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NameDate of DeathCommentsLocation Code
SMITH, Morris L.2000-12-24JHOC-S
SMITH, Myrtle R. (Loughner) [Mrs. Edward J.]1987-07-19LC-9
SMITH, Nadine Cathryn Tice [Mrs. Richard Ellis]2008-03-22+PhotoMFC-S-M-29
SMITH, Norma J. (Stokes) [Mrs. Joseph F.]1997-07-21JHOC-S
SMITH, Norma June (Davis) [Mrs. Harry A.]1992-07-02+Death NoticeMFC-Mc-L-9
SMITH, Norris1967-03-19FF-62-45
SMITH, Oliver P., Jr.2001-06-29JHOC-S
SMITH, Owen1908-__-__News Article OnlyVNP-58
SMITH, Patty Ann (Love)1991-01-12+Death NoticeMFC-S-M-9A
SMITH, Percella "Sid"1999-01-09JHOC-S
SMITH, Peter A., Jr.2001-07-11JHOC-S
SMITH, Quoetta Henry [Mrs. Walter H.]1985-05-09MFC-S-M-9
SMITH, Ralph E.1983-04-19MFC-S-M-9
SMITH, Randy Lloyd2003-03-28MFC-S-M-6
SMITH, Raymond E.2007-10-29+PhotoMFC-S-M-24
SMITH, Richard F.1992-11-09MFC-S-M-19A
SMITH, Richard Kent, Sr.2001-05-16JHOC-S
SMITH, Richard W.2000-04-09JHOC-S
SMITH, Robert Edward "Bob"2001-04-14JHOC-S
SMITH, Robert F. "Bob"1987-03-13+Funeral NoticeSWG-50A
SMITH, Roberta Lowden Malesky1996-05-21JHOC-S
SMITH, Roy A.1997-10-04JHOC-S
SMITH, Ruth E. (Troup) [Mrs. Herbert C.]1997-11-06JHOC-S
SMITH, Sara J. (Opalinski) [Mrs. Thomas D.]2000-06-15JHOC-S
SMITH, Sarah E. (Trout) [Mrs. Virgil D.]1985-02-26SWG-35
SMITH, Shirley Jean (Davis) [Mrs. John B.]1997-07-12JHOC-S
SMITH, Solomon1996-05-31JHOC-S
SMITH, Sophia M. (Cimbalos) [Mrs. Joseph T. "Blackie"]1997-09-19JHOC-S
SMITH, Stella C. [Mrs. Howard W.]1994-11-04ROC-137
SMITH, Steve L.2002-01-14JHOC-S
SMITH, Tammy L.1999-05-14JHOC-S
SMITH, Terrene (Henry) [Mrs. Charles]2001-07-19JHOC-S
SMITH, Thomas McKee1998-11-12+PhotoJHOC-S
SMITH, Thomas O.1997-02-04JHOC-S
SMITH, Thomas R., Jr.1997-06-01JHOC-S
SMITH, Thomas S.1999-08-25JHOC-S
SMITH, Thomas W.1991-01-14+Death NoticeMFC-C-N-4
SMITH, Thomas W.2008-11-13MFC-S-M-21
SMITH, Thomas W.1989-04-25+Funeral NoticeSWG-74
SMITH, Tywann Malkie1999-03-07JHOC-S
SMITH, Velma J. (Baughman) [Mrs. Gerald J. ]1992-05-27+Death NoticeMFC-B-M-5
SMITH, Vera A. (Andrewartha) [Mrs. Thomas W., Jr.]1996-05-18MFC-S-M-6
SMITH, Verna Mae (Stormer) [Mrs. William C.]2000-02-09JHOC-S
SMITH, Virgil D. "Smitty", Sr.1995-03-03SWG-120A
SMITH, Virginia M. Zeh [Mrs. Richard L., Sr.]2001-07-23JHOC-S
SMITH, W. Earl2006-06-08MFC-S-M-6A
SMITH, W. Earl2006-06-08ROC-121
SMITH, Walter H.1987-07-19+Death NoticeMFC-S-M-5A
SMITH, Walter Steele1944-11-06FFP-12-43-57
SMITH, Wayne L. "Smitty"2001-03-04JHOC-S

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