15JHOC-W
WAGNER, Frank H.1996-02-04FPCO-48
WAGNER, Gladys S. (Sherbondy) [Mrs. W. R.]2007-11-29+PhotoMFC-W-N-6
WAGNER, Helen E.1998-05-04JHOC-W
WAGNER, Joan M. (Eckenrode) [Mrs. Thomas M., Sr.]1998-10-09JHOC-W
WAGNER, Laura E. (Norton) [Mrs. Ralph H.]1997-04-11JHOC-W
WAGNER, Leroy H.1998-11-22JHOC-W
WAGNER, Mary B. (Sims) [Mrs. Edward C.]2009-12-24BDNC-113
WAGNER, Rita Marron [Mrs. T.C.G.]2009-06-19MFC-W-N-11
WAGNER, Robert H.2007-03-02BDNC-86
WAHL, Evelyn L. (Reed) [Mrs. Noel E.]1999-03-25JHOC-W
WAHLROBE, Thomas Edward2002-01-10JHOC-W
WAIBEL, Laura M. Cramer (Cramer) [Mrs. George]2001-04-18JHOC-W
WAINWRIGHT, Ruth (Ray) Gess [Mrs. Walter J.H.]2001-10-01JHOC-W
WAITE, Roland A.2000-02-05JHOC-W
WAITE, Ruth E. Crusan [Mrs. Jay B.]2001-04-06JHOC-W
WAITLEVERTCH, Michael E.1997-01-08JHOC-W
WAITS, Ida S. (Howe) [Mrs. Lawrence]1996-07-31JHOC-W
WAKEFIELD, Grace Elizabeth (Mull) [Mrs. Warren H. "Buck"]2010-11-29BDNC-165
WAKEFIELD, Luella C. (Simpson) [Mrs. Albert M.]UnknownDOF-5
WAKEFIELD, Martha Simmons [Mrs. Edwin R.]2000-05-10JHOC-W
WAKEFIELD, Robert E.2001-01-21JHOC-W
WALAK, Andy1997-05-23JHOC-W
WALAK, Evelyn Luella (Rhome) [Mrs. Andy]2001-04-17JHOC-W

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