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NameDate of DeathCommentsLocation Code
SMITH, Holley Ann1990-08-18MFC-S-M-5A
SMITH, Howard H.1985-11-20+Death NoticeSWG-46A
SMITH, Irene (DeFrances) Daniels [Mrs. Alfred P.]1999-04-11JHOC-S
SMITH, Irene V. (Eisaman) [Mrs. Edward S.]1998-01-02MFC-S-M-7
SMITH, Irene Wineland [Mrs. Frank C.]2011-01-21MFC-S-M-35
SMITH, J. Howard, Rev.1999-09-25MFC-S-M-6
SMITH, Janet M.1998-05-26JHOC-S
SMITH, Jeane E. (Shetler) [Mrs. Albert I.]1997-09-17JHOC-S
SMITH, Jillian I. (Hurn) [Mrs. Theodore M.]1998-04-25JHOC-S
SMITH, John D.1998-10-18JHOC-S
SMITH, John T.1996-07-08JHOC-S
SMITH, Jordan2000-09-28JHOC-S
SMITH, Joseph E.2000-01-05JHOC-S
SMITH, Joseph M.1999-02-28JHOC-S
SMITH, June E.2001-11-16JHOC-S
SMITH, June E. (Weiland)2000-01-23JHOC-S
SMITH, Kathy A. Prisani [Mrs. John H.]2000-09-06JHOC-S
SMITH, Kenneth J.1998-09-27JHOC-S
SMITH, Kenneth L. "Snuffy"2001-11-29JHOC-S
SMITH, Kenneth V. "Ken"2001-09-13JHOC-S
SMITH, Larry N.1997-11-03JHOC-S
SMITH, Lester J.1994-09-30MFC-S-M-8
SMITH, Lillian M. (Ebeling) [Mrs. Clair]1997-04-21JHOC-S
SMITH, Linda M.2000-03-19JHOC-S
SMITH, Loretta G. (Noel) [Mrs. Edward]1991-02-18+Death NoticeMFC-N-L-3A
SMITH, Loretta T. (Tray) [Mrs. William K.]2000-02-15JHOC-S
SMITH, Louis N.1996-09-05JHOC-S
SMITH, Louise1925-__-13ONC-19
SMITH, Louise (Wentzell)1925-11-13JMOC-50
SMITH, Louise T. (Moore) [Mrs. Robert F.]1997-12-26JHOC-S
SMITH, Lucile Nevin [Mrs. Albert B., Jr., Dr.]1997-06-25JHOC-S
SMITH, Lucy A. (Ripani) [Mrs. Lawrence B.]1997-05-14JHOC-S
SMITH, Lucy Jane (Allison) [Mrs. John K.]1940-11-06FFP-11-39-71
SMITH, Machelle Frances Crane [Mrs. Mark]2000-02-21JHOC-S
SMITH, Margaret Anna Traugh [Mrs. John L.]1994-05-19MFC-T-R-10A
SMITH, Margaret Kirkpatrick [Mrs. Paul Andrew]2000-09-11JHOC-S
SMITH, Margaret Sterrett [Mrs. Charles W.]1994-02-22MFC-S-M-8
SMITH, Marion (Young) [Mrs. Alvin K., Rev.]1993-07-22+Memorial CardSGMS-189
SMITH, Marion (Young) [Mrs. Alvin K., Rev.]1993-07-22SWG-113
SMITH, Martha Ann (Kidd) [Mrs. Leonard]1988-03-06LC-25
SMITH, Martha Ann Kidd [Mrs. Leonard]1988-__-__MFC-K-MISC-1
SMITH, Mary C. (Shick) [Mrs. J. Dean]2000-12-16JHOC-S
SMITH, Mary Grace (Riddell) [Mrs. Robert W., Sr.]2001-06-27JHOC-S
SMITH, Mary H. [Mrs. Joseph]1998-03-25SWG-144
SMITH, Mary S. (Shumski)2001-03-02JHOC-S
SMITH, Melda Crise1981-04-20MFC-C-R-3A
SMITH, Melva J. (Weyandt)2008-07-10MFC-S-M-30
SMITH, Melvin J. "Beaner"2000-03-23JHOC-S
SMITH, Meredith J. (Kemerer)1998-05-28JHOC-S
SMITH, Meredyth L. (Prinkey) [Mrs. Randelee]2001-02-26JHOC-S

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