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NameDate of DeathCommentsLocation Code
MURPHY, Mary Magdalene [Mrs. Michael]1908-11-25Death Notice OnlyVNP-35
MURPHY, Mary Margaret1999-03-16JHOC-M
MURPHY, Raymond A.1996-11-27JHOC-M
MURPHY, Robert "Moose"1997-08-06JHOC-M
MURPHY, Rose Marie (Ketter) [Mrs. Charles T.]2000-10-03JHOC-M
MURPHY, Sevina Elizabeth (Leonard) [Mrs. Timothy W.]1988-10-11+Death NoticeMFC-L-N-3
MURPHY, Thomas, Sr.1996-11-03JHOC-M
MURPHY, Walter S., Jr.1999-05-04JHOC-M
MURPHY, Walter W.1944-05-25FFP-12-43-28
MURPHY, William P.1999-02-13JHOC-M
MURPHY, William R.1991-02-06+Death NoticeMFC-M-R-13A
MURPHY, Wilma F. (Quick) [Mrs. Jacob Torrance]1997-09-03JHOC-M
MURRAY, Alice S. (Crighton) [Mrs. Robert S.]1999-04-18JHOC-M
MURRAY, Anna Wingard [Mrs. Kenneth W. "Ken"]2000-05-24JHOC-M
MURRAY, Carolyn A. (Shrum) [Mrs. Robert W., Sr.]1998-12-11JHOC-M
MURRAY, Gertrude Boyle [Mrs. William P.]2000-04-01JHOC-M
MURRAY, Gladys V. (Hutchinson) [Mrs. Howard]2001-03-05JHOC-M
MURRAY, Grace1999-09-11SGMS-230
MURRAY, Grace E.1999-09-11MFC-M-R-4A
MURRAY, Grace E.1999-09-11ROC-100
MURRAY, James E.1967-05-__Circa May 1967VNP-4
MURRAY, Jeanne N. (Noel) [Mrs. Harold F.]2006-06-08BDNC-18
MURRAY, John Edgar, Jr.2000-08-03JHOC-M
MURRAY, Joseph J.1998-10-26JHOC-M
MURRAY, Lois J. (Baker)2000-11-16JHOC-M
MURRAY, Marjorie Mullin1996-05-05JHOC-M
MURRAY, Mary Frances "Fran" (Martinez) [Mrs. Robert B.]1999-10-10JHOC-M
MURRAY, Mary Rose1999-05-08JHOC-M
MURRAY, Nellie Sprung [Mrs. George H.]1992-03-06MFC-S-T-9A
MURRAY, Norman Joseph1994-05-31ROC-98
MURRAY, Phoebe A. Black [Mrs. William H.]1999-11-29+Death NoticeJHOC-M
MURRAY, Rose F. (Fmura) [Mrs. J.D.]2001-10-30JHOC-M
MURRAY, Ruth Snyder [Mrs. Paul H.]2000-03-11JHOC-M
MURRAY, Sherry B. Hernley2000-02-15+Death NoticeJHOC-M
MURRAY, Verna (Logan) [Mrs. Jerry S.]1986-01-22SWG-43A
MURTLAND, Dorothy M. (Wohler) [Mrs. Richard A.]2008-06-12MFC-M-R-24
MURTLAND, Martha L. (Lowman) [Mrs. Robert J.]1997-12-30JHOC-M
MUSA, Anthony Eugene "Tony"1997-01-11JHOC-M
MUSA, Louis W. "Moose", Jr.2001-02-08JHOC-M
MUSGRAVE, Arthur T., Jr.1983-01-04+Death Notice & Memorial CardMFC-M-R-7
MUSGRAVE, Betty L. (Lucas) [Mrs. Arthur T., Jr.]1996-10-16JHOC-M
MUSGRAVE, Donald C.2000-09-09ROC-90
MUSGROVE, Anna E. [Mrs. George F.]1999-06-04JHOC-M
MUSGROVE, Clarence A "Pete"1987-02-14+Death Notice & Memorial CardMFC-Mc-R-1A
MUSGROVE, Edward F. "Rusty"1996-09-09JHOC-M
MUSGROVE, Geary L.1994-01-26MFC-M-R-7
MUSGROVE, Loraine (Hawse) [Mrs. Clarence A. "Pete"]1993-08-27SGMS-178
MUSGROVE, Maryjane (Logan) Samide [Mrs. John W.]1999-03-17+PhotoHCO-94
MUSGROVE, Robert R. "Rob"1999-07-09JHOC-M
MUSICK, Emma F. (Soltesz) [Mrs. Matthew J.]1985-04-19+Funeral NoticeSWG-37

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